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Thril, Terror, Guilt.

This poem is basically about the feeling Bella gets when she jumps off teh cliff into the river. The thrill, the terror, and the guilt. Plus the scenario that she could die.


1. Poem One

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Thers comes this undearable feeling.
As if there is a cold, hard, heavy block in my chest.
Poundly so definingly that it kill me to breathe.
Draining every monton and emotion in my body.
The moment of slwly and calmly dying.
Peaceful until a jolting shock puses through my body.
I'm gone.
In a seconds time of passing I'm gone forever.
His life haunted by my presence. Awaiting to join me.
My voice haunts their thoughts, repeated memories flash through his mind.
My voice pleading.
Help me. Save me. Forgive me.