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Haven't you ever wondered what happens in Breaking Dawn after it swtiches to Jacob's POV? And how does Rosalie and Bella get past Carlisle and Edward? FIND OUT HERE! Free Banner Maker Thanx XxbleedingsoulxX for the amazing banner!

I've never seen a fic here where they tell about the missing part of breaking dawn. Thought I'd write one now!

4. Chapter 4

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I strained to listen in on the voices coming from the other room, but my puny human sense of hearing was no match fof their carefully controlled whispers. Not a sound escaped the room that I could understand. I glanced around the room, but the rest of the Cullens weren't about to give anything away.

In about 10 lifetimes, Edward, Carlisle, and Rosalie emerged from the front room. Edward's and Carlisle's faces were indecipherable, but I thought I saw a tiny hint of a grin from Rosalie. I let out a gusty breath.

"We're going to try to get a look at the baby," said Carlisle.

I nodded.

Before I rightly knew what had happened, I was whisked upstairs to the Cullen library.

I blinked.

The room had been transformed into a hospital room. Although shelves full of books lined the walls, the rest of the space was taken up by medical equiptment. Alchohol and sterilizers sat on the desk, which was covered by a white sheet. There were many moniters mounted on the walls, all containing several blinking, erratic numbers.

Edward motioned for me to lay down on the table. I slid up my shirt ever so slightly, just enough that Carlisle could rub this clear goop all over my belly. He massaged it around my stomach, pressed a few buttons on one of the whirring machines, and took out this thick cylindar tube. He attached it to some cables on the machine, pressed it on my stomach, and moved it around.

Nothing happened.

We all stared at the blank screen. Carlisle frowned and flicked some switches, pressesd some buttons. But there was no change.

All I could think about was my immense dissapointment. I had so wanted to see the baby, to have proof that this magical little creature inside me was real, and now nothing happened. How did I know, then, that Edward's child was really inside me? How did I know that this wasn't just a colorful dream? It was no longer just a desire. The need for this baby was so strong, so acute, it felt like it woul shatter me like glass. It was so strong it left room for nothing else.

I looked up at Rosalie. Her face was set into a mask of calm concentration.

She just doesn't want to worry me. She knows that there's something wrong here, very wrong. But she's not going to say anything, is she? A tear slid down my cheek. I brushed it away before anyone would notice.

But everyone noticed.

"It doesn't mean anything is wrong, Bella. It just means that the membrane around the featus is simply too tough for the ultrasound waves to penatrate--," began Carlisle. Edward cut him off with a stony glare.

"Don't worry, Bella! Maybe the baby's skin is just diff..." started Rosalie, but I wasn't listening.

I knew that somehting horrible had happened to my baby, that he'd died or been hurt or maybe he was never even there at all. I couldn't stop the tears from streaming from my eyes. I was just about to lose it, when I felt a nudge. From inside my stomach.

Everyone was looking at me. With some effort, I managed to find my voice.

"Ok," I said. "We'll try again tomorrow."

Nobody said a word.