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Haven't you ever wondered what happens in Breaking Dawn after it swtiches to Jacob's POV? And how does Rosalie and Bella get past Carlisle and Edward? FIND OUT HERE! Free Banner Maker Thanx XxbleedingsoulxX for the amazing banner!

I've never seen a fic here where they tell about the missing part of breaking dawn. Thought I'd write one now!

5. Chapter 5

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Things went from bad to worse.

After 3 more tries, Carlisle decided to give up with the ultrasound. He said that the membrane in my stomach was too hard to get through, like their skin. He started to say something about maybe draining some fluid from around the baby, but before he could rightly get the word 'needle' out, Rosalie's stare sent him quickly backtracking. He figures that this baby will have vampire qualities, as well as normal human traits.

Edward and Rosalie decided that the best thing to do now was to simply make me comfortable. They tried to have me lead a normal life, like any woman pregnant with a human child.

That didn't work out too well.

Every morning I'd get up feeling just a little more tired than the day before. Every morning I'd try to eat breakfast, and every afternoon I would throw it all up. Everyone suggested new foods that I could try, but they all upset my stomach. Before long I was starving.

Very quickly it was clear that going out to the mall, or Seattle, or anywhere at all was not an option. Besides being so nauseous all the time, I was exausted. It seemed like all I could do was sleep, for hours and hours on end.

Many, many times I could hear quiet voices coming from other rooms in the house, the voices of Carlisle, Edward, Rosalie. Nothing sounded like an argument, but how could I tell? I would've liked to have talked to Rosalie in private, to talk about what woiuld happen next, but Edward wouldn't give me a second of alone time with Rosalie around.

Sometimes Edward and Rosalie would talk alone. They made their voices so quiet I couldn't tell where they were in the house. Their discussions would go on for what seemed like years. Once, when Edward emerged from the other room, he was wearing a face that I know wasn't meant for me to see. His features were dead, all except his eyes, which were on fire. It was like he'd gone up in smoke.

I was just drifting off to sleep when Charlie called.

There was a shrill ring coming from the kitchen, followed by the answering machine. And just as I was closing my eyes, I heard Charlie's voice. He sounded panicked. Really panicked.

"...didn't catch Bella at the island, so I just thought I'd call to see if you've been in touch with them. She promised she'd call when she got there, but I haven't heard anything from her. I - I just want to make sure they're OK. Thanks, bye..."

7 pairs of eyes looked to me. I cringed.

"I - I never called him...." I trailed off, my voice breaking. Edward squeezed my hand.

"It's OK, love. Don't worry about a thing. We have it under control," he said, kissing my forehead. My eyes were wet.

"Do you want me to call him?" The voice came from across the room. It was Alice.

"Y-y-yes," I said shakily, my voice quavering.

"Ok. I'll do that now. Would you like to talk to him?"

I didn't know how to respond. SHould I tell Charlie the truth? Pretend I went missing? What was Alice going to tell him?

"Maybe not...?" asked Alice.

I nodded. My mouth was too dry to speak. Edward held my hand tighter.

"Would you like some water?" Edward asked quietly.

Rosalie held my shoulders so I was almost sitting up. Carlisle held a cup of water to my lips. I swallowed gratefully, willing my stomach to keep it down.

"Thanks, Rose. Thank you, Carlisle."

"Try to get some sleep, Bella," Carlisle said gently. Rosalie smiled a little bit. They got up and quietly left the room.

"Good night, my love." Edward's whisper lingered in the still air.

I was alone.