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Lies my children told me

Victoria and Laurent never came back after James was killed, life carried on as normal, Edward and Bella got married and Bella became a vampire (no renesmee) of coarse they didnt tell Charlie that instead Bella faked her own death and the Cullens moved away to Alaska. Charlie beleives his only daughter is dead. What happens when someone the Cullens encountered a long time ago appear in Alice's vision but putting Charlie ind anger, Bella is going to have to tell Charlie the truth. How will he handle it and can they save Charlie before its too late.


1. Grief

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Charlie’s POV

My name is Charlie Swan or known to a lot of people as chief Swan, Forks, the town I live in is small but bad things always seem to come to it especially since the Cullen’s have moved here. My only daughter Bella fell in love and married Edward Cullen, not my exact choice but he was a good lad and loved Bella so much it smoked off him in waves. Edward swore to protect Bella no matter what, but he didn’t 2 years ago and 4 weeks after Bella and Edward had got married she died. They went to Alaska and Bella died in a car accident, it destroyed me completely you can guess who was driving the car…Edward. I remember wanting to shoot the boy when he told me but realized he was just as hurt as I was yet not a single tear fell from his golden eyes nor the eyes of his family. Renee had a mental breakdown and went into hospital when she found out about our Isabella.

So now I sit here in the coldness of my Forks house at my shabby dinner table eating my microwave meal. Bella had always made me delicious food for when I got home from work it was one of the memories I missed so much, but not the food it was the memory of Bella dancing around the kitchen listening to her ipod whilst cooking some splendid meal for us. I ate the last mouthful of my dinner and washed the dishes. I opened the cupboard and piled the plates in, I slammed the door but heard something heavy fall against the closed door to the cupboard above. I opened it and a big book fell into my hands, I sat down in the living room chair and opened the book. On the first page it said ‘My memory book by Isabella Swan’ , just reading her beautiful writing made tears well in my eyes. I flipped through the book and there were pictures all over the place, most of them were her and Edward but there were some of me and Bella and even some when Bella was a child and used to visit.

Every single detail of Bella was still in my mind even without looking at these pictures, her dark brown eyes, her brunette hair and the way she would smile and argue with Alice over clothes.

I remembered when I first found out when my daughter had died


I jumped as the phone rang, all of the popcorn I was eating went all over the place, I leaped up out my chair hoping the call would be from Bella, she had been on holiday in Alaska with the Cullens and I really wanted to speak to her again. I picked up the phone and held it to my ear

“hello?” I asked.

“Charlie” I heard Edwards voice whisper down the phone, it was almost a sob

“hello Edward what’s wrong, where’s Bella?”

“there was a car crash, me and Bella were in the car at the time..”

Just as he said the words a pang of sheer worry painted my emotions

“what! Is she ok?” I asked franticly

“Charlie her heart wasn’t strong enough, she died, Charlie I am so sorry” Edward sobbed. As I registered what Edward had just said I suddenly felt pain thrash through my body

“No” I whispered. I fell to my knees, my world had just been destroyed everything I have ever lived for was gone, my Isabella dead, a tear slid down my cheek and the phone slipped out my hand and onto the floor with a thud.

“Charlie?” Edward’s sobbing voice asked through the phone, I clicked the off button and clutched my head in my hands crying.

“not my Bella please!” I sobbed “please don’t take my baby!”.


I had never felt so much pain in my entire life as I did back then, I remembered the last time I saw Bella’s beautiful face and how much it hurt me.


I walked into the chapel with Rene at my side, we were both sobbing as we entered the part Bella was resting in. I saw the Cullens at the side sobbing but not one sign of a tear.

Edward was stood over an open coffin sobbing, Renee and I walked over to him and stood at his side, I dared to look over the open coffin. Inside was Bella’s body just laying there all lifeless, more tears tumbled down my eyes and Renee had to be took off to the side to be calmed down, her gentle eyes were closed and her beautiful brunette hair was spread out around her face. I whimpered but silently reached my hand out and let my fingers tips slid along Bella’s arm, the coldness of her pale skin surprised me and I pulled my hand back strait away. I had done the same to my mother when she died but her skin was never this cold, Edward was giving me an uneasy look as if he had just read my thoughts.

“I tried to save her Charlie, but there was nothing I could do” Edward choked out, I kept my eyes glued to Bella as I realized something on her neck. It was a scar like something a BBQ fork would have done, Edward gave me that same uneasy look and quickly said something

“we are leaving now, the funeral is in a few hours” Edward spoke up, I nodded and walked back to Renee as we all left the chapel.

The funeral was heart breaking, all of Bella’s high school friends attended, Angela was sobbing her heart out along with the Cullens, Mike, Renee, Phil and hundreds of other people. Jacob’s expression surprised me he has a hard look on his face and looked very angry with Edward, I just assumed it was because of Edward being the driver of the car Bella died in. The funeral was over and Bella was buried, everyone left sobbing in grief. Phil put his arm round my shoulder and insisted I leave as well. However all of the Cullens including Edward stayed, I didn’t bother asking if they were leaving it looked like nothing could make them leave. Alice, Esme and Rosalie were sobbing tearless sobs whilst Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle had agonising looks on their faces. I turned and got into the funeral car leaving Bella forever.


I had never seen Edward or the rest of the Cullens, since that very night, they disappeared out of Forks completely, I went to their house a few times to see if I could find any of them but the house was deserted, it had been two years and no one even bothered to sell that beautiful house, I don’t think a lot of people even knew it was there. Renee and Phil went back to Phoenix, everyone had moved on except me, my life was a standstill ever since the day I left Bella at the graveyard.