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Lies my children told me

Victoria and Laurent never came back after James was killed, life carried on as normal, Edward and Bella got married and Bella became a vampire (no renesmee) of coarse they didnt tell Charlie that instead Bella faked her own death and the Cullens moved away to Alaska. Charlie beleives his only daughter is dead. What happens when someone the Cullens encountered a long time ago appear in Alice's vision but putting Charlie ind anger, Bella is going to have to tell Charlie the truth. How will he handle it and can they save Charlie before its too late.


2. Something missing

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Bella’s POV

Its been 2 years since I faked my death to become a vampire, life was however worth it now, I had my loving husband Edward the most amazing man I could ever want he was kind, polite, protective in a sexy kind of way.

Edward was my smart dazzling vampire husband who I would die for, I also had my family.

Emmett and Jasper were my older brothers they were very protective of me but loved me all the same, Jasper was quiet but was always fun to be around and Emmett was hilarious don’t get me wrong if someone hurt me he would tear them apart like a fresh mountain lion but inside he was just a big cuddly bear.

Alice and Rosalie were my older sisters, they were the best sisters a girl could want, Alice was my best friend/ sister/personal stylist she loved playing Barbie doll with me and there wasn’t a moment where she wasn’t bubbly and lively, I hadn’t got on with Rosalie at first but now you would think we were joint at the hip, we were always going out shopping together or laughing about how our husbands could be sometimes.

I cannot forget my loving my technically parents Carlisle and Esme, Carlisle always wise and sensible and Esme is the most caring person you will ever meet.

I was part of that now I was Bella Cullen the latest addition to the Cullen clan, we lived in Alaska, me and Edward had our own cabin in the forest close to the others house.

Our cabin was beautiful, we had a proper wooden fire, not that we could get cold but it was always nice to have a warm cabin, the floor was hard wood but we had a huge polar bear rug on the floor of the living room and a huge cosy bed in our beautiful bedroom.

We had a dog too, a huge German Shepherd, I named him Buck after the dog in that book ‘The call of the wild’, I rescued him from a horrible family who didn’t bother feeding him or looking after him.

Edward was a little jelous at how much I was fussing Buck he got angry and said I might as well marry the dog, Edward warmed to having Buck around though, poor delusional boy.

It was funny at Christmas because Emmett dressed up in some cheap Santa Claus out fit, bought a second hand sled, put all our presents in it and tied Buck to the sled calling him Rudolf . Buck was obviously angry about the fact Emmett had tied fake antlers to his head and when Emmett comanded mush Buck pulled so hard Emmett went flying off the back, luckily the presents weren’t damaged.

The other day me and Alice hit the mall the clothes in Alaska were a lot different, with it being freezing cold in all, there wasn’t one single bikini in the shops. The mall was quite and it was nice for me and Alice to have a coffee and chat in there, we didn’t drink our coffees but we had to buy one or we weren’t aloud in the café.

My life was perfect except for one thing…I missed Charlie, sometimes I missed him so much I believed if my body could make tears I would spend hours crying. I was doing the right thing though, pretending I was dead, if Charlie found out about vampires there would be a great danger for him and the Voltri would not be pleased.

So here I am 2 years later sitting in front the fire with Buck asleep on the sofa waiting for my husband to return home from his hunting trip with Carlisle and Emmett. Alice had offered if I wanted to go round with her and Jasper instead of sitting on my own but I decided I wouldn’t be alone because of Buck, besides Pretty In Pink was on TV I know its an old film but I never get bored of it.

Suddenly the smell of the room changed and it suddenly smelt warm and attractive before I could turn round I felt two soft arms wrap around my stomach from behind me and pull my back against a strong chest.

“honey I’m home” laughed Edward kissing my ear

“ok if your going to say that every time you come home I’m gonna give up being housewife, besides I should get a job” I teased, Edward bit my ear

“you have a job” as the seductive words poured from his mouth he flipped me over so I was lying on my back and crawled on top of me.

“mmm I’m glad your home so soon” I mumbled trying to keep focus as Edward’s beautiful eyes were boring into mine and dazzling me effortlessly

“well I could hardly spend the whole night out in the forest when all my thoughts are drawn to all the things I could do to you but cant because your all the way back in cabin could I?” Edward dazzled, grinning from ear to ear

“no and before you dazzle me unconscious I better get to work at my ‘job’ and let you show me all the things you could do to me” I smiled trying to be as seductive as I could raising one eye brow and biting my lip.

“god hearing you say that makes me want to break down that wall with you and-” Edward started to say but I put my finger over his lips

“actions speak louder than words” before I could even finish Edward had me pressed up against the wall and was feverously kissing me. My arms instantly swung around his neck and one of my hands slid up to pull his hair tight in my hand this earned me a moan from my Edward and suddenly my jeans were torn off my body along with my pants and my legs were wrapped tightly around Edward’s waist. Edward pulled back and we locked eyes, our mouths gaping open slightly, the look on his face made my centre burn and I was desperate for frictions, keeping my eyes glues to Edward’s I thrust my hips into his rubbing against him through his jeans, it felt so good I forgot I didn’t need air and started breathing embarrassingly heavy.

“mmmm god Bella I want you so badly” Edward moaned. My body reacted to his words and I tore down the zipper of his jeans and slide them down, he kicked them off his feet.

“then have me Edward! Touch me!” I almost screamed with lust, Edward’s eyes burned into the darkest black I had ever seen them and I swear I could see his mouth watering as his tongue was being forced to stay in his mouth. Then he pulled my jumper off my body and I worked on tearing his boxers off. He moved his hands up and rubbed them over my centre making me moan loudly, he kissed under my breasts then surprised me by taking my bra between his teeth and tearing it off exposing me completely.

“uhhh” I moaned at how his fingers worked faster the minute he saw my breasts, he licked up the valley between then and then used his free hand to cup one of them squeezing so tightly that if I were human it would have been agony but for me now it was just pure pleasure.

“Bella your so fucking sexy damn!” Edward groaned, god I was so close but this isn’t how I wanted to cum

“Edward stop, please I…I need you” I gasped, Edward growled loudly, his hands moved to gripping my hips and without warning he thrust inside me making me scream.

“ughh that’s it baby” I breathed, he started thrusting into me hard, my back slammed against the wall every time he entered me, of coarse it didn’t hurt but I wanted it harder.

“Ughhhh” Edward groaned “you feel so…mmm I’m close”

“me too baby keep…UGHH going” I panted, a second after I said it I was gone, pleasure started overflowing me and I could feel myself shaking and moaning so loud it’s no wonder half of Alaska didn’t hear me. I needed Edward to come to so whilst still in my moment of pure pleasure I tangled my fingers in his hair and pulled it so hard his head went back, that was enough for him and he came wildly inside me growling and moaning. Edward gently slumped to the floor on his back with me on top of him,

“you are amazing Bella Cullen” Edward smiled

“likewise Mr. Cullen” I smiled. I rolled off Edward so I was lying next to him, suddenly I remembered that Buck was in the room and I suddenly covered myself with my hands.

“oh no!” I said turning round to see Buck not led on the sofa, I looked the other way and saw him led in the corner with his head down on the floor and paws covering his eyes, Edward started laughing and I slammed my hands over my eyes with embarrassment then I realized I had exposed myself and I saw one of Buck’s paws go down, Edward stopped laughing and growled quietly.

“Edward!” I scolded

“I know your body is simply irresistible even to a dog but its mine and mine to look at not…” Edward looked over to Buck who I swear was laughing in some sort of dog way “him”.

I just burst out laughing and cuddled into Edward’s side and pulled a blanket over us both chuckling.

I love my life.