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banner by me banner by me For the "Dark and Stormy Night" Contest. A look into one of Edward's hunt during his Rebellion Years.


1. Scream

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By: Eternitys_Charm

The first instinct they all have is to hide. Hide beneath the tightest place imaginable, one where I might not think to look in. But hiding only makes the chase boring to me. They cannot escape, no matter where they hide; I find them. What hiding does is show me they are incapable of fighting; they are cowards.

The second instinct they all have is to run. They run as fast as their pathetic limbs can haul them, as fast as they think I cannot catch them. But running only makes the chase even more fun for me. They cannot escape, no matter how much they do run. What running does is only weaken them, slow them down, until they finally collapse of exhaustion. That’s when I get them, when they’re cornered and weak, almost pitiful. Almost.

The final instinct they all have is to scream. Scream as loud as they can, hoping someone will come to their rescue. But screaming is what I most enjoy about the hunt. The screams rupturing out of their mouth just show me the fear they have in them, it’s quite enjoyable to me, watching them scream until they can’t no more. That’s when it’s pitiful, when their body shakes and quivers, and their mouths tremble and shout, when their eyes are wide and fearful, when their arms fling in protest to what they know will happen next.

But by then it’s too late.

Their scream is the last I hear of them. And that fills me with glee, knowing they suffered for their evil minds and vile doings.

I waited as patiently as I could for sundown, to begin my hunt, only a few hours away. I could feel my thirst scratching my throat as I crouched low in the forest’s vegetation, unseen. I fight it, knowing if I didn’t I would take the life of an innocent, and that’s not what I wanted to happen.

I already knew who my prey was to be that evening. I had been watching him for four days, waiting for my thirst to build up to the it’s highest, to make his chase even more fun than the others. Benjamin Heller was his name, he had to be the more evil of men I had encountered.

I observed his mind and what I found in it was the most repulsive memories a person could have. Six rapes and killings of beautiful young women. Robberies, murders, and treasons in dozens. To add to his malicious record, or lack of one, he’s never been caught for any of those doings.

Which infuriated me. But tonight this man would be put to justice.

I moved in closer to town as soon as I se the sun setting. I started listening to where Heller might be found that night. Being him in such a town, I should have guessed where he would go without entering his mind. He was to go to the best cabaret in town. And not just to drink and mingle with his friends.

Going to be hundreds of beautiful women and this gathering tonight,” I overheard him say to his comrade, “hoping on luring some of them here for some more play.” He laughed disgustingly.

His thoughts all revolved around attracting at least three women to his hotel room, stripping them off of their clothes and doing what he pleased to them. It was sickening.

I followed as soon as he left his hotel. I knew where he was going, but I just needed to make sure he didn’t take a detour to do one of his dirty doings when I wasn’t listening in. I didn’t do much listening in, in this man’s mind. Didn’t dare enter his perverse mind for more than necessary.

Mountainous clouds formed in the skies and soon it was a dark and stormy night, making the setting for my hunt exhilarating.

Rain poured down on the earth hard, making anything hardly visible to a human. Every human around evacuated into shelter, hiding from the rain as if some of it touched them they would melt. The streets were lonely in minutes, making it even better for me to hunt that night.

Benjamin and his friend continued to walk even in the horrid weather, the club wasn’t far away.

Minutes later we were three buildings away from the destination when Benjamin spotted a lovely girl, no more than 17 years of age, exiting a singing class building.

Take a look at that wonderful being, he thought, how I would love to show her a good time tonight, I’d be sure to make her hit the high note she’s been working on. “Hello there, sugar.” Benjamin said under his umbrella.

The girl opened up her umbrella to get a good look at whomever was speaking to her. “Um…hello.” She said shyly.

He went right to the point, “how would you like to come home with me and make sweet love together?”

She looked insulted, she walked away without saying a word.

“Oh, come on now darlin’ you don’t need to be so rude,” he laughed.

My fists clenched, “I think you’re the rude one here,” I spat.

He hadn’t seen me, just ten feet away. The girl stopped to look at me, and gave me a small smile.

Benjamin squinted through the rain to see who I was, when he saw I was just a boy, he laughed until tears welled his eyes. “This is none of your business boy, move along now.”

“Do you take joy in being such a perverted old man?” I stood my ground. He didn’t take me seriously, he looked at my boyish face and drenched clothes and continued to laugh.

“Jack, why don’t you go to the party, I’ll be there in a moment.” Benjamin dismissed his friend. The girl ran away as soon as she saw this was going to be a confrontation.

I smiled wickedly, loving the fact that he was stupid enough to dismiss his friend and leave himself alone.

Thunder roared above us and the rain kept pouring down.

“Listen, boy, I won’t hurt you if you leave now.” He warned.

“I wont be the one hurting tonight,” I sped behind him in less than a blink of an eye, Benjamin jumped when he saw I was no longer in front of him. “How does it feel to be corralled like a defenseless twit,” I spat in his ear. He spun around but I had already moved behind him once more, “how does it feel like to, for once, be the prey in the game.” I tossed him to the ground.

His umbrella flew out of his hand from the wind. He blinked blindly through the pouring rain, trying to find his way. He stupidly hid himself behind a lamp post. I gave him a few moments to think he was safe. He looked around but he could no longer see me near him.

I jumped from the top of the building I had climbed up to, landing in front of him.

He got up from the pavement and began to run to the club. I raced in front of him, blocking his way, he had no choice but to turn around and run back. He ran as fast as his pathetic fat legs could take him. Every so often he tried to enter a home, but they were all locked.

I waited for him outside of his hotel, to scare him off into another direction.

I could hear his jumbled thoughts, scared.

Benjamin saw me at the entrance of the hotel, shock written in his face and he continued to run away from the hotel and club.

I chased him down through the empty streets. His heart pounding violently in his chest, his breath heaving.

I continued to chase him until I saw he grew tired. I smiled menacingly, it was time.

Climbing up on the small houses, I chased above him. He looked around while he ran, but saw me no where near him. Relief clouded his thoughts and he immediately searched for refuge. He raced into a narrow alley and he collapsed on the floor, rain showering his face.

He heaved and shivered.

Mumbling to himself he tried to calm down, telling himself I was gone. He then laughed without humor, “I was scared of him?” He rolled with laughter on the alley floor.

“You should be.” I said at the opening of the alley. I moved in closer in a human pace, “you see, you shouldn’t have ran into me four days ago. I have now become your worst and final nightmare.” I was twenty feet away, “you will pay for what you’ve done.” I growled.

He screamed loudly as he saw me pounce.

“Scream, scream, scream!” I shouted in his face before I bit down, “no one can save you now!”

The thunder muffled his screams and the rain washed off any blood left on the pavement. No one would know what happened to him that night.