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Not Imprinting

Leah Clearwater is tired of seeing her friends and family imprint left and right, leaving her alone. Furthermore, she's tired of having her heart broken. Hopefully, with help from an unexpected source, she'll be able to realize that she doesn't need to imprint to be happy. And maybe she'll find she likes it better that way.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer>Me. I own nothing. Warning. Bizarre shipping may take place.

1. Desperation

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Jake deserved that one. Not that his comment wasn’t relatively amusing or completely true. It happened to be both of those things. But if he was really so much of a dumbass to think that he could get away with a snarky little jab at Kim without being tackled to the floor by Jared, well, then, he definitely deserved a hard right hook to the jaw. However, I’m not sure that he deserved strangulation.

“Take it back! If you don’t take that back right now, I’ll kill you!” Jared’s face was scarlet with fury as he thrashed around on the ground, trying to get a good grip on Jake’s thick neck.

“Dude, I take it back! Sheesh, it was a joke! You know Kim’s like my sister. Get a grip, man!” Jake’s voice was strained. At that moment, Sam and Quil intervened, grabbing Jared by the arms and dragging him to the opposite side of the room.

Unfortunately, I chose that moment to find the humor in the entire situation. I tried to hold back a snicker, but Jared was too keen to miss it.

“You think he’s funny, Leah? Have anything to add about my girlfriend? At least she can manage to get herself a guy. You ever think of that?”

I’m pretty sure my face drained of all color at that moment. There was no room for anything but white hot rage. I know that he was just defensive of his girlfriend, his love, his imprint. Right now, that just pissed me off even more. Fortunately for Jared, I’m not juvenile enough (at least any more) to solve my problems with violence.

Allowing myself one enraged look into his eyes, I turned on my heel and walked out the door, ignoring Emily’s concerned pleas. I love my cousin, but this was just something she couldn’t possibly understand.

I heard light footsteps behind me as I strode toward my house. Damn werewolves, can’t leave it alone.

“Leah, come on. You know Jared’s just a hot-head. Hell, we all are.” I would recognize Jake’s nervous laugh anywhere. “But that was a low blow nonetheless. He just doesn’t understand. But I do, Lee. Can’t you just talk to me?”

“Do you, Jake?” I whirled to face him now. Now, out of all my brothers, aside from Seth, Jake was my closest friend. But I was in no mood to talk to him. I’d felt like we were kindred spirits, both spurned by those we loved. We’d been good for each other. There’d been times I thought that something would come of it, something more than friendship. But ever since he saw that filthy half-breed, Renesmee, ever since he imprinted, she occupied his every thought. I would know, I could read them. “Maybe you used to. But how should I know, maybe you’re blinded by love.” With a pang of guilt, I realized my words would sting him. He wasn’t stupid. He must remember how it felt to have a broken heart. But I’m sure he didn’t understand how betrayed I felt. And I certainly wasn’t about to tell him I felt betrayed by him. I’d even kept myself from changing so that he wouldn’t be able to pick it out of my head.

“Leah, it wasn’t that long ago that my heart was broken. Just because I’ve found the love of my life now, doesn’t mean I don’t remember how it felt.” But even as he said the words, his face softened. Clearly his thoughts had turned to Renesmee.

“You’ve joined the ranks of the amazing imprinting werewolves. I can’t imagine why you’d care about how I feel. And after all, isn’t your little princess all you need?” I turned my face away, not wanting him to see the tears that were burning my eyes.

“I still need my pack, Lee. And last I checked, you were part of it. You’re my sister, you always will be. Don’t push me away just because I have someone new in my life.”

I attempted to swallow the lump in my throat. The sweet little pep talk attempt he’d just dished out only served to make me feel worse. Sister. Is that what I am to everybody?

“Last I checked, you have a perfectly good sister. And I have more brothers that I know what to do with.” I couldn’t help it. My voice broke. Jake sighed, eyes full of sympathy, I’m sure. I still hadn’t looked at him again.

“Leah, please…” He tried one more time, trailing off. Those two words conveyed everything he wanted to say, and we both knew it.

“Just stop, Jacob. Please, just stop.” I turned away from him and broke into a run. I didn’t stop until I reached home. Luckily, I made it up the stairs and into my room where I could cry without anyone hearing me.