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LIfe As We Know It

Bella has a great, human life. What happens when she finds out that a lot of her much loved life is not as human as she thought?


1. Birthday

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Bella pov

I must say, I love my life. I have a awesome best friend, a great family, and a boyfriend who I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with. I wasn’t even doing that bad in school and had a bright future ahead of me.

Lets start with my best friend Alice Cullen. she is a little ball of never ending energy. (When I say little I mean it. She is, like, 4ft. 4 in.) She is always supper happy and has OCD (obsessive compulsion disorder) when it comes to shopping. She is the adopted daughter of one of the local doctors, Carlisle Cullen. Oddly, I’ve never met him. Alice was adopted along with her boyfriend Jasper, his twin sister Rosalie, and her boyfriend Emmett. Jasper and Rosalie are niece and nephew to Dr. Cullen’s wife, Esme.

Then there’s my family. I have a great dad who’s the Chief of Police and a mom who just travels around with her new husband Phil. He is a minor league baseball player and they got married when I was 17.

Finally, there was my favorite part of my small life here in Forks, my boyfriend Edward. I love Edward with all my heart and he somehow loves me the same way. Edward is tall and toned with bronze hair always styled in that “I just got up” look. He has bright, sparkling green eyes that pierce me when the looks at me. When he does he makes me feel just as beautiful as he says I am. I’ve known Edward since freshman year when He moved with his parents to this dreary town of Forks. Edward looks just like his father Edward Sr. with his mother Elizabeth’s hair and eyes.

I awoke the day of my birthday to a kiss from Edward. (Most nights he snuck in through my window and stays with me all night. Not that either of our parents knew.) So today when he woke me up I smiled, unsurprised and kissed him back.

“Happy birthday, love”

“Being woken up like that would make anyone’s day!” I got up and turned to look at the angel in my room. “What are we going to do today?”

“Well, I thought we might go to our meadow. Then, later, I think Alice has planned something later.” I groaned . I had always hated extravagant parties and Alice was the master of throwing extravagant parties.

“Do I have to?” I wined.

“Well, I would love to grant your every request but I have to say I am afraid of what that little pixie would do to me,” he said with that crooked smile that I just loved. “So you better get ready. I’ll be back to pick you up in a hour,” and with another kiss he hopped out my window, leaving me alone to get ready. As I pulled on my favorae jeans and a new top Alice had gotten me I thought about what she could have in store for me later that day.