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Maine General Medical Center

Surgeon Swan has known her now ex-boyfriend for almost 12 years. But after she caught Jacob cheating, she decides to give the romance a break. But when Dr. Cullen, the new surgeon, comes to town, Bella must choose between her growing love for this mysterious, yet attractive man, or her love for Jacob. All human. Slightly OOC. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

My first published fanfic. Please tell me what you think after each chapter! :D

1. New In Town

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“Surgeon Swan, you’re needed in the operating room.” The PA system had been bugging for the last two hours. Let them figure out where I was. I sighed, balling up the wrapper to my garden burger, full for the moment. I figured I had at least five more minutes to get up to the fourth floor, get ready, and start operating on whoever needed my help. But I knew my time lessened when Angela and Jessica came through the door, smiles on their faces. I groaned, not wanting to hear the new gossip going around. I looked down at the table, calculating how fast I could hide underneath it. The chances weren’t good.

By the time Jess and Co. arrived to where I was sitting at, my trash was deep in the canister, and I was ready to go upstairs.

“We’ve got news!” Jess exclaimed, trying to cheer me up. She was practically bouncing with her “news”.

“Don’t you always?” Angela asked, rolling her eyes, then smiling.

“What is it this time, Jessica?” I passed right through them, realizing that if I didn’t get to work, I’d be fired soon enough. It was bad enough that I only had one more lifeline with Verdean, my boss.

“There’s a new surgeon in Maine!”

“Anybody interested?” I asked mindlessly as I made my way to the elevators, both of them trailing behind me. It wouldn’t hurt if she could just stop talking about dating and going out when I was still heartbroken.

“No, dummy. I’m telling you for a reason!” Jessica really was trying to kill me. I could see that Angela was not happy with what Jess was doing. I wished that she would just save my sorry ass like she used to in high school.

“Jess, here’s the deal: I just broke up with Jacob, and you know how much I loved him. And I’m still in the state of shock where you can’t deal with anything, ok? So, please no more ‘there’s a new doctor in town'.”

I was waiting for the elevator impatiently, hoping that Jess would disappear.

“But wait! Lauren told me that he is really att…!” Her words were cut off by the elevator doors, and I was glad.

Att… Well, she could’ve meant something other than attractive. Maybe attentive or attachable. No, not attachable. Or attaining. I wondered on the many words that began with att on the elevator, on my way to save another life.


“I heard they needed me up here,” I said to Newton. His face brightened as he saw me; he still had that small crush on me that’d irritated me since 7th grade. Yes, 7th grade.

“Um, yeah, about that,” he paused, biting his lip, “Verdean isn’t sure anymore.”


“Well, you see, they got a new surgeon to come in. All the way from Chicago.”

“And so what, he’s replacing me?” That thought had never been in my head, and I never would’ve imagined that it was going to make it there. Coming from MIT and transferring to Harvard later on, I was probably the best surgeon in the city of Augusta, Maine.

“He attended Princeton,” Newton supplied, as if reading my mind. I turned to look at his face, which looked almost sorry. I didn’t need his pity. I wouldn’t take it.

“Last name’s Cullen. Dr. Cullen.” What was this, Surgeon 007? Or was he really that idiotic? I would find out.