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Maine General Medical Center

Surgeon Swan has known her now ex-boyfriend for almost 12 years. But after she caught Jacob cheating, she decides to give the romance a break. But when Dr. Cullen, the new surgeon, comes to town, Bella must choose between her growing love for this mysterious, yet attractive man, or her love for Jacob. All human. Slightly OOC. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

My first published fanfic. Please tell me what you think after each chapter! :D

2. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

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The unfamiliar voice came from the entrance, matching to a man, at least six inches taller than me, in his mid-twenties, with rumpled golden hair, and a pale complexion. But what caught my eye the most was his stunning green eyes. They glowed like fireworks on New Year’s. But right behind him was Verdean, smiling like a child on Christmas morning, showing off his new addition to the department.

“Everybody, this is our new surgeon, Dr. Edward Cullen.” And in that instant second, I knew I was doomed, if not sooner or later, Verdean would have the need to move me to another department, no longer letting me save lives as drastically as I did now. My name would no longer be issued in medical magazines, or in the newspapers. But I would also have the burden taken off my chest that when a person died on my surgery table, I wouldn’t linger on the fact that that certain someone had a family that would miss him, a family that would blame me for the surgery. Good and bad all around.

“Dr. Cullen” thanked Verdean as if it was his turn to give a speech. The few words he did say were faraway lost. They didn’t register with me. After shaking hands with everyone present, Edward came to introduce himself. He held his hand out, and stubbornly, I refused to take it.

“Edward, this is Isabella,” Verdean said in a tight voice, breaking the tension, knowing I had to get along with his new toy.

Our eyes met for a moment, and in that short moment, I was hypnotized. The green depths of his eyes for something I’d never seen before. But that moment was so short. So short that I decided to forget about it.

“Nice to meet you,” ‘Dr. Cullen’ said, his hand still in the air. Whatever. Here goes nothing.

“You too,” I replied, lightly taking his firm and strong hand. He beamed at me crookedly, only to receive a tight lipped smile from me.

As if on cue to continue something completely different from this, Verdean’s phone went off, making him step outside. I made my way to the restroom to prepare myself for another surgery, a ritual I always did in order for the person to get out alive.

Once in front of the mirror, I started chanting the same old saying I used every time.

“You’re the best. You’re number one. You came here with degrees. You know how to do this. You CAN do it!” I repeated it three more times, then washed my pale face.

I held on to the sink, and looked at my now red skin. I had bag under my eyes, and my face looked shallow. I need a vacation. I sighed, wiped my face, and walked out to save another life.


I dropped my keys on the couch and headed straight to my room. A warm pair of sweats sounded good right about now. But I decided to shower first, and rid my mind of the day’s happenings.

After I got out of the shower with a towel wrapped tightly around myself, I heard a distant beeping noise. My answering machine was reading my voicemail. That little robotic voice was ticking me off. Can’t they sound more human?

“From phone number 207- 230- 2100, received on Tuesday, September 22, 2009, at 1:43 P.M.” Beep.

“Bella, this is Jake. Please pick up. We need to—” I cut him off with the click of a button.

“Go to hell, Jake!” I exclaimed, disconnecting the annoying machine from the wall. I decided to forget all about this and went to change into a pair of black sweats and a spirit shirt from Hall Dale High School and made my way back to the living room.

I started humming to a song I’d heard in the coffee room yesterday as I surfed through my Ti-Vo guide. Hm? CSI: NY or 48 Hours Mystery? WWAD? Yeah, what would Alice, who’d been my best friend since I could remember, do?... Alice! I was expecting a call from her tonight! Shoot!

I hurriedly plugged the machine back & was relieved to see no new messages on the gray screen.

So as I sat there, watching re-runs of CSI:NY, I realized I was starved. Time to wonder again. Let’s see. A half-eaten Nutri-Bar on my coffee table. Nope, it’s probably been there for a day. I was known for weighing options and stuff, but this, this, was ridiculous! I stood in front of my fridge, my empty fridge. Lettuce, orange juice, a whole bunch of tomatoes, a lemon, and Gatorade. Oh and behind all the tomatoes, a glass of milk. Yeah, I could get far with those things.

Frustrated now, I grabbed my keys and was set on going to Whole Foods. I didn’t even bother turning off my TV, and as I closed the mahogany door, Baba O’ Riley was playing.


Emmett was slouched on my couch, Rosalie, was in their bedroom, playing with their daughter Aubrey, and Jasper and Alice were at a baseball game. How fun. That left…. NO ONE, to go buy groceries!

Be the bigger person, be the bigger person… I kept chanting to myself. Was it really possible that I was the only responsible person in this house?

Without really thinking about it, I stood up, got my keys, and opened the door.

“Hey Em, wanna come with?” What do you think, Eddie?, He would sneer. Lately, I’ve been thinking to myself a lot. Must be the loneliness. I’m surprised to see that Emmett just shakes his head and says, “Naw, man, I gotta talk to the lady, you know,” puts his fingers in quotation marks in the air, “relationship and crap.” I just nod and as I walk out of the house, grateful for whatever reason I don’t have my other half.

Once I’m in my beloved silver Volvo that I’ve had since high school, I decide to put on some music to try to forget about the past. But truth is, I’ve found, that the past will always be there. There’s nothing you can do to it. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free. Come Together is playing, and so I just decide to hum along. Hopefully helps me forget her face. Surgeon Swan’s face. Isabella, that was her name, as Verdean had told me.

“And last, that one over there, that’s Swan. Isabella Swan. But don’t ever, call her that. She prefers to go by Bella. But in here, always call her Surgeon Swan, or you’ll suffer the consequences.” Verdean pointed to a young woman, not that younger than me, with warm brown hair. It wasn’t until she turned around that I realized how beautiful she was…

I sighed, floundering in my memories of her. But what I couldn’t shake off was how she’d treated me: like crap, that’s what. Maybe because I was new, maybe because of something she saw in me. I really have no idea. But I intend to find out.


Whole Foods closed in thirty minutes, so I had more than enough time to get what I needed. Let’s see, veggie chips, sushi, and black olives. Check. I walked to the wheat/pasta section and grabbed three packs of angel hair. Ragu wasn’t sold here, so I’d just have to make the sauce with the tomatoes back home. On my way to the cashier, my interest was caught by a greeting card. Useless shit, in my opinion. There was this one that had a drawn ass, and under it had some interesting words:

Congratulations! Just for you! The first scratch-and-sniff birthday card!

As I thought about the million ways I could rewrite it, and send it to some unwanted company, I absentmindedly started twirling my long hair as I walked down the main aisle.

I hated this basket. The handle was loose, and it made my groceries much heavier than they needed to be. So after leaving the yogurt aisle, with lots of tomatoes inside the basket to make soup, I decided to fix the darn thing. I walked down the main aisle of Whole Foods, not seeing where I was going.

I carefully took out all the stuff and walked over to get a new basket instead of fixing it. I held all of it in my hands, looking down at them to make sure nothing fell. The tomatoes were on top. And that’s how it began.


I was staring at a cooking magazine with the woman whose pants had fallen on TV on the front cover. She was all happy looking with her gray her and silver looking eyes. Holding a cake that looked extremely intricate and hard to deal with. I grabbed it anyway and held it in my hands as I walked. I don’t know what it was. It must’ve been that I was in Cloud 9, or maybe cause I was too interested in the old lady’s cooking, or something, but it still happened. I ran into who I least wanted to see. Surgeon Edward Cullen. Or maybe, more like he ran into me.

The tomatoes were rolling off, and as I tried to catch them, they fell on the floor. On someone’s feet. On Surgeon Swan’s feet. Shit! Oh, for the love of all that’s holy! This cannot be happening. You’ve got to be kidding me.

At first, I hoped to God it was her evil twin or something. But yet again, maybe I didn’t.

I put all the stuff on the shelving next to where she was frozen, and where I was scrambling to find a way to fix this. But it would take some time trying to find it.

I sighed, calm, for the time being, and closed my eyes. Blinked. Nope, he’s still here. Blinked again. Nope, he’s still here. I was just trying to maintain a steady expression so that when I exploded, he would feel worse. I sighed again, and opened my eyes after blinking for the third time.

“Um, I am, so very sorry.” That was it? That? “I’m so very sorry?” Seriously. I decided to give him help.

“That’s all you’re going to say?” “‘I’m so very sorry?’” I huffed, and I could see myself turn myself turn red of anger. I pushed my cart aside and bent down on my knees, where Mr. Cullen was kneeling, finding a way to fix my shoes. His now red hands were stretched before him, looking helpless. I frowned, and bent down to fix what was left of my shoes. I kept wiping off the tomato spill on my shoes until I heard the rolling wheels on a clean up cart behind me. I thanked God for janitors.

“Ma’am, you look like you could use a ‘lil bit help there.” I turned to see the man whose voice sounded very southwestern. I wasn’t disappointed. His belt buckle said it all. Everything’s bigger in Texas! Interesting.

“Um, do you have something, anything like a napkin, or something to clean my shoes, sir?” I was getting frustrated.

“Yes, ma’am.” Janitor Man, as his name tag said, took out a dish rag that looked relatively clean, but I didn’t really care anymore. Following my journey of cleaning off tomato sauce, I just walked away from both Surgeon Edward and Janitor Man with a brief thank you to the Man. Ha! The Man. School of Rock. I laughed, despite the circumstances I was in, and made my way to the cashier.

“Have a good night, ma’am,” the kid at the cashier said after I’d paid.

“I’ll try,” I murmured under my breath as I walked out the sliding doors of Whole Foods, leaving a very confused Surgeon Edward trailing behind me.