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Biting Currents

This story starts at the beginning of the summer after Twilight. Edward wants Bella to have as many “Human” experiences as possible and is determined to do some summer recreation, but will his trip go as planned? Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended


1. Chapter 1

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"Edward," I glanced at the speedometer and knew he was pushing my truck too far, "Keep it under sixty!”

“You know what you need? A nice little ford focus. Great gas mileage, 5 star safety rating…”

“Isn’t it enough that I’m letting you drive today?” I scowled, reluctantly turning my gaze away from his perfect, glittering, features to stare out the window. I wasn’t exactly thrilled that he used the power of his eyes to get into the drivers seat…again. I also wasn’t happy that he didn’t tell me where we were going. I knew it couldn’t be anywhere populated, the sun was out.

I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw something that I hoped I would never have to see again… A tackle box. Not only was Charlie’s red tackle box in the bed of my truck, it was accompanied by two green fishing poles.

“Edward Cullen, are you taking me fishing?” I couldn’t hide the panic in my voice.

“No, I am taking you to my house.” He pulled his lips into a hard line but I could see the smile in his eyes. They were warm butterscotch, and dancing with excitement.

“There’s a river behind your house!” I moaned, my face settling into a deep scarlet.

“Bella, don’t be embarrassed,” he lightly brushed my cheek, “I won’t let anything happen to you. We will be safely on a dock, surrounded by a sturdy railing.”

“Easy for you to say,” I muttered. He could fall into the water and stay there for all of eternity and nothing ill would come of it. I fall into the water and hit my head on a rock or I get caught in the current…

“We’re here.” Edward announced, interrupting my thoughts. I looked out my window to see a small trail leading into the forest.

“You expect me to hike and fish today? So much for my safety.”

“I’m not asking you to hike anywhere,” He flashed an impish smile, “You just got your cast off two weeks ago and you are in no condition to walk, or limp, three miles. Even if it is all even ground.”

Before I had a chance to protest I was on his back and we were flying.