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Biting Currents

This story starts at the beginning of the summer after Twilight. Edward wants Bella to have as many “Human” experiences as possible and is determined to do some summer recreation, but will his trip go as planned? Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended


2. Chapter 2

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“Edward,” I said as I felt the dock move beneath my feet. “I reallydon’t think this is a good idea.”

“Only you cold find danger in every single thing on this planet, Isabella Swan.” His face was stern but I could see the humor glittering in his eyes. I sat down at the end of the small, splintering dock and gazed at the dark water.

We had followed a small creek that branched off the river until we came to the “Fishin’ hole” as Edward had called it. A thin line of sand, which then led to a tree line, surrounded the pool. Along the edges of the water algae were floating, attracting an assortment of small bugs. The sun shone brightly on the dock making Edward a blinding sight.

“Emmett comes here to get away from Rosalie when she’s being…. Rosalie. He built this dock when he started watching the Outdoor channel, there’s still fish in the freezer.” I laughed at the idea of Emmett on the dock, trying to get a competitive edge.

“Well are we going to get started or what?” I asked looking into his butterscotch eyes. He flashed his crooked smile and grabbed the poles. I reached for the Styrofoam container that held the night crawlers.

“No, no, no, no,” Edward caught my arm, “I think it’s best if I baited your line, wouldn’t want you to slip and make a shish kabob out of your finger.” He smiled and slid the worm on the hook. He handed me my pole and then baited his own.

“Swish, push and go. Swish, push and go,” I murmured the casting chant that Charlie had taught me when I would fish with him. I looked up to see Edward with a puzzled look on his face. “What?” I said as I suddenly remembered his acute hearing.

“I’m just hoping that you’re focusing on not hitting me in the head with the pole.”

“Oh be quiet!” I felt my face heat up at the truth in his words, “It’s not like it would hurt you anyways”

“No I guess it wouldn’t” He smirked at the water.

Now was the part of fishing I did not enjoy, the wait. Both of our poles were cast off into the water, the red bobbers floating calmly. I glanced at Edward’s sparkling figure. Even after everything that had happened to us I couldn’t fathom why he would possibly be interested in me. This glittering god before could not possibly be reserved for some nondescript, accident-prone girl.

“I should look into buying this land.” Edward broke my thoughts.

“Why? It’s so far off from the road I doubt anyone else would ever come here.”

“Well you would be surprised how many children have been coming here since we made it accessible.”

“Well I doubt a simple dock is a calling card for ‘children’” I made quotation marks in the air with my fingers. I hated it when he called people children, he would never let me forget about his immortality.

“Actually there has been some here quite recently, I can still smell they’re dog.” He wrinkled his nose.

“Well it looks like we’re okay for today, the sun isn’t on you anymore.” I looked at the sun shining on the water now, instead of the dock.

“I guess so-“ He broke off and looked at the water. My bobber was bobbing franticly in the water. “What are you waiting for? Reel it in!”

Edward shoved my pole in my hand and left me to deal with the fish. A sense of Deja vu came over me as I relived my fishing experiences. I turned the handle on the reel for what seemed like eternity until I could see the fish skimming along the top of the water.

“Trout!” I said proud of myself for remembering the rainbow colored patterns. I carefully got it onto the dock and extracted the tiny hook from its mouth. I plopped it in a tiny cooler that had appeared by my side. “Not only can I catch a fish, Edward Cullen, but I can take a hook out of its mouth without shish kabobing any of my ten fingers.”

“I must say Bella I am impressed.” He re-baited my line and gave it to me to cast off.

“I need some new recipes for fish, do you happen to know the best way to cook trout?”

“I can’t say the I—“ Once again his voice cut off and I looked at the water. I was surprised to see that neither of the bobbers were moving and inch.

“Edward? What’s going on?” His face was stern, his eyes dark with anger.

“This is really uncalled for.” He whispered.

"Edward Cullen, What is going on?!” Just as I asked I saw two people immerge out of the tree line.