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Five Minutes

Five Minutes by Awsomealice94 In 1935, Emmett McCarty is twenty when he is saved by Rosalie. But there is his whole human life that became forgotten. What, or who, had really made him go camping-where he would soon meet Rosalie? What is he forgetting now that he is a vampire? My entry for the ‘It Was a Dark and Stormy Night’ Challenge A Sequel is up! Go check out '300 Seconds'

Five Minutes by Awsomealice94 In 1935, Emmett McCarty is twenty when he is saved by Rosalie. But there is his whole human life that became forgotten. What, or who, had really made him go camping-where he would soon meet Rosalie? What is he forgetting now that he is a vampire? My entry for the ‘It Was a Dark and Stormy Night’ Challenge Disclaimer-As simple as knowing that Edward is a vampire and Jacob is a werewolf, Stephenie Meyer owns all

1. Five Minutes

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She didn’t mean it.

She wanted to take it all back-all of those five minutes. The entire conversation with him was most regretful. But she couldn’t go back in the past. She was stuck here, in the present, no matter how much it hurt.

He left her a week ago…and for those long seven days, 168 hours, all that she could think about were the screams of their arguing-they echoed back and forth in her head. What had they even been fighting about in the first place?

She couldn’t remember now…she just remembered those ten words-the last words he would ever say to her.

“Fine. You get your wish-you’ll never see me again.”

His words burned into her heart. A tear slid down her face as she closed her eyes, remembering the last glimpse she had of him.

He shook his head, too angry to say more. He turned his back to her, wrenched the door open, and slammed it shut as soon as he walked out. It made a sound that matched the booming thunder outside. He left her there, in the ruins and shambles of her home. She looked around, breathing heavily, and gazed across the family room that had held as their battlefield.

Good, she had thought, that’s one wish that has finally come true.

But that wasn’t her wish-not now. Not even two hours after their fight, when she lay in bed, wearing the ring that she had thrown back at him previously. Before crawling in bed, she had lit a lantern on the front porch-hoping that he would come back, and showing that he was welcome. Just to help guide him back to her. She had the covers rolled around her, holding her together as she continued to cry. The lightning of the storm brewing outside lit up her room in small increments at a time. It made the picture of them, which occupied the frame next to her bed, flicker with light for seconds at a time as she stared at it.

How could it be, in just five little minutes, that her life was gone? It was amazing how, in just five minutes, your life could change.

Emmett McCarty was her life-and is still her life. But he is gone. And she was sure now, as she held onto the Tennessee newspaper-clutching it as if it were her oxygen-that he was gone for eternity. She wasn’t the only one that would never see him again, though.

His family, the McCartys, would never see him again either. His brothers, Wesley and Jacob, would never play with him or hold pranks for him. His mother would never hug him before he set off for bed. His father would never throw the ball around with him in their field of a backyard. All of that was finished-in their past forever.

Emmett had definitely made sure that what he thought was his fiancé’s wish, came true.

She pulled on her golden hair, so that the pile of hair on top of her head was let down. She let the loose pieces fall around her tear stained face. She looked at the newspaper’s front page again, dated with today’s date of May 29th, 1935.

Man Confirmed Dead

Missing for a Week Gatlinburg Man, Emmett McCarty, has Police Assuming the Worst

That was it. They had given up their search for her fiancé. She was the first one to start looking with the police. Though highly unethical for a woman, she didn’t care. She searched the now daunting woods of the Smoky Mountains with those men, wearing a pair of Emmett’s smaller old pants and her father’s hiking boots. They searched where Jacob and Wesley reported their brother went camping.

“He was upset, said he wanted to clear his mind.” Wesley told her.

“You know as well as I that he liked to camp when he was feeling troubled. We usually do it as a family though.” Jacob had shrugged. “He will turn up.”

But he didn’t. On the fourth day of Emmett’s absence they had started the search. Maybe if she had searched sooner….maybe all they would find wouldn’t be just his backpack and mangled sleeping bag. Maybe they would have found him, safe and sound, too. They were all so used to Emmett concurring in everything. He was a fighter, able to withstand anything, and therefore a survivor. She let out another sob-Emmett was a survivor, but not this time.

The sheriff told her and the family that they found a wounded bear not far from the ruined campsite. But Emmett was nowhere to be found. They thought he was attacked by the bear. They thought he was dead.

And though she didn’t want to believe it, that her fiancé was dead, she had to. Because she knew, deep down in her heart, that his wasn’t beating like hers.

It may have only been a week, but she still counted down the minutes of his absence as if it were the only thing she knew how to do. If the police didn’t have to put their arms around her and force her back home, she would still be out there searching for him.

It was a dark and stormy night when he left her-when they said their last words to each other. It was not the last words they would have wanted to say to each other, she was sure. She never wanted or meant to hurt him. And yet, she had to blame herself. She was the one that got him upset, that made him go on a camping trip to cool down, and who got him eventually killed.

Everything inside and out of her felt sore and broken. She had puffy red eyes from crying, and her hair was in disarray from not attending to it. She was left with her broken heart, surrounded by the ghosts of everything that could and should have been, everything that was, and everything that is now.

She would never be held in his strong arms again. Or run her hand through his brown curly hair. She would never hear his booming laugh that often times was as contagious as the common cold. He even made lemonade come out of her nose from laughing on more than one occasion. She would never sit on the porch swing, watching the sun set and exchange hopes, dreams, and secrets with him. She would never feel his soft lips on hers. She would never hear his ‘I love you’ to her. Another sob wracked her body as she sunk down to the floor, her back to the wall.

It was all her fault.

She set the newspaper next her, in the pile that was slowly growing. She then placed her ring on top of it, not knowing if he would want her to wear it or move on. Pictures of him, letters, and wedding arrangements in the pile were gathered and placed in a box. The last couple of tears she had trickled down her face, landing with tiny pats on the paper before she put the lid on.

Finally, she walked out to her porch. There was her lantern, lit for Emmett to come back to her. It hadn’t burned out since that night, when he left. She did it because, at one point, he told her to-it was so long ago, though.

They were both seventeen, and were walking, her hand in his big one. They made their way through the fields of Emmett’s backyard. The warm summer breeze had felt so good and reassuring as they strolled. It was nearing dark, and fireflies were already out. He had an empty glass jar of jam, holes already poked in the lid. “You know what makes the best light at night?” he had asked her. She shook her head,

“What, Em?” she smiled as he reached his hand out into the air before him, quickly shutting it into a hallowed fist after a second. He placed his hand over the jar and then quickly put the lid on it. There was one tiny firefly hovering inside, blinking with light every few moments.

“Fireflies.” He told her, kissing her cheek. They spent the rest of the night trying to catch them, keeping their eyes open for the glow of the tiny insect. Soon, the jar was full of tiny blinking beams of light. Emmett handed it to her,

For you, my darling.” He grinned as she took the jar of light, “anytime you really need me, just have a light for me-I’ll see or find it, and I’ll come.” He vowed.

“Promise, Emmett?” she asked as they sat down on the porch swing. He nodded,

“I promise.” He leaned in and kissed her.

She stared up at the lantern, crossing her arms to keep herself together. She couldn’t find any fireflies, and the lantern was the best she could do. She didn’t think she had the strength to blow that light out. It held so many unsaid things from her to him. He had promised her that he would come…. But maybe his newest vow cancelled that one out.

A gust of wind blew at her, and she watched as the fire was finally blown out. The smoke, a trace that it had been lit, from the freshly extinguished lantern hung around her. Then it was being blown away forever.

She would remember him for the rest of her life-as she hoped he still remembered her, while he flew with angel’s wings in heaven above.


Emmett thought he was going to heaven.

He was being carried by an angel, flying with speed and grace through the forest. Where were the wings to this angel? He tried to get a better look at her, but couldn’t seem to. Everything was a bit blurry. She was beautiful, though. That was how he knew she was an angel-he had only seen one woman as beautiful as the one whose arms were around him.

He could make out blond hair flying in the wind. It was just like her golden hair…he missed her. He missed her more than he missed being alive. He didn’t want that fight to be the last time they ever saw each other…but it was. The angel murmured reassurances to him that he couldn’t quite understand…then she pressed her lips to his forehead.

The kiss of death, he mused. He almost smiled despite his pain-the irony was so thick.

He never really thought about it before-what it would be like to die. It must have been quick…he couldn’t remember that last final blow. Maybe that was all it took though-one final, well aimed, blow to end a life that was supposed to experience so much more-even with someone else.

He tried to remember all of the moments leading up to this one-leading up to his death.

The bear had come out of nowhere…or maybe he just hadn’t heard him. He was remembering the fight with her, he wished it never happened…and then the bear attacked. It struck him in the back. Emmett only had his knife with him…he was stupid, and he knew this. He should have thought of bears-but he was in a hurry to get out of town and up to the mountains. The bear struck again and again, while Emmett tried to fight it. He couldn’t run… Finally, Emmett was mauled too much and his blood was emitting too heavily to stand up anymore. The bear was finished playing with him…he guessed he was going to die…there was a sound of another bear, perhaps to try and get a piece of him…and then….this.

What was taking so long? It felt like he was still flying…was heaven further up than he thought? It must be….he was a bit delirious-it was strange that he knew that himself. His pain was constant now, and he just wanted it to be over. He didn’t understand why he still hurt.

The angel had finally brought him to God, a man with blond hair as well…finally, the pain would be gone.

He was wrong. His sight vanished completely.

It was replaced by fire….it hurt more than his broken heart and the pain before put together.

She had always said that he had a bit too much fun…and maybe she was right-he shouldn’t be surprised at the fires of hell instead of the golden gates of heaven.

Everything seemed to be slipping away from Emmett…one by one. His childhood memories were slipping from his grasp…then his family, his brothers Wesley and Jacob….and then, finally, her. He would never remember the summer nights they spent together, or wedding plans for June 7th. His brain was foggy…the fire had gone there now.

So, that was part of his eternal punishment-losing everything he loved. Except, though, for the angel. Her presence was still with him. He didn’t understand that part-why was she, something so beautiful and pure, still allowed to be with him, and here?

God came back again…and Emmett would soon find that God would come back from time to time to check on him as he burned, for the next three days. Emmett cringed even more when he arrived beside him because he knew that God would probably take the angel away with him. He could only be so merciful.

But he never did.


“Rosalie,” Emmett began as he sat on the couch of his new home next to her, “What is the date today?” he asked his angel.

It had been only three days since he awoke…it turns out, to his amusement, he was never really dead-well, not completely. Carlisle (whom he had foolishly thought was God) and Rosalie (whom he still thought was his angel) explained everything to him. They told him how he was a vampire (and how the fires of hell were his transformation), how Rosalie had asked Carlisle to save him, and how he was to live for eternity. He was indestructible and immortal.

Emmett was, surprisingly, very understanding with it all…he took it in stride. He got to spend eternity with Rosalie. That was better to him than anything in the world.

He knew that his human memories were gone, as that is usually the case with vampires-especially humans that were so close to deaths eternal grip. But it didn’t bother him that much-If Rosalie was a vampire, how horrible could it be? Every one of his new family members didn’t remember much of their human lives either…though none had the extensive brain damage as Emmett had before they transformed.

There were times, though; when something began to tug at his mind…It was like his subconscious told him to remember something that simply wasn’t there-that didn’t exist to him. It happened mostly when he looked at Rosalie’s hair, or Esme’s engagement ring. At night, when a firefly had passed him, he even felt it. Even when there was a storm, it felt significant. He didn’t tell it to anybody though…this situation was strange enough.

Rosalie looked at him with a bewildered expression; “June 7th” She answered the rather random question.

There it was…that tugging again. Something that held great importance to him was supposed to happen June 7th. But what?

“Oh.” He shrugged. It didn’t matter now.

Emmett placed his arm around Rosalie, and she snuggled against his chest, completely unaware that at one time he belonged to another. For the next five minutes all he did was hold her. He loved her-he smiled upon that newfound revelation.

It was amazing how, in just five minutes, your life could change.