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Speeding Tickets

When Bella gets pulled over for driving too fast Edward gets a very interesting idea Edward x Bella Rated adult for chapter 2


1. The almost ticket

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It was almost eight years from when I got married to my perfect husband, Edward. I was speeding down the road leading to my new home in New Hampshire where me, my family (the Cullens), and my daughter's...ugh... boyfriend... Jacob Black were staying and attending Dartmouth University. We had brought all of our cars, including my Ferrari which I was driving now. I had managed to sneek out of the house (surprising even to me) and went shopping for my daughter's, Renesmee, and mine and Edward's anniversary. I had decided to go shopping early because I thought I would never get a chance to sneek out again. While I was recapping this in my head, I seemed to absentmindedly push farther down on the accelerator and now I was flying down the street when all of a sudden, I hear another car peel out onto the road and the sirens of a police car. I sigh, slow the car down and pull to the right side of the road. I hadn't noticed before, but besides me and the police officer, there was no one else on the road. I really did NOT want anything getting in the way of me getting in the way for me to see my gorgeous husband, so I decided to try to take matters into my own hands and attempt to flirt my way out of this ticket. I didn't think thiswould be very hard because I noticed that the officer was a young male, probably around his mid-twenties. I looked in my mirror and opened the next two buttons on my blouse. The weather was a perfect cloudy day, working in my favor. I lowered my glasses and my window just as the police officer stepped up to my window.

"Licence, registration, and insurance please, ma'am." he said. I reached into my purse and grabbed all of that, pausing when I heard the cop catch his breath. I turn as he takes off his glasses and stares straight into mine. I give a small smirk and hand him all my information. Still gaucking he turns, rather slowly, and heads back to his car. I couldn't help but laugh at his reaction. At the same time, I couldn't help but get that feeling that I was being watched. That feeling was quickly dashed away as the officer came back and handed me what was mine.

"Everything seems to be fine," he said. "I think this time, I'll just let you off with a warning." For the first time, I spoke, "Thank you very much, and I do apologize for going so fast."

"N-n-no problem," he stuttered, "where were you headed so fast anyways?" he asked nervously.

"Well, actually I was just going home to my husband."

"Damn..." I heard him swear under his breath.

"Well, I really should be getting home. Is there anything else?"

"No... that should be it. Have a nice day..." then under his breath, "with your goddamn lucky husband." I couldn't help but laugh at his snide comment. I rolled the window up and took off, going the speed limit this time, and headed towards home. All of a sudden, I felt the sensation I was being watched again but I had the passenger window cracked a little this time. The smell I smelled was the most familiar and inviting smell that I have ever smelled. I slammed my foot on the brakes, threw open the passenger, and flew into Edward's arms within three seconds.

It had only been about four hours since we had been apart but you could nearly taste the reunion in the air. We just stood there in our tight, wordless embrace. My legs were wrapped around Edward just like my arms, somehow trying to pull him closer to me. His arms were wrapped around my waist just as tight, if not tighter, as mine were around his neck. I don't know how long we stood there quietly but soon he broke the silence.

"I missed you so much."

"I missed you too. I love you."

"I love you more," he said with a smile.

"I doubt it," I said finallly pulling back slightly so I was inches from his face. I smiled as his lips pulled back into that crooked smile I love so much and his sweet breath swept across my face. Before I could put my thoughts back together, his lips crushed, almost violently, to mine. I eagerly returned this kiss excited to be back with him again. This kiss was one of my favorites. There was nothing better than the feel of Edward's cold tongue dancing together with mine. Even after my transformation, this still left me a little dizzy. Edward finallly pulled away from my lips but never left my skin. His lips traveled themselves down my cheek to the hollow beneath my ear and I couldn't stand it any more. I found the strength inside me to push away and ask him some questions before I couldn't remember what I was trying to do. Once both our breaths slowed, I smiled and asked, "So why were you following me?"

He grinned and said, "I was curious to where you were going. I was wondering why you felt the need to sneek out." I guess I wasn't being the sneekiest person ever. I responded, "When did you notice I was gone?"

"I always notice your presence my love. I realized you were gone almost immediately after you had vanished. Alice had seen what you were doing and managed to stall me for a couple moments, but in the most part, I was behind you most of the way. I was kind of jealous of the performance you put on for the police officer though. I need to see you like that more often," he said with an irrasistably sexy smile. This made me lunge at him with my new speed. I bent down so I was inches from his ear and whispered, "I'll do whatever you want me to..." This made him go into a frenzy a he rolled to the side so he was now hovering over me and his lips found mine as my arms went straight to his hair. I pulled him closer to me, every line of my body matching his as his arms curled around my waist, pulling me impossibly closer. I groaned with excitement of what I hoped was coming next, when he loosened his grip on me and pulled us up right. I asked breathlessly, "What are you doing?"

He chuckled and said, "Not here in the woods my beautiful Bella. Why don't we get home first?"

"Ugh. Fine..." I ran to my car, jumped in, and took off.

I knew he would beat me since he was running, but I had to try. My car was going over 200 miles per hour, blazing down the road, and I finally realized why all of my family loved fast cars. This was second only to running, but it still had a familiar spine tingling rush to it. Of course when I got home it looked as if Edward had gotten home about 5 minutes ago. He was just lounging on the couch opposite Renesmee and Jacob. I walked very slowly over to Edward and curled myself into his lap as his hands wound around me. The television was on some really old, cheesy, romantic movie and I noticed how interested Renesmee seemed to be in it. When the two main characters finally kissed, it looked very stiff and forced, so I spoke up for the first time. "That's no way to kiss!" This made Edward chuckle and Nessie pop out of her trance. "How would you know Mom?" she said sarcastically. For my response I cracked a huge grin that made Edward smile just as wide. Then Jacob spoke up, "Wow Bella! A little too much info there!"

"Hey, I didn't actually say anything!"

"I bet you don't even know how to kiss the right way."

"Don't you underestimate me, my little pup."

"Prove it."

" NO! DON'T!" screamed Ness, but she was just a little late. By the time Jacob said his last, I turned around in Edward's lap and gave him the most passionate kiss I could muster up. Edward seemed to be enjoying this too. He returned this favor and right now I kind of wished no one else was in the house. This kiss lasted for at least a good minute and out of my subconcious I could hear Nessie yelling at Jacob.

"I told you not to!"

"Well I didn't know it would lead up to this!" Finally Edward and I started to slip our long, passionate kiss into short, sweet ones. I whispered, "I love you," and finally turned back to the T.V., laying my head on Edward's chest, trying to slow my breathing. "I stand corrected." muttered Jacob. This made both Edward and I chuckle together. Once it started getting dark, I saw Renesmee yawn hugely and lay her head against Jake's shoulder. "I think it's time for bed!" said Edward. I smiled in anticipation.

"Yeah, I think so too." said Jacob with a yawn. Much to my discomfort, Jacob and Renesmee shared a bed in the room next to mine and Edward's. I knew they hadn't taken their relationship to...uh... the next level... because, well, I have amazing hearing and the fact I never sleep. It was kinda uncomfortable too because my 7 year old girl at heart had the body of an 18 year old looking body.

Edward's sweet breath on my neck made me snap back into reality. I threw my arms around his neck as he flew up the stairs with me in his arms. I heard Jacob say, "They don't sleep. Why are they going to bed?"

"Oh, they aren't going to sleep..." I heard Nessie reply as I slammed the door behind us.