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Memories re-type

okay was looking at the old one and thought that it could be added too so i did this

Why am i not getting any reviews on anything please review when you read something

1. chapter 1

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Memories flood my brain.
I want to push them away.
But what if I forget.
what if I forget the way his voice sounded.
Or that precious day in our meadow.

It is still our meadow forever more.
The hard plates of his chest.
The first kiss.

The best days of my life.  
These memories cause me so much pain.
Not at the moment they happened.
But when I found out the truth.
These memories weren't as sweet as I thought.
Sometimes I find myself looking over to the table where I first saw them.

Where I first saw him.
An angel to good for me.

 A family I was never destined to be a part of.
But still hoping they will show up yes a miracle.
I wish for one more kiss from Edward.
One more I love you even if it is a lie.
I have to remember to keep from forgetting.

To forget a moment is more painful than trying to remember.
Why is it I feel him every where I go?
It will be as if I never existed.
I am forever altered.
I will never be the same.  
I don't remember before him.
I wish that goodbye wasn't forever.
I wish to hate him.
To curse at his name.
But I can't.

I still love him. Still need his presence to breath.

Love is forever they say.
But when you live forever that doesn’t mean much.
But to me it does.

For as he would say “your only human” yes I am Human.
He is yin I am yang two parts of a hole.

 I need him to feel whole!
Why is it that I feel this way I should be able to hate but I can't.
I am afraid.

I admit it I am afraid to lose him Because with every memory I lose, a piece of me goes with it.
Forbidden to remember terrified to forget.
It is a hard line to walk.
-Bella Swan-