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I recently watched this movie, and the feminist and the criminal's story touched a nerve, so this is my alternative universe, where it's all switched around; the characters, the plot, and even the names. For instance: Edward's name is Angelus, Angel for short, still vampire. And Bella's name is Lila, still human. My first try was really bad so I'm trying something new and fresh, I hope you enjoy it. Reviewers will be thanked gracefully :) I own this story but still let's hear it for meyers

Please review i already tried this story out but people hated it, review and Emmette will give you a kiss in your dreams also there will be no continuation until I get a review or two

1. Who I am

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Who am I you might ask? I'm a nobody, a clumsy ordinary nobody. Where am I? I don't live in some tiny place where, magic happens. It dosen't happen like that here. Here you could be a saint, nobody would give you any respect. Why should they?

What you or me ever do for anyone else, that mattered? I know I did nothing, I'm a feminist. Or as some call it a 'hostile bitch'. I live in St.Louis, you learn to take care of yourself, even if you don't need to.

I've lived here all my life, now I'm nineteen, so I'm going to Forks. Hey low gas prices and rent is so cheap. I'll work as a journalist at the newspaper, called 'Fork's Tribune'. I lost hope on the one person I ever cared about, my best friend, Mathew Farlin, who went missing, god knows how long ago.

It's funny when we were younger. I told him that when he would leave to go back home in Idaho, I would tell him that I wished, we could live togeather, just the two of us. But that was an eight year old's dream. And I've grown up, I'm not eight anymore. I'm nineteen.

And this nineteen year old has a plane to catch.

In Fork's airport:

The plane came to screetching halt as people, began digging for there carry ons. A blonde boy who sat in the front row, was looking me over.

I flung my elbow behind my back, and curled my hand into a fist. With great speed, my fist moved forward. I heard a cracking noise. I looked at my hand, it was covered in blood. The boy lyed looking up from his bloody hands.

"You bitch!" he cried, I grabbed the duffle bag.

"Thanks for flying." I said with a smile and walked out of the air plane.

I grabbed the rest of my things from baggage claim. And looked around for a taxi. I spotted a long line of cabs and grabbed the closest one.

"Where to mame?" a man about my age asked.

"West Sheritan and River groove." I said with a smile.

"My names Ben" the taxi driver said.

"Nice to meet you Ben, my name's Lila Blake."

"So what are you here for?" someone's curious.

"I'm gonna be a resident soon, and a journalist."

"Wow, I get to meet a journalist."I smiled again, at his politeness.

"So I coudn't help but notice the blood on your hands." He motioned a hand, still watching the road.

"I hit some blonde guy, who was checking me out."

"You mean blonde guy, blue eyes, and a birth mark on his nose."

"Yeah, you know him?"

"We went to highschool, togeather."

"Really? Has he always been this way?"

"Pretty much. And we're here."

"How much do I you?"

"Twenty three dollars and seven cents."

I handed him a twenty and a five.

"Keep the change."

"Have a good day Lila, and be careful with the guys in town, you look like a catch."

"Your not trying to ask me out, are you?"

'No, I'm engaged."

With those last words all my bags were out of the taxi. And Ben drove away. This is my new life, my new home, and perhaps a new me, but I doubt it.