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June 20th

June 20th by Awsomealice94 does anyone know what is so special about June 20th??? it’s Edward’s birthday!! He is turning 106 today (June 20th) and so I wrote this story to celebrate it. This is Edward’s birthday from his point of view. HAPPY 106TH BIRTHDAY, EDWARD!! WE LOVE YA!!! HAPPY 107TH BIRTHDAY, EDWARD-WE STILL LOVE YA!!!! HAPPY 108TH BIRTHDAY, EDWARD-STILL LOVIN YA HAPPY 109TH BIRTHDAY, EDWARD-LOOK ABOVE ;)

I just got this awesome idea and so I had to wait till June 20th to post it, but still, this was so cool to write!! I’m really excited.Disclaimer- I’m just not Stephenie Meyer, sadly. It’s kinda self explanatory.

1. Today...

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I was lying on my black leather couch once again, board out of my wits.

I was also waiting for that moment when I would be turning……I couldn’t face the number. I will just leave it as when my birthday will be.

I glanced over at the digital alarm clock at the right sitting on the music shelf.

To entertain myself I did a count down, “10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.” Then the numbers of the alarm clock turned to 12:00am. It was now June 20th and I was now……well…..a year older.

I sighed; even though I didn’t change physically I changed all the same. I have now been on this earth for, I sighed again. I will just have to face the number. I have now been on this earth for 106 years; I winced- 106 years of me taking up mass on this earth with my poor excuse of a life.

Anytime my family will burst through my door and try and make me cheery for today-I could never be cheery today.

Today was the day that I have always dreaded-especially since I met my angel, Bella. Being around 84 years older than her was horrible-it didn’t seem to bother her though, and for that I am great full.

I wonder if this is how a 50 year old man feels; thinking that he is way too old. I rolled my eyes at that though.

I looked at the clock again, 5 minutes past 12:00am. That’s odd, at least Alice would have come in by now.

I shook my head-I didn’t really care. I quickly got up and readjusted the volume on the CD player, making it blast so loud I couldn’t even hear my own self think-perfect.


I quickly sneaked into Bella’s bedroom through her window. It was 2 hours before she had to get up and I needed to think about something else other then my…Age. I shuddered. I now lay next to her.

I looked to her and smiled. There was my angel, sleeping soundly. She was perfect; the steady drum beat of her heart calmed me, and I soon forgot about my birthday.

All of my thoughts were about her. The way her heart beat, how peaceful she looked-it was as if she was the most beautiful thing in this entire world. She captivated me, like she had a resonating light. She was amazing. She was so warm; the sweet smell of her blood going through her veins was tantalizing.

I brushed my hand on her cheek bone. It seemed like she smiled a little. I smiled back.

To my dismay it had been two hours already. Her alarm clock beeped and I knew I had to leave soon.

She groaned as she turned the alarm clock off to stop its annoying beeping. She turned to look at me.

“Good morning, Edward.” She said with a grin.

“Good morning, angel.” I kissed the top of her head. “I will pick you up when you are ready, I have to get the Volvo though.” I reminded her.

“I know. And okay, I’m missing you already.” She joked.

I smiled what seemed to be her favorite smile. Her heart did a little flutter. She blushed and I waved goodbye as I climbed out of her window.


I pulled up to forks high school-my own living hell on earth.

I had just picked up Bella and I was meeting Alice for my first class. It seemed as though she was avoiding me, I haven’t seen her for quite some time. That was odd, really odd.

“May I escort you to your first class, Ms. Swan?” I joked as I opened her door. I bowed and held out my hand. She rolled her eyes, but took my hand anyway. Her hand was so warm, I wanted to never let go.

“Edward, you can stop the act.” She said looking up at me. I wrapped her arm around mine-walking as if we were in the 1900’s which I haven’t for quite some time.

“Fine, miss. Your wish, my command.” we now just held hands.

“That’s better.”

I chuckled as we made a stop. “I will see you after your Spanish class.” I said. I lightly kissed her cheek and turned to go to my first hour with Alice. Alice couldn’t avoid me now, I smiled evilly. Something was going on, I could feel it.

I walked in the class just as the bell rang, as I did every day. It always astonished the teacher. I got a kick out of it though. If I’m trapped in this torture chamber why not have a little fun?

Today though, I ignored all of the voices of people’s thoughts, all except for one. There was now a faint buzzing sound all around me.

“Alice.” I greeted her as I sat down next to her. I didn’t speak normally, I spoke so fast that human ears could not hear let alone comprehend what I was saying.

“Good morning Edward.” She thought.

“Why haven’t I seen you at all this morning?” I asked. We both looked straight ahead at the teacher-if only he knew.

“I have just been out and about, no real reason.” She ‘said.’

“I find that somewhat hard to believe.” I said back to her.

She shrugged. “Believe what you will.”

“I will do just so.”I looked deeper within her mind; there was nothing-but her annoying singing.“La la la la la la lalala la la la la la lalala” she ‘sang’. She only did that if she was trying to just torture me further, or trying to hide something. In this case I think it was a combination of both.

“Alice, stop that.” I warned her.

“Not-a-chance. Lalala” I couldn’t bear to hear any more.

Something was up, I had a fairly good idea that everyone was in on it (including Bella) and I was going to get to the bottom of it.

I contemplated that the whole day, even through lunch with Bella.

Then it dawned on me- BELLA! Bella was the weakest one when it comes to getting information. I could just, what was the word she put it as?? Right, ‘dazzle’ her and then I could figure out what was going on. I was just glad that she had no idea when my birthday was.


We were sitting over the kitchen table doing homework. Now was the perfect time.

“Bella, can I ask you a question?” I asked.

“Umm, okay. Sure Edward, ask away.” She said, a little too busy with her math homework.

I cupped her chin in my hand and made her look at me gently. She smiled.

“Do you know what Alice has planned?”I asked her. I smiled her favorite smile and blew my breath in her direction. She seemed a little dizzy.

“Well, umm.” She whispered.

“Yes?” I urged, moving in so our faces were almost touching.

“I do, actually. She…”

“She what, Bella?” I asked her.

She shook her head.

“Nope nope nope. I see what you are doing, she warned me about this. No no no, Edward Anthony mason Cullen, I am appalled.” She said.

I was a little confused that she knew my full name, and that my plan had back fired. “I’m sorry Bella. I behaved rudely-I have too much of an advantage. It’s just, Alice is planning something and nobody will tell me!” I complained.

“Don’t worry, you will find out sooner or later.” She promised.

“Sooner or later.” I muttered. She nodded and went back to her math homework.


I was so confused. It was around seven at night, and everyone just left me alone in the house. Alice at least left a note saying to put on a suite jacket, blue jeans, and a collared shirt. What the occasion was who knows?

After I was done getting dressed I quickly jelled my hair and grabbed my cell phone. To my surprise it started to ring. I looked at the caller Id- Bella.

I flipped the phone open.

“Bella?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s me. Edward, can you please meet me at the baseball field?” she asked me.

“Why? Is that where you are? How did you get there?”

“All will be explained in time. Please, Edward. Meet me there.” Then she hung up. I snapped the phone shut angrily. That’s where all of my family members must be. This was so idiotic-but I ran down the stairs and out the door anyway, towards the baseball field.

When I was starting to approach the baseball field it was dark and quite. But I could hear my family member’s thoughts. All were trying to think of something else other then what was planned. Some did what Alice did and sang-which was very annoying. But I couldn’t see anybody. I stopped when I reached the field. I could smell the most delicious smell there was- Bella.

So all were here. “I can tell you’re here, you know.” I said to the darkness.

“SURPRISE!!!!!!” they all shouted. Jasper turned Christmas lights and lanterns on-reveling a huge banner. It said, ‘Happy 106 Birthday, Edward!’ on it.

Damn, they didn’t forget, and now Bella knows. Why the heck did they have to put my age on the banner?

Now all their thoughts went loose. All were relieved that they could stop hiding this, and I was a little relived to know that the singing had ended.

“What’s all of this?” I asked them. There were tables set up, a dance floor, and a stereo that would be any DJ’s dream to have.

“It’s your Birthday party, silly. You didn’t think we all forgot, did you?” Alice asked me.

I rolled my eyes, “I was hoping.”

“We would never forget your birthday, Edward.”

I looked over to my angel, Bella. She was dressed in a lovely light blue dress that was a halter and went down to her knees. She was blushing.

“What do you think, Birthday boy?” she teased.

I walked over to her and put my arm around her waist. “It’s….wonderful. Thanks.”

She laughed and nodded. Alice turned some music on, and soon many of us were dancing.

It was a long night, what with all of the happy birthday greetings from family members, gifts, and dancing. But I did have a wonderful birthday.

I was now ready to face the number, I decided. 106. It wasn’t half bad. But just wait till I’m 107……….I shuddered…..