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A Change of Heart

This is set during New Moon, and Edward never came back. Bella finds herself questioning her feelings for Jake and trying to decide if she should take their relationship to the next level.

I don't own these characters obviously! But I do enjoy writing about them :)

4. Chapter 4-First Date

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When I awoke, the sun was shining through the curtains and I knew it must be morning. I guess the magical night had to end at some point. I turned over to look at my beautiful bed partner and to my dismay, he wasn’t there. My guess was that it was werewolf business. Still, I was sad that he hadn’t woken me up to say goodbye. I stood up groggily and somewhat stumbled to the door. I wandered down the hall to the bathroom. After I was done I put some toothpaste on my finger and brushed as best I could, ran my fingers through my hair and washed my face. My clothes from the night before were dry so I put them back on. I guess it was time to go back home. As I headed for the front door, the smell of bacon hit me. I peeked into the kitchen and saw Jacob..my Jacob, cooking! He had made pancakes, bacon and eggs. I smiled so big and he returned the sentiment when he saw me.

“Jake, you didn’t have to do this!” I beamed.

“Bells, you cook for me all the time and it was the least I could do after how happy you made me last night.” I blushed a little at that.

“Charlie called, and I told him that you’d be home after breakfast. I know I can’t hold you captive here forever.” I frowned as I realized I had to go back to reality now.

“But, I want you to be ready at 6pm because I’m coming to get you, and we’re going to go out on a date in Port Angeles. A real official, first date.” He said as came over to hug me. He went to kiss my forehead, but I tilted my head up so his lips met my mouth. He chuckled but heartily kissed me. My knees felt weak.

“I love you.” I said softly, and I meant it with all of my heart that was left.

“I love you so much.” He replied and kissed me again. We ate happily and kissed goodbye at my truck. As I drove back to Forks, I reveled in the memories of last night, and this morning, and the memories to come. For the first time in months, I felt truly happy. I pulled up to my house and practically skipped to the door.

“Hey Bells! I thought you weren’t ever comin’ back.” Charile greeted me when I came in the front door.

“Well you were the one who made me stay there last night!” I tried to sound put out, but the truth was, he had done me the biggest favor he could have ever done. “Have you had breakfast yet?” I asked him.

“Yep, had myself a bowl of cereal and some coffee. You know, I can feed myself just fine when you’re not around.” He insisted.

“Yeah I’d believe that more if the whole spam incident hadn’t happened.” We both laughed because he knew I was right, and I headed upstairs. I looked at the clock in my room and saw that is was only 10am. I had a whole 8 hours without Jacob. I tried to busy myself the best I could. I sat down and wrote that paper for English, but that only took me an hour. I checked my email and saw that my mom had written me so I replied. After straightening my room, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room, I figured that surely it was time for me to start getting ready. I glanced at the clock and it was only 2! I lay down on my bed and let myself drift into sleep for a bit.

I was somewhere deep in the forest. I felt scared, cold, and lost. It was dark and I could hear noises all around me. Suddenly I smelt something so sweet, something mouth watering, something I recognized all too well. Edward. He approached me slowly with a dazzling smile on his face. Then I felt warmth up against me. Jacob. He was holding me, protecting me from Edward. They each grabbed an arm and began to pull. They pulled harder and I thought they were going to rip me in two. Then they stopped, and they started fighting each other. I sat there helplessly, bawling and screaming for them to stop.

“Don’t hurt him!” I yelled.

That’s when I woke up. I pondered the dream for a moment, and I realized that I had yelled that at Edward. I didn’t want him to hurt Jacob. It was then that I realized, I really was over Edward. My subconscious had told me so. I wanted Jacob. Not Edward anymore. I was impressed with myself. I looked over at the clock and it said 4:30. I suppose I could start getting ready now. I wanted to look nice tonight, not the way that Jacob usually saw me. I took a shower, shaving my legs and conditioning my hair thoroughly. I blowed my hair dry, put lotion on, and wandered into my closet to find something to wear. I wanted to look nice, but not overly done up. So I opted for a dark blue strapless dress that came down just above my knees, that actually Alice had made me buy. It didn’t even hurt to think about the Cullens anymore..and it didn’t hurt to think of wearing a dress she had bought me in Edward’s favorite color on me. I had some flat, black dress sandals to wear with it. There was no way I was wearing heels, I’d be tripping over them all night. After dressing, I decided that I would attempt curling my hair. It was tricky, and I burned myself a lot, but the end result looked pretty good in my opinion. I sprayed some hairspray and then gently combed through the curls with my fingers, making them more like cascading waves. I wasn’t a big make up wearer, but I knew how to accentuate my eyes, and I decided to do just that. I took a light purple and put it on the area of my eyelids, and then took a bit of dark purple and put it in the crease. I then used a little bit of eyeliner and finished it off with mascara. I used a bit of pale pink blush, and clear gloss on my lips. I completed my look with some sliver dangly earrings, and a long silver necklace with a garnet stone on the end. It was blood red. Looking in the mirror, I was proud of my appearance. Alice would’ve been proud too. But I hoped I wasn’t overdressed. I once again looked at the clock and it was 5:55. Wow, it had taken me a long time. I grabbed my little evening clutch and was about to head downstairs when I heard the knock on the door. Jacob. I smiled.

“Hey Jake,” Charlie greeted. I caught a glimpse of him before he did me. He looked..amazing. Better than I had ever seen him. He was wearing khaki slacks that fit him perfectly, and a black button down dress shirt that hugged his muscles. His hair was combed and he had on shiny black dress shoes. I was pleased I hadn’t overdressed. We would look great together. I cleared my throat slightly as I made my way downstairs. He looked up and his mouth dropped open.

“Bella, you look...” he was suddenly very aware of Charlie staring at him. Jake cleared his throat. “Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.” Charlie just smiled and agreed. He had been rooting for me and Jake getting together, forever.

“Thank you, you clean up nice yourself.” I smiled and as I reached the last step, I tripped and fell forward into his arms. Dang it.

“Good thing I’ll always be here to catch you.” he whispered in my ear and I knew that it was the truth. “Also, the way you look tonight, makes me want to forget about the date and go find a hotel somewhere.” he said under his breath so Charlie couldn’t hear.

“We have plenty of time sweetheart, plenty of time for that.” I mimicked what he had said to me last night. He realized and he smiled deviously. We bid goodbye to Charlie and made our way out to his car. There would be plenty of time for..all of that.

Jake took me to a really nice Italian restaurant in Port Angeles. I was silently grateful that it wasn’t the same one that Edward and I had gone to. Even though I was sure of my feelings about Jacob, I still didn’t want to be reminded of the past. He was so gentlemanly the whole time. Pulling out my chair, standing up when I excused myself to the bathroom. I fell even more in love with him that night. We sat in our booth and talked and laughed for hours. We were so distracted that we didn’t even notice the wait staff putting chairs up on tables and cleaning the place. We figured we should leave then, and we did so, chuckling the whole way out. Even though our relationship had recently changed, he was still my best friend. He made me laugh like no one else, and he made me happy like no one else. I felt so content. He wrapped his arm around me as we walked to the car.

“That was a wonderful evening Jake, thank you so much.” I smiled brightly.

“It’s not over yet Bella.” he smiled a little deviously and started driving. I had no clue where we were going, but to be honest I was feeling a little sleepy. He had the windows slightly rolled down and the soothing sound of the night wind lulled me gently to sleep.

“Bells?” Jake whispered really softly. Almost as if he didn’t want to wake me up, but was hoping his whisper just might anyway. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him. He grinned and I sleepily smiled back.

“I’m so sorry I fell asleep! Did I ruin our date?” I was suddenly embarrassed for my sudden narcoleptic behavior.

“No Bella not at all. We’re here.” I looked out the window and it was beautiful. I could tell it was First Beach, but it was a part I had never been to before. The sand looked so white, the water so dark blue, and the moon was a perfect, silver circle in the sky. It reflected off of the water beautifully. I looked at him in awe. He leaned in to kiss me quickly, but I grabbed his hair and pulled him in for a longer kiss. His breath caught as I surprised him. I gently nibbled his lip and he moaned slightly, breaking the kiss.

“Come on you tease.” he chuckled, obviously a little heated. He got out and grabbed something from the back of his car, and then came around and opened my door for me. We gently grabbed my hand and led me to a spot on the sand that was surrounded by large boulders. He got a blanket out of the basket he had taken from the back. He spread it out and motioned for me to sit. He sat next to me and reached into the basket once more. He pulled out a bottle and two glasses.

“Jake what is that?” I inquired, knowing full well that we were both underage.

“It’s just sparkling cider.” I smiled at how sweet he was. “I don’t need alcohol when I’m around you Bella, you make me high enough already. Plus, I want to remember everything, every time I’m around you.” he said it sincerely. I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted him so badly. Not just his body, which I did want so much, but I wanted his heart, I wanted his soul, I wanted..all of him. He poured the cider and we drank them. It was delicious. Sweet and crisp. I was feeling brave, so I took the glass out of his hand, and set both of them aside. He smiled slightly not sure what I was doing. I pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him, he was already hard. I was only wearing a dress so his bulge was right up against my underwear, some fabric being the only thing between us. Wow. I leaned down and kissed him intensely, letting my tongue into his mouth, and his tongue into mine. As I did he ran his hands all over my back and let them rest on my ass. He gave it a squeeze and I sighed aloud.

“Bella, mmmm.” he couldn’t put together sentences, but neither could I, so I didn’t even try. I just moaned as my center rubbed against his hardness. With each rub, I could feel him get impossibly harder beneath me. I was out of control. I needed him so badly. I pushed his shirt up and he sat up and took it off.

“Jake, I want you.” I said completely seriously and the desire was evident in my voice.

“Baby, I want you too. But..are you sure you’re ready for this. We don’t have to do this. I would be perfectly content just kissing you forever Bella. Just being with you is enough for me.” I could tell from his eyes that he was telling the truth. He wasn’t just trying to be the bigger person, this was really how he felt. It made me want him even more. I stood up then. Worry seemed to crease his brow, but it was quickly replaced by a look of lust. I started to pull down my dress, and he tried to stand but I pushed him down gently with my foot. I wanted him to watch me for a minute, not touch me. I didn’t know where all of this brave, sexual behavior was coming from, but I decided to go with it. I took my dress all the way off and was standing in front of him in my bra and panties. He again tried to stand, but I shook my head no. He obliged but I could tell it was hard for him. I slowly took off my bra and then slid my panties down. I was completely naked. No one had seen me like this since I was born I’m pretty sure. His eyes were devouring me. His bottom lip quivered slightly.

“Now, you take your clothes off for me.” Seriously, was this me talking? It must’ve been something about that beach, because I would be blushing like mad normally. Maybe I was drunk off the apple cider. Although I knew that wasn’t possible. Maybe it was the moonlight. He looked at me a little shocked but he obliged.

“Bella, I want to touch you so badly. You’re about to see how hard I am for you.” He slid down his pants and his underwear, and his hard cock was released. It looked huge. He looked ready for me. I remembered last night, and how he didn’t get to finish. He had told me there was plenty of time for that kind of thing. That time would be now.

“Lay down.” I ordered. I felt so empowered. Not like me at all. But I liked it. He followed my command and was soon on his back.

“Now, this is going to sound strange but I want you to trust me ok?” he nodded in agreement. “I don’t want you to touch me until I tell you it’s alright. I’m not going to let something like last night happen again, where you are left unsatisfied. I’m going to make you feel amazing, just like you did with me. You deserve it Jacob, and I want nothing more than to make you come.” his eyes shot wide open at my honesty. He moaned slightly in anticipation. I leaned over him and began kissing his chest. Trailing kisses everywhere and darting my tongue out occasionally. He groaned in pleasure and that urged me on. I kissed down his stomach and began rubbing the inside of his thighs. I was going to touch everywhere except where he wanted me too.

“Bella...please...touch me.” he was begging, but I wasn’t ready for this to be over yet. I was kissing his hip bones now, mere inches from his throbbing cock. My fingers were also mere inches from it, massaging his upper thighs firmly. He bucked his hips up at me, trying to get me to pay attention to it, but I ignored his physical request. I rubbed my hands all over his stomach and his chest, as I kissed even closer to his hardness.

“Bella, this all feels so amazing, but if you don’t stop teasing me, I’m going to grab you and have my way with you...seriously..”he was panting. Even though I wanted him to have his way with me..there was something I wanted to do first. I finally gave him what he wanted and touched him. He groaned so loudly. I started stroking him up and down and then I added my mouth. I started with just the head, licking it with my tongue, and then I took him into my mouth, inch by inch. He was moving his head back and forth in pleasure. Moaning my name and squinting his eyes shut. Then he took me by complete surprise. He grabbed me and turned me around. He lifted me up until I was sitting over his face, and he began ravaging me. Licking my wetness with his warm tongues and plunging his fingers into me. It took me a minute to remember who I was and what I was doing it felt so good. Then I looked down, and I was facing his long cock, and so I resumed sucking it. Even though it was hard to do when I was receiving such intense pleasure from Jacob’s mouth. So this is what 69 was..hm..I was liking it more and more. We were both moaning, and licking, and sucking, and stroking and I suddenly felt the familiar tensing in my abdomen. My orgasm was building up again. I felt his shaft twitch in my mouth and I thought he might be close too. I was going to see and feel Jacob orgasm, and I couldn’t wait.

“Jake..mm...I’m going to...I’m gonna...” I couldn’t finish my sentence.

“I know baby, I’m going to come too.” as soon as he said it I exploded. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t want to stop stimulating him, so I just started moaning uncontrollably with him still in my mouth. The vibrations must have gotten to him because he suddenly became urgent.

“Bella move honey, move, I’m gonna come right now.”

“No! I want to taste you Jake. Come in my mouth. It’s okay.” I assured him, and resumed sucking.

“Are you sure? Ahh...I can’t hold it any longer...Bella are you ready? It’s coming...” with that I felt my mouth fill up with a warm, salty substance. It didn’t taste bad at all. I turned around and looked at him with it still in my mouth..he looked spent but also concerned.

“Just go spit it out sweetie, you don’t have to keep that in your mouth, I know it must be gross.” he looked embarrassed. But instead of doing as he said, I gulped. I swallowed every last drop of Jacob, and honestly, it did taste good, because it came from him. His eyes were huge and his mouth was open in shock.

“Bella..that was the...sexiest..and sweetest thing..I have ever seen.” he had a look of awe in his eyes.

“You taste amazing Jake.” It was the truth.

“Not as good as you.” He replied. I curled into his arms and he looked down at me with such love.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that was.” he proceeded. “What came over you? You were like a different person..but still you...I am amazed by you.” I just looked up at him and smiled, and softly kissed his lips. With that, I felt my eyelids become heavy with sleep.