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Love, Life, Gone

Love Life Gone What would happen if Bella died after giving birth to Renesmee. Would he go to Italy? What would happen to Renesmee? This story is somewhat happy, sad and tragic.


1. Chapter 1-End of Meaning

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Her body was suddenly went limp under Jacobs’ hands. Her breathing picked up and her heart continued to beat, but it was uneven. I still wanted to know if I had a chance to save her life.I then looked down at the baby. It was awfully warm. Even for a human. Bella was wrong. The baby she thought would be a boy was a girl.

“Renesmee.” I whispered.

“Give her to me.” She whispered. I gave her to Bella.

‘I should have known that he’d give her whatever Bella wanted. No matter how ridiculous.’ I heard Jacob think.

“Renes . . . mee. So . . . beautiful.” She cooed. Then she gasped. Renesmee had just bitten Bella.

“No, Renesmee.” I scolded. Then I heard the sound I’ve been dreading to hear. I heard absolutely nothing coming from Bella. Jacob started doing compressions. But it was too late. Jacob still kept doing compressions. I was furious. Bella’s dead and it’s my own fault. Just then Rosalie walked into the room.

“Edward give her to me before you decide to murder her.” I handed her to Rosalie. Every once and a while her heart started then soon after it would stop again.

“Well what are you waiting for leech?! Do that magical thing you do.” Jacob said.

“She’s already dead there’s nothing I can do.” I hissed. I started walking towards Carlisle’s office. Then stopped dead in my tracks.

‘Edward please I’m begging you don’t go running off to the Volturi. Renesmee needs a father to look after her. Don’t take that away from her. And Esme, it would kill her if went off and decide to commit suicide.’

It was Bella. I could finally hear her mind. Why now? She knows I can’t live without her. And now she was begging me not to go to Italy and stay here and be a father to Renesmee. I turned back around to were Bella’s lifeless body was lying. I walked into the room. I leaned over the bed.

“I will.” I whispered. Jacob looked up he looked confused. I could stay away from the Volturi, but I don’t think I could be a caring father to Renesmee. Rosalie and Emmett could take care of her. Rosalie always wanted a kid. Well, now she can have one. I kissed her on the forehead before me and Jacob left the room. We walked downstairs.

“Rosalie I need to talk to you.” She gave Renesmee to Esme. We walked into a distant hall.

“What is it Edward?”

“Rosalie, you can claim Renesmee as yours. I don’t want anything to do with her.”

“Oh thank you. I suppose you’re going to run off to Italy now.”

“No. I was able to read her mind just before she died. She told me to not run off to Italy.”

“Oh. Thank you again. But there is a slight problem. Has it ever occurred to you that she might actually find out you’re her real father?”

“We’ll worry about that when the time comes.” We both walked back into the living room.Esme gave Renesmee back to Rosalie. She came over and hugged me.

“I’m so sorry Edward. We all are here for you.” She kept comforting me for another hour. Carlisle cleared his throat.

“Edward we have to make the birth certificate.” I nodded and I followed him to his office. I had Renesmee in my arms. He did all the measurement and what not.

“Do you want you and Bella’s names on the certificate?” Carlisle asked me.

“No put Rosalie’s and Emmett’s.” I told him. I couldn’t tell if he was disappointed in me. He wrote down the names. Renesmee is officially Rosalie’s and Emmett’s.After Carlisle told me I could go I went straight upstairs to sulk in my room. I knew I would be like this forever unless by some miracle Bella is able to come back to life. I started to ponder that last thought. Maybe one of Alice’s friends could. No, I don’t want to get my hopes up.