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Scrap that...

These are small things that we thought about and did nothing with. They are small snippets of story or ideas that never made it to any final piece.This used to be called 'Snippets of what could have been?' but 'scrap that' seemed more appropriate. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. The out casts

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Alice's point of view. This is before she met Jasper. Here she is writing in a diary while she sat at the headcounter in the diner.

"I want a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will stay awake to watch you sleep. The boy who kisses you forehead. Who wants to show you off to the world. Who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you are pretty without makeup on. The one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you."

This is in Rosalies Point of View. Alice thought this was very like her, she has wrote Emmett a valentines Letter that tells him what she feels and likes basically.

"I want to be the girl who is known as your gorgeous girlfriend, the one who nobody forgets because i am yours. I want to be the girl; you can’t keep your eyes off. I want to be the girl you constantly have to remind yourself i am with you. I want everyone looking at me when we meet in the morning, afternoon and after school. I want to be the girl you can’t keep your lips off. I want to be the girl that you must fight to stay away from during classes. I just want to be the girl that gets to spend the rest of her life with you."

This is in Jaspers Point of view, this is him thimking about his life up until he met Alice,

"I feel the pain of the victim between my teeth as i drain the life from them. I know the last expression on their face before they die; i know the last statement they make before I astound them. I always knew one day that it would be too much for me. I knew that the torture i went through with Maria was something i will never completely forget. The pain she caused Peter and i. The ‘reward’ she thought that made everything better. It only made it worse. The thought that ran constantly through my head, as I would guard the ones destined to be killed was, ‘If i ran now, where would i go?’ The only time i thought about answering that reoccurring question was when i decided to take off, with other vampires wanting the same thing i was.

I will never forget that night. The night my life was run by me and only me. The thrill that shot through my deadbeat veins, the thoughts and hopes that swirled in my head was exhilarating. Peter always made sure that some form of protection blinded every newborn. He never told me how he did it. We walked for a few days and nights. Peter and Charlotte were going to live a new life in New Orleans. I decided i was going to keep wandering, find somewhere and someone that wanted me. Before i thought my life had begun, but when i walked into the ‘diner’ on the side of a road, i then saw my little bundle of joy sitting on the stool at the headcounter. She looked over at me when i entered, and the biggest smile lit up the diner. She was perfect in every way."

This is a Leah and Sam situation. this is from Leahs point of view once Sam has left.

"When you love somebody dearly;

When you love somebody dearly; You have to let go.

When you love somebody dearly; You have given them the chance to break you.

When you love somebody dearly; You have taken the walls of protection away from what you hid behind.

When you love somebody dearly; You have no choice but to fall when it goes wrong.

When you love somebody dearly; You cannot help but feel trapped.

When you love somebody dearly; You are easily disappointed.

When you love somebody dearly; You are blinded by the stupidity you fell for."

This is Carlisle's point of view when he first met Esme in the hospital...

The screaming, the pain that soaked through the hospital walls every day, was painful even to the doctors. As i strode to one of my patients at the end of the hall, i passed a dorm where most screaming came from, the female had Anaphylaxis, and she was suffering a lot from the cramps in her abdomen. She was only at the young age of nineteen. As i walked past, the father came out with tears welling in his eyes. I thought about the pain that had struck my son when i changed him, the screaming and the burning sensation that soared through him. I had never seen someone other than him in so much searing pain. I also had the fear of treating people with the possibility of living that is why many of the doctors chose to do it instead, so i chose to treat patients that had the lowest of lowest chances in surviving. My patient right now was a young woman of twenty-six. She came in after plunging off the side of the cliff at night.

The people said that she had fallen, but then when i was able to talk to her and get a coherent word out of her, she told me that she had lost her first child and she could no longer live with herself. She also explained that she was married until she had enough of the abuse the husband gave her, that was part of the reason she jumped. I recognized her heartbeat when she was brought in. I treated her when she was sixteen years old after falling from the apple tree in her back yard; she broke her leg. That was when i was new to being a doctor and felt comfortable in treating minor accidents.

When she came in, battered and bruised, she literally lit up the hospital for me. She was even more beautiful than the last time; she had the beautiful brown hair that flowed without a flaw still. Her eyes were the perfect dark- green that reminded me of the forest, i lived near. Her skin may have been black and blue but i could still see the peach colour, which had the perfect glow of an angels. When she was brought in, she was put in the morgue straight away, because nobody believed that she could survive. I worked every day on her. Making sure that the first step was that she could speak and tell me the real reason she was in here. That i knew the reason was not that she fell, she looked too protective and careful to have such an accident.

This is another from Carlisle's point of view, but this time saving Rosalie.

The tremors of uncomfortable dying patients wracked through the hospital walls. I walked as quickly as possible out the main entrance, with a quick exchange with a day doctor beginning his shift. I managed to scuffle unseen to my car, a few blocks away. When i sat in my peaceful car. I threw my head back to the headrest and let out a long lasting sigh. As much as I loved working in the hospital, it is nice to have a break. As i recovered from my frantic ordeal, i purred my jaguar to life. As i drove through the still dark streets of Rochester, New York, i heard a high-pitched, teeth clenching scream come from around the corner it was then followed with four men’s boisterous laughing. I could tell that these men were intoxicated with alcohol. I parked the block away and slipped out my car to stand at the corner looking on to the event, i watched as another high pitch shrill came from the young lady sitting torn to pieces on the snow.

I waited for the intoxicated men to round the corner until i could no longer hear them. I went to see the young girl sitting limply with tears staining her perfect porcelain skin. Her clothes were strewn all over the snow around her. She lay limp against the lamppost, her body tilting to the left abit. I crouched in front of her and took her hand in mine; i could feel her heartbeat decreasing drastically and quickly. I lifted the body and ran back to my car; i put her in the passenger side, buckled her up then jumped in the other side and sped off around the roads as quickly as possible. Once i arrived home, i carried her up to the guest room. I called out for my wife and son’s help. I lay the body on the bed as i collected other instruments to bring her back. As i returned to the room with everything, i was met with incredulously pained expressions on my family’s face as they looked over the girl. I asked my son if he knew the girl, since she was roughly the same age looking at him. He looked at me and answered in a strangled voice,

“Rosalie Lillian Hale.”

This is Alice in the asylum. She thinks about her family mostly and her life.

I heard the screeches of the other patients reduced to this dark hole. I felt my body shiver every time; a shrill ran through the asylum, causing your teeth to chatter. As i lay on the airbed i had my knees close to my chin, many of my visions erupted uncontrollably over my eyes, i was blinded by the future. I saw snippets of a man’s face. I never saw a full picture; i saw things like his eyes and his hair, his shirt. Little things that i let my imagination run wild with as i sat on the bed. I thought about my family that downgraded me to a pit hole like this, they don’t even treat you properly here, they will slap you if you don’t nod your head, the will cut your wrists if you didn’t listen to a certain instruction. Thankfully, i have never done anything out of line to have such a severe punishment, but the boy next door has a punishment a day. He looks like he is self harming, but actually, it is the abusive volunteers that ‘try’ to help us. His family will not take him back because he looks like he is harming, he would be healed by now if it were not for these scumbags. I heard him scream last night; he never made a noise after that. However, i did hear him banging against his four walls, all through the night. I think he was called James.

Today, i never left my cell, i scribbled in my diary, thinking of ways to get out and live with Cynthia. As my pen danced across the diary pages, i described my vision of the man with the honey blond hair and the scorching red eyes, which shifted quickly and cleanly. I distinctly remembered my father’s face as these mongrels came and got me, he had disgust, disapproval and hatred playing all at once in his scornful eyes. He was an evil man that could not stand out, he sent me away because i claimed to be different. Awhile after i left, i was informed from a meeting with my mother, that he had left the house after hurting Cynthia. Mother, recalled that he slapped her and Cynthia, causing her to fall to the ground. It was about time that they saw the true colours of ‘the fantastic, perfect daddy.’ I saw through his facade, the day he told me i was nothing. He hurt me, but on the other had he made it clearer for me to hate him.

As i was coming to the end of my entry for the day, i heard three bangs on the steel door; i stood shoving my diary under my pillow. As the warden shoved a blue tray, with slithers of food that could not even fill up a rat. They never gave us a proper meal. I had estimated that i had lost three stone in the two months that i had stayed here. I looked at the tray and instantly lost my appetite. I pushed the tray back to the door and curled up on the mattress, wit my back to the door, i felt tears slid down my cheeks as i thought about the life i wanted; happiness, someone who would love me for who i am, people that are normal and want to be my friend. I wanted out of here and fast.

This is Seth's point of view, on when his father took the heart attack.

I knealt down next to the shaking figure of my father. i heard my mother panically cry into the phone, trying to get an ambulance. i knew Leah was sitting on the other side of my father crying into his hand.

"Dad, Please..." i didn't know how to say it.

"Wait for me... please."

A song that represents this situation the chorus from "When i am gone- Eminem"

And when i am gone, just carry on, don't mourn.

rejoice everytime you hear the sound of my voice,

just know that i'm looking down on you smiling and

i didn't feel a thing, so baby don't feel no pain just smile back...

This is an idea on how it would be like to hunt. can you think who it might be? Since i am Alice... *hint hint*

Anger. Concentration. Fear. Thirst. Desperation. Emotions shot through his mind as he stalked the blood bank ahead of him. It was oblivious to the fact that it could be dead in the next thirty seconds. He crouched behind a rose bush; he watched the movements the animal did. He was trying to tame the monster inside himself as he tormented the animal. The elk was gracefully lapping up the water from the pond. It was slapping his tongue against the water so loudly, but to him it sounded like it was crashing symbols in his ears. He purposefully blocked out every noise but the blood pulsing through its weak, delicious veins. His legs kept pushing him forward, but he insisted that they stopped as the animals ears pricked at the sound of a fallen leaf. Its head rose from the water, and looked around. Thankfully it did not spot him crouched behind the bush, he slowly and silently approached the inattentive animal. His hands rose from the ground as he got closer and closer, the heartbeat got louder and louder, causing him to dribble slightly, he continued to walk closer and closer to the animal, until the point where he had his hands hovering over its neck, being able to feel the pulse under his palms. The animals head shot up and sprinted forward.

He was left standing with the burning thirst that scorched his throat and the rest of his body. He looked around to see that he was alone, so he quickly sprinted around in search of another, blind animal that he could feed on. As he ran, he could hear a flurry of heartbeats getting louder and louder, he turned to the direction to see three mountain lions bathing in the sunny spot of the woods. His dead heart began to ache. His throat was burning and craving madly now. He looked to see that the closest one was only a child, easy enough to feed on. He stalked them getting closer and closer as he went; the blood was practically pulsing his name, Emmett, Emmett, Emmett.

He smiled at the thought of being so close to his meal, his lifesaver. The mother lion rose and turned her back to the child, which was still asleep, perfect opportunity. He swiped at the baby, pulling it up a nearby tree, holding its weak jaws shut; he placed his mouth over the thick pulse in its neck. He let his teeth sink into it, feeling the heat and quantity was overwhelming as he drank from the now limp body, he blocked out the mother and father at the bottom of the tree, crying up at him. He looked over at them when he dropped the body for them and laughed. He jumped across the next bunch of trees as he left the lions. The burning sensation had calmed it slightly, enough for him to wait for Rosalie. Therefore, they could go out to Mt. Rainier next weekend. He listened to the lions mourning and sniggered. They could still have babies get over it! He thought as he reached the Cullen Mansion.

Yeah, you guessed it; Emmett! yay!! review and tell us your guess...

This is Sue Clearwater's point of view on Leah and Sam breaking up and the effect it had on Seth too...

“SAM! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN, YOU UGLY PIG!!!” shouted Leah from the front door before banging it closed and stomping up the stairs, no doubt to her bedroom. I looked at my husband; Harry who was still watching the door, from which Leah never came through.

“You or me?” was all he said.

“Both. It sounded bad this time.” We both, got up from the seats in the living room, and walked up the stairs. Leah’s room was on the left of the stairs, while Seth and ours were on the right. We walked to Leah’s bedroom to see the door ajar. We could faintly hear her sobs along with comforting words from her ten-year-old brother, Seth. We walked in further to see them sitting together against her bed, his arm was around his big sister, he was telling her, ‘he was a jerk,’ ‘he never deserved a great person like you.’ He was holding her and rocking her. She was not crying; she was more sobbing.

“Seth, can mom and dad take over now, sweetheart?” i asked him, when they looked up at us in the doorway. He nodded and gave Leah a kiss on her cheek as he got up and walked to his bedroom to continue with whatever he was doing. Harry and i took his place on either side of our baby girl.

“Lee. What happened?” Harry asked, as he held her in a tight embrace, as i rubbed her leg. She did not answer until her sobbing nearly ended.

“He doesn’t love me anymore; he said that he had fallen in love with EMILY! Of all the girls, it had to be her!” she said into her father’s chest. Emily had stolen Sam from her; she knew they were going out since they were eleven. She is now seventeen.

“Lee. He just needed Emily to know that he was not worthy enough for you. He was never the greatest boyfriend was he?” Harry asked her, as she sat up. She shook her head as she leaned against him. She and her dad were so close, nothing could separate them. They sat together for hours talking. I decided i should go and see Seth.

I walked through to his bedroom to find him at his desk drawing. I looked over his shoulder, it was of a wolf, and he looked up at me with sadness in his eyes.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” i said, lifting him so i was on the chair and he was on my lap.

“Sam is a real jerk. I hate seeing Lee upset. I hate it mom.” He said leaning against me. I never knew he looked up at Leah with so much affection and protection. I just kissed him on the head. As he leant away to continue his drawing.

“Lee, will be just fine. She will find another boy that will love her more than Sam ever dreamt of.” I said trying to comfort Seth and myself at the thought. I watched him draw with great perfection and detail. I could hear giggles coming down the hall from Leah’s bedroom that meant that Harry had cheered her up. This made me smile.

This is from an onlooker, of Peter and jasper watching the Newborns. it gives alot of description of what it is like in the cells they have to stay in. And the emotions of them both.

“Charlene?” peter asked one of the newborns. She had long blonde hair and used to have big green eyes, now they are a crimson red that portrayed nothing other than pure lust for blood.

“Yes? Sir?” she answered in her small, unhappy voice. She looked up at him with wondrous eyes.

“You don’t know where jasper Whitlock is? Is he feeding?” he asked her with his long soothing voice that fitted perfectly with his complexion. His hair was a soft blonde that shone many colours when in the sun, (but so did his skin). His eyes showed care and humanity but the mostly portrayed lust for blood. He had a gentle charisma about him; he let off ease and security to the newborns once Jasper left. Many of the newborns looked up to Peter, whenever they were scared or when Jasper is not there for comfort. Right now, only a few newborns had survived the change. Jasper was away feeding and Peter was with the limited amount of happy newborns.

“Sir, he didn’t say where he was going but he did leave more than an hour ago.” She answered playing with a bit of string that came from the old curtains in her cell. The cell was dark all the time. It had grey walls that felt like they moved in. There was nothing but a bed, wardrobe with limited clothes, there was a small light that shone a dim light in the corner. There was a sink, old and falling off the wall. Peter always felt very selfish that he was able to live in the main house with Maria and Jasper.

“Peter? You need to talk to me?” he heard the easily recognisable voice of the other master. Peter turned on his heel to face the man of the voice. He eyes met with the middle of Jaspers throat. He looked up to see Jasper, staring down with crimson eyes. He had obviously just fed.

Once he spoke of the dreaded Vampire that should never be spoken in the hearing of the newborns, Peter could feel a wave of confusion washing through him, but also a wave of tension mingled in it.

Jasper, Maria is trying to get more. She wants you at the main house as quick as possible.” He gave Jasper a defeated smirk. He was well aware of Charlene behind him.

Jasper breathed a heavy sigh, turned on his foot, and left through the cell door. Peter quickly followed saying goodbye to Charlene who was sitting on her bed. He followed Jaspers scent that lead to the room, they stayed in during the days of watching and listening to the painful cries from children not yet old enough to sustain the pain and power of a transformation. Sometimes when Peter sits and listens carefully he can hear a more definite cry; Charlottes.

He found it so difficult to stay away from her. Jasper always taught Peter to never get involved with then newborns, since they are only here to die in battle for Maria. Peter had done so well with that until he nursed Charlotte, a few weeks ago. He did as much as possible to help her cope with the searing pain that it caused. Jasper cottoned on with Peters emotions every time he helped with Charlotte. Jasper lectured Peter one night about all the wrong doings of getting involved; he did mention that the only girl we can love is Maria. He always found it difficult to say that, since it always was caught in the back of his throat. He truly never believed himself when he said that.

This is Jacob about Bella once she left. It is nothing big. Alice was bored and she was watching this couple (over from where she was sitting) break up and the guy looked really upset and it reminded her of Jacob and Bella in Eclipse.

She wandered.

She skipped.

She laughed.

She danced with me.

She loved me.

She left.

She has never come back.

She never will come back.

She stayed with him.

She loves him.

She did love me.

She told me so...

This will be 'Family portrait' a story we wrote but found it did no good as a story, so we brought it here!

Chapter 1 Cynthia Point of View. Chicago, 1899

The hallway was dark; i could hear the smacks that were given to my mother, the shouting shook through the house. He was insulting her, telling her she was nothing, a waste of life and space. A ridiculous mother. I was leaning against the wall, muffling the sobs into my jumper sleeve. I hated nights, every night i would sit in bed and cry into my pillow as i listened to my mother sobbing in the room next to mine. Father would go back out and drink more. Every night he would come and beat as much out of my mother, she took all the beatings even for me and for Alice when she was here.

I missed her terribly, she was my rock that i could trust and find comfort in, whenever this got too much, i would cry on her shoulder, before he came back. Alice was not scared of father, she would dodge him and she would do as much damage as possible, once she knocked him out with one of the enormous steel ornaments. That was when she was sent away also because she could see into the future father found this infuriating, and used it as another excuse to get rid of the fighter. I was lost without her; i have tried to run from the home, but was always caught by my father and received a slap over the head, sometimes worse. I tried many times to stand in the way and make my father see what he was doing to us as a family; he was picking us apart one by one, painfully and darkly. His eyes were glazed when he thudded mother. Her face was cut, bruises from last nights, once he hurt her so bad she nearly died. I could not take it any longer; i grabbed a duffel bag from Alice’s bed. I stuffed a few items of clothing in it and launched myself off the top of the window. The last noise i heard was my mother crying aloud and the slap that she received across the mouth. My first step was to go to the police, put him in jail for the pain and distress he has brought upon a household that would be happier without the drunken faggot of a father.

I stopped by the local police station and put in a statement, telling them that he was beating my mother right now. They dealt with it straight away; i decided to go back to the house and pack things of my mothers and Alice’s and then get her so we could flee from the pain. When i returned to the house, i ran straight to my mother, who was crouched at the door, crying into her arm. I knelt down next to her and embraced her gently.

“Mother? We will get through this, you, Alice and me. We are going to get Alice. And we will start a new life in a place far from here. OK. Please be strong for me. I need you to be strong for us.” I could feel my voice breaking towards the end; i was partially trying to convince myself. I set the bag with our stuff down next to her; i raided one of the drawers looking for the slip that could release Alice. I then searched for passports so we could escape.

All of a sudden; i saw nothing, everything went silent. I could hear the muffled sobs coming from my mother in the corner. I turned to see that Father had gone. He no longer, stayed here. A smile crossed my face as i rushed back to mother,

“Mother! He is gone! We are OK! Come on, we are getting out of here. Take that bag and i will see you outside.” She grabbed the bag and ran to the door, still crying. I grabbed the slip and the passports and ran out to meet my mother sobbing.

“We are going to the asylum. I want my sister back. Sign this slip, it will release her.” I handed her the slip and we made our way to the Asylum.

Chapter 2 Alice Point of view.

The three harsh bangs against my door were early causing me to jump slightly. I stood as the warden walked in.

“Brandon, you have been released. Your mother has come to collect you. Pack your things and walk that way.” He pointed to the left and the door that was leading to the visiting centre.

I gathered my clothes and my diary and walked straight to the door. Many thoughts coursed through my mind, why all the sudden release. Where was father? Had they finished him? I finally reached the door; my eyes were set straight ahead when i suddenly felt the sudden embrace of my younger sister. My eyes suddenly welled up with moisture that over flowed instantly. It had been three months and i had never felt so close to my little sister right now. I saw my mother standing behind us, she looked awful, and she had a black eye with cuts and bruises all over her face. Him.

“Cyn, why have i been released?” i asked her pulling away, but keeping my arms around her.

“Father is now away. We will never see him again hopefully. I decided mother had had enough, so plucked up the courage to go to the police. He was arrested just earlier, so we are now going and getting out of here so we came and collected you.” She told me. I nodded as i walked over to mother and embraced her in a careful hug.

“I have missed you so much, mother. I love you so much.” I said in a strangled voice. I had to convince myself more, i thought. She took my hand and Cynthia’s and we walked out of the dreaded place for good.

“Girls, where do you want to go now?” we pondered the question mother had asked us.

“Biloxi, Mississippi.” We both said, we laughed at the thought that we both want to go there.

“Ok, Biloxi it is.” We set off to reach our new live, which was within reaching distance. We were going to grab the opportunity while we can