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One of the many poems that I have of Bella when Edward leaves her.

disclaimer. Stephenie Meyer owns it all

1. Chapter 1

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When you said those words to me-

That us what started this hole.

It is what started, and what ended

Many things in my life

Every time I think of you,

It digs a deeper hole

A hole in my chest-my heart

Deeper and deeper it goes

Bigger, burning, aching, digging


And deeper

The pain starts from my heart

It makes its way to the tip of my toes

To the top of my head

And then back down again

The hole burns-



Until what I think might

Be the end of my heart, my life

There is no point any more-

And so that is why, my dear Edward

I lean and fall-

Plunging myself into an eternity of darkness.