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Instead of edward leaving bella three days after the accident... she left istead All she wanted was to be perfect...she didn't want to stand beside him looking like a fool She tricked edward but she was tricked by fate instead (wait is that Bella engaged?) who is she engaged to? will they end up together in the end??? Don't know...

DISCLAIMER: i made this stry but sadly i don't own any twilight characters this story will make your jaw drop...i wish!

1. Chapter 1

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I never thought of leaving Edward. He was too perfect. The velvet voice, the bronze hair, the golden eyes, everything was too perfect. All I wanted was to be as perfect as him. And that is what I did, I left him.

It killed me to tell him that I do not love him anymore. I could see his face frowning from every word I said. It killed me to leave him, but that was the problem, I am not perfect. I looked out the plane window and tried to fight the images flowing through my head.


I sat on my bed thinking. What I will tell him. Tonight was the night, I will tell him goodbye. He went through my window and smiled at me, I always thought of backing out. I smiled back at him.

You should be sleeping,” he said.

Well, I have something to tell you.” I patted the space beside me, and waited for him to sit down.

What is it?” he asked.

I have been thinking about this for the past two weeks, when the university in Paris accepted me. I want to go there. I have enough money for everything,” I told him\.

Well, I can go with you, I will tell Carlisle if we can move to Paris,” he said willingly.

You don’t get it, I want...,” I hesitated. I cannot look into those perfect gold eyes.

Go on,” he said.

I want to go there alone,” I blurted out. I dared to look at his face. Everything was still perfect even though he was shocked. I took the time by packing.

I took out my suitcase, which was under my bed. I went to my dresser and took out as much clothes that I could carry. Something stopped me. I already know who it was, two cold iron arms wrapped around me. He kissed every part of me, my forehead, my nose, my cheeks, and my lip. I tried to pull away, but he was too strong. I tried not to kiss him back. He deepened the kiss by hugging me tighter. I just stood there, still holding a bundle of clothes. “Edward…,” I said as he pulled away.

Do you still want to leave?” he asked.

Yes, now get out of my way,” I told him. But his arms are still around me.

No, you are not leaving me Bella,” he told me, hugging me tighter.

I know you love me, so please do not leave me,” he continued.

No Edward, I do not love you anymore,” the words were burning as it passed by my throat. “I am sorry edward, but I have to pack. My flight is tomorrow,” he let go of me.

Yes you do, i know you are lying. Bella I love you, with all my heart how can you not see that. Is this about your birthday party? Well if it is, I am sorry.” He said. His face was already broken.

Edward you have to leave…please,” I told him, as I continued packing.

Well, can I at least stay over the night and leave the next morning,” he asked. All I did was nod trying to look busy packing.

End of Flashback

That was the last time I saw him. When I woke up the next morning, he was gone. I got into the wrong plane to confuse him; I was not going to Paris. I am going to Athens.


Bella! Oh my Bella, why did you leave me? I wanted to scream everything out. I sob drylessly in my room.

“She moved on Edward, she does not love you anymore,” Someone said.

“No, she still loves me I can tell,” I screamed.

I heard Alice’s light footsteps to my room. “Can I come in Edward?” she asked.

“Go away Alice, I do not have time to talk to you,” I said. I am to busy thinking about Bella, I wanted to add.

“Well you can’t stay there forever. Plus, everyone is worried about you,” I thought about Esme, her sweet face turning melancholy.

“I don’t care, go away,” I screamed. I heard Alice sigh and walk away. Fine Edward, but I am sorry, she thought.

I looked out the window. I saw a nest with two birds snuggling together happily. I thought on what Bella and I could be doing. Bella, I miss her so much. Why did I let her go last night? I stood up and took Bella’s sweater from the hook on my door. I stole it from her when she was peacefully sleeping. I smelled it and it was perfect, but not enough. I need her.

I am going to find her. I will take her back and make her love me all over again. I am going to Paris.


I was so sorry for Edward. How can Bella do this? She loved Edward. Everybody thought they were the best couple. But Bella ruined it. Edward had a lot of dreams; he was planning to propose to Bella next week! I could see their perfect future. Until the last 2 weeks. There was something covering their future. Bella not being with Edward and Edward staying in his room, moping. I never saw what caused it.


I was cleaning out the vases and putting in new flowers. I heard Edward come through the door.

“Hi Edward!” I greeted him cheerfully. I was smiling at him until I saw his face. Moping, just like my vision.

“How can you not see this coming Alice?” he screamed. But the sadness was still in his eyes.

What is it Edward?” I asked, confused.

“Oh come on, like you do not know. Are you trying to be stupid?” he shouted.

“No, and I did not see anything,” I screeched.

“So can you please tell me?” I asked.

“Bella…,” he stopped. Edward was already on the floor, holding his body together.

“What Edward, what happened to Bella,” I asked.

“She…she is gone,” he said. He was already crying. I have never seen Edward like this.

End of Flashback

I was walking back to my room, when images hit me.

It was Edward on a plane, going to Paris.