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Instead of edward leaving bella three days after the accident... she left istead All she wanted was to be perfect...she didn't want to stand beside him looking like a fool She tricked edward but she was tricked by fate instead (wait is that Bella engaged?) who is she engaged to? will they end up together in the end??? Don't know...

DISCLAIMER: i made this stry but sadly i don't own any twilight characters this story will make your jaw drop...i wish!

2. Chapter 2

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I can’t believe it; I am in Athens, Greece. This was the first time I rode an international plane. The ride was really boring. The whole time I tried to get over him. I don’t even want to hear his name. He is gone in my life. No more Edward.

After I went out the airport, I ran straight to the line of cabs. “Apartment Ville, please,” I told the cad driver.

I looked out the window and everything was perfect. I was in Athens and now all I need is to be the most intelligent woman on earth. That was my plan, for everyone to see that I am perfect before I go back to Edward’s arms.

After the long drive I paid the cab driver and went out the cab. I saw the brown sign saying APARTMENT VILLE. I went to the building that says front office. I opened the door and went in. Inside was so warm. There was a medium sized red sofa to the side with a coffee table. The front different than I thought; There was a big desk covering the other side of the office. There are about four booths and three people in there. The other person was working on something on the table. I went to her and tried to smile from all the crying.

“Hello,” I said. She looked up startled.

“Hello, um…can I help you?”

“Yes I made a reservation here and I was wondering if I can go to my apartment early,” I asked.

“Oh sure, name please,” she asked.

“Kristine Lyons,” I said. I changed my name so there are no tracks left from Isabella Swan.

“Well Ms. Lyons, you are lucky that the family living in the apartment left early,” she said happily.

“Here is your key, and your apartment number is A107,” she continued.

“Thank you,” I smiled and got the key from her hand, still holding my suitcase. I walked out of the office and looked at the four buildings.

It was easy to find my room because there was a big A or letter on each building. I went straight to the building A. I am really lucky today, because I do not have to climb those long stairs. My room was just at the first part of the building. I opened the door with my key. I went straight to my room, put my suitcase down and lay on the naked bed, and went to sleep.


My feet were tired form running. I am running to the sunlight at the end of the forest. I tripped many times but ignored the wounds on my knee. I wanted to know if Edward was there.

When I reached the end of the forest, I saw what I wanted to see, my angel. He was standing straight, arms out, his skin glowing like a thousand diamonds from the sun. Then I started running, like my feet are in control not me. When he heard me coming his eyes snapped open, he looked at me for about a second and then he started running. He was not running to me, he was running away from me.

“Edward!” I screamed. He did not even look back. He just ran away. “Edward…I love you,” I continued screaming his name until I could hear myself scream his perfect name.


I woke up breathlessly. I was imagining myself in my room beside Edward. “Stop thinking about him,” I screamed to myself. “You are not for him Bella, you are not perfect.”

To distract myself, I started unpacking. The apartment was already furnished, and I already had a discount because I was going to American university of Athens. All of the professors are Americans; the best part is I only have to pay $1,500 per semester.

Everything is going smoothly. I hope my first day will be very good, maybe or maybe not.


“Edward…,” Alice said as I was walking down the hall.

“Not now Alice,” I was to busy thinking how to win Bella back.

“But Edward,” I could still hear her even though I was already in the car.

“Bye Alice,” I muttered to myself.

The drive to Seattle was not that long. I got into the plane and thought on what I will say to Bella.

When I got to Italy I already know what I am going to do. First, I stole a car. Then, I went to each university I find, except near Volterra. When I was in the last university I prayed really that Bella is here.

I went up to the lady in the front desk. Her hair was white. She was big for her size and she was wearing some kind of suit.

“Excuse me,” she looked up startled.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“I am looking for Isabella Swan; I was supposed to meet her in school tomorrow.”

“Let me see…I’m sorry but there is no Isabella Swan in this school.”

I can’t believe it. Where is Bella? I’m guessing she is hiding from me. But, I will never give up. I will stay here in Italy until I find her. I tried to find a place to stay in, to be human, and I found Landscape Tower. It was already near Volterra, I wouldn’t really care, like their looking for me.

I can never live normal without my Bella, my brand of heroine.

“Pish posh, she does not love you anymore, so stop thinking about her. Remember she told the she does not love you anymore?” Who keeps talking to me? The voice seems so familiar.

“Trust me she does not love you anymore.” My favorite voice, she’s talking to me!


“Yes, Edward.” I looked around my condo if she really was here.

“I am only your conscience love. My body is not really here.”

“Where is she?” but the voice was gone, the most perfect voice ever.

After four years

I celebrated her birthdays alone.

Today was September 13, 2012. I am 111 years old, nothing changed of course. But Bella is already 22 years old. I think she already graduated. Does she still love me?

My whole four years I dedicated it on finding Bella. But there was no trace of her not even he scent.

“She is not here.” huh? What do you mean?

“She is not here, in Paris, but she is coming here. You just have to wait.”