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Instead of edward leaving bella three days after the accident... she left istead All she wanted was to be perfect...she didn't want to stand beside him looking like a fool She tricked edward but she was tricked by fate instead (wait is that Bella engaged?) who is she engaged to? will they end up together in the end??? Don't know...

DISCLAIMER: i made this stry but sadly i don't own any twilight characters this story will make your jaw drop...i wish!

4. Chapter 4

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“You must be Bella,” she said.

“Yes, I am Bella.” My voice! It was perfect. It’s like I swallowed a whole orchestra down my throat.

“Who are you? And why do you know me?” I asked.

“My name is Jane. And everyone in this palace knows you. It’s because of your lover, Edward.”

“What do you want?” I asked through my clenched teeth.

“I’m just waiting for you and your friend here to wake up and bring to Aro,” she smiled.

I looked at Sophia and saw her looking around the room.

“Where am I?” she mumbled.

“Sophia, it’s ok. Remember what Aro told you. You’re a vampire.” As I said those words her eyes widened.

“Kristine, I mean BELLA! Is that you!?”

“Let’s go,” Jane said, ignoring Sophia.

“Where are we going?” Sophia asked.

“Just come with me.”

As I walked down the hall I remembered what Edward told me when we were watching Romeo and Juliet, about Volterra and the Volturi.

We arrived in the big room with three thrones like chairs. Sitting there was Aro and other unfamiliar faces. Aro smiled as I entered the room. The smile was menacing. Like he wanted me that he was really happy on what I turned out. Then I started hearing voices. ‘She is beautiful, better than Heidi.’

Then images hit me. It was about Aro’s past, to present. I could hear everything, about Jane and about the other people in the room, Marcus and Caius. I cringed as I saw what Sophia was thinking and feeling during the transformation. I could read minds! But more powerful than Edward, like Aro’s but do not need physical contact.

Next thing I know I could feel different emotions, all kinds of emotions. I remembered how it felt when Jasper tried to calm me down. I can also control emotions?

“Bella,” he flashed a dazzling smile.

“Aro,” I said politely.

I remembered what Edward said, ‘You don’t irritate the Volturi… Not unless you want to die’.

Aro walked to me still smiling. Let me see what she got he thought. He held up his hand and I took it. I knew what he was doing. He was trying to see if he can read my mind when I am already one of them. I was confused as he was when he let go and seen nothing. The confusion waved to me from all over the room, except from Sophia. I looked at her and saw that she knows my powers. She identifies powers. You have shield Bella, and three more she thought. What shield? Then I saw in Sophia’s head how it works. I can keep it to myself of share it with someone.

Then Aro started walking to Sophia ready to shake her hand. I ran to Sophia and held her hand. I wished it would work. I didn’t want Aro to keep me and Sophia. Just keep on holding my hand Bella, because its working she thought. Aro took her hand and the same confusion went to his face. I tried not to laugh.

“Ah, Bella you are powerful than I thought. You have the power to stop me from reading your mind. You have shield,” he said brightly. How did he know?

He saw the confusion in my face and explained to me that one of the Denali clan, Eleazar, can figure out what a vampire’s ability is.

“So Bella, what are you planning to do since you are one of us now?” he asked.

“Well, I was planning to go see Edward” I answered happily. I missed Edward so much. Now that I am a vampire, I could be as perfect as him. I was startled when I heard Aro laugh.

I read his mind and saw what he was planning. I heard a growl building in my chest.

“Jane, can you please call Nicholas.” Jane answered with a nod.

As Nicholas entered, I thought I was going to be mad at him on agreeing on Aro’s crazy plan. But when I saw him I was stunned. He has the same bronze hair but combed differently. It was hard to describe him all I can say is that he is breath taking. He was dressed like he was about to traveling. But the most shocking thing was he has gold eyes.

He stopped in midstride when he saw me. I was confused because I heard nothing at all. But I saw his jaw drop as he laid his eyes on me. If I was a human I will be blushing like a ripe cherry right now. I never thought she was this beautiful he thought.

“Nicholas!” Aro greeted. Nicholas walked to Aro stealing glances at me.

“Bella, you might be wondering who this is. Well I found Nicholas in the woods while I was looking for you. He was hunting. As you can see from his eyes his diets are the same as your lover,” he explained.

“He agreed about my plan and I will make you a deal. Well it’s not really a deal because you have to follow it in exchange on you being a vampire. Because I heard you really wanted to be one, but Edward won’t let you,” he smiled.

“So here is the deal, marry Nicholas and never ever talk to Edward or even be friends with him.” Next thing I know Aro was on the floor.

Even though I already knew what Aro was planning, I still got mad when he said it. Everyone ran to Aro when they saw him on the floor. Except for Sophia, she stood beside me and held my hand. Bella control yourself, you are hurting Aro, she thought. I was doing that? Oh, my fourth power. When I was calm, I looked at Aro and tried to calm him too.

“Who is doing that?” Aro screamed. I wasn’t going to answer. I tried to make everyone confused, like Aro was saying some nonsense. Next thing I know everyone was staring at Aro with a confused look.

Aro stood up, walked to me, and slapped my face. It was all too fast. When Aro was going to slap my face again, he stopped when his hand was already touching my face.

“Aro, it is not right to hurt a beautiful woman,” Nicholas said. I held my gasp of shock...his voice...he had the same velvet-like sound but stronger.

“Well, you are right Nicholas. So Bella I hope you have a happy life with Nicholas. You can leave now, before I kill you and your friend myself,” Aro threatened.

Shockingly I followed what Aro said. Nicholas escorted me out. When I was out, the smell hit me. It was sweet and delicious. I forgot that I was a newborn, thirsty for a human. I was still holding Sophia’s hand and I could feel that she wants to run for it. But I calmed her down and thickened the shield around us. But the scent was still coming in.

Nicholas felt me stiffen from his hand on the small of my back. “Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe we should um, hunt, before you hunt here and go back in there again,” he chuckled.

We walked out, until there weren’t anymore people in sight. Then we ran to the woods, to have my first hunt, without Edward. I wanted to scream his name, until he could hear me. But maybe someone else would hear it.

“Bella?” Sophia asked. “Are you ok, because I think you should hunt before you see yourself with those eyes,” she explained.

I nodded. So I ran and the rush felt accelerating. The rush felt much better running than on Edward’s back. I stopped and inhaled the air.

“Do you need help?” I already heard Nicholas coming. He has very eerie emotions. Because it is mixed up with sadness, love, happiness and anger. I tried to calm him down but the calmness just keeps coming back to me. So it was also very eerie to be around him. “Um, sure I guess,” I answered.

There was also something different about Nicholas. I can only read what was going through his mind. So I do not know much about him. I wanted to ask him questions like; who really are you? Why did you agree with Aro? And what do you want? But I can’t, the questions were stuck in my throat.

“Ok, so all you have to do is close your eyes and use your senses. Can you hear those elks and deer by the meadow? How many do you think are there?” he asked.

“Five elks and two deer,” I answered.

“Good, now follow the scent.”

Then I ran. The scent of the elk and the deer did not smell good compared to the human’s. But I do not want to be a monster. I followed the scent and was led to a meadow. The exact meadow I dreamt about but I did not give any chances that Edward would be here. He probably found another girl that smelled better than me and he can probably read her mind. Then I smelled a scent, it smelled very familiar but I do not trust myself anymore. I just continued on my hunting.

I ran to the elk and wrestled it until it was on the ground. I sunk my teeth into its neck and sucked its blood. It tasted really good but not that good as the smell of human blood, but then again I do not want to be a monster. I was still thirsty so I did the same thing on another elk and another.

“Bella,” I was surprised when I heard Sophia’s voice. She was supposed to be hunting.

“What is it?”

“Well, Nicholas found a scent and he told me it was very familiar. So I thought it was Aro or one of the Volturi. But it was not, it was a scent from…Edward.”


Edward's POV

I was doing a weekly tradition, going to a meadow and just let it all out. But today I just want to listen on Bella’s voice. I was confused when she told me that she was coming. But it had been three days. I grew more impatient so I tried looking for her but there weren’t any luck.

As I was halfway to the meadow a scent flooded to my nose. It was impossible that the scent that I had been looking for, for four years is just here. But how did she get here? With elks? Then I heard her voice. But it was not the voice I had been hearing for four years, it was a kind of voice that I hear from someone’s thoughts.

Okay, that doesn’t as good as I thought, she thought. It is her, no second thoughts. I peeked just enough to see the most breathtaking, beautiful woman; she was feeding on an elk. A very familiar shade of hair was covering her face. But with my eyes I could see her face from the curtain of hair. And surprisingly it was really Bella.

“Edward,” someone said. I turned and saw a slightly familiar face. A face that I never seen since I was a human, which was a hundred years ago.

“I think you must go. She does not want to see you. She left you remember?” I flinched as I remembered her farewell.

I ran as fast as I can. The torture was still there. Half of me want to run away from her but half of me just want to go back, to kiss her and do everything I want. She’s already a vampire!

When I arrived in my condo I ran straight to my phone. I haven’t turned it on since I arrived. When it was on, it had around 600 missed calls and 150 messages. Everything was from Alice. When I was about to read her messages, my phone rang and of course it was Alice.

“Edward, I had been calling you for ages and I mean literally. Where are you?”

“In Paris,” I grumbled.

“Well you are in the wrong place finding Bella—,”

“I already found her. And it’s too late, she’s already a vampire,” I interrupted.


“Yup. She is now a breathtaking, beautiful vampire.”

“No, I mean why didn’t I see that. Oh wait, it’s because I’m too busy calling you for four stinkin’ years!” I listened to Alice’s complains. She told me all about this garbage about Emmett accidentally cutting Rosalie’s hair too short. All that time I was thinking about Bella, hearing her thoughts.

Then the other line was silent. I knew Alice was having a vision so I waited patiently.

“Edward! Where are you staying right now? Because if you are staying in Landsdale Tower, Bella is coming right about…now.” I hang up the phone and ran straight to the lobby. Then I was in front of her.

Her eyes were full of shock. No, no, no it can’t be Edward. Maybe I am dreaming, she thought.

“Bella,” I sighed.