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Instead of edward leaving bella three days after the accident... she left istead All she wanted was to be perfect...she didn't want to stand beside him looking like a fool She tricked edward but she was tricked by fate instead (wait is that Bella engaged?) who is she engaged to? will they end up together in the end??? Don't know...

DISCLAIMER: i made this stry but sadly i don't own any twilight characters this story will make your jaw drop...i wish!

5. Chapter 5

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“What!” I chocked out. I never thought a vampire could go into shock. I tried to use the calming for myself, but it won’t work. I can’t face Edward now! I have to follow what the Volturi said or the Cullens will die. I do not want my family to die!

“I am sorry Bella, but I heard the conversation too. It was really Edward.” Sophia filled me with images that she saw. It was really Edward but their conversation was too short. Nicholas just explained to Edward that I do not want him anymore so he ran away.

“Where is Nicholas?” I said through my teeth.

“Right here,” someone answered behind me. I turned to him and looked at him in fury. I quickly composed my face into an apologetic smile. I wasn’t supposed to react like this in front of him. What if he was reporting to the Volturi about my actions? “Why don’t we just go to a hotel so we can clean up ok?”

“Sure, why not?” he shrugged. I tried to ignore him but he was making it too hard. When I looked at him I saw that he was holding a luggage. I asked him what it was and he just said, “Something that we need.” So I just ignored it.

He picked a very beautiful hotel. It was called Landsdale Tower. But you can hardly see it when you pass by because it was squished between two commercial buildings. The sign was made with gold Italic colors. The entrance was a rotating door that you will only see in a very five star hotel. There were about twenty floors.

As we were walking to the front desk I was welcomed with an unsuspecting surprise. It was Edward! He was in front of me before I could take another step. Why is he here? “Bella,” he sighed.

Then I ran. I do not know what to do but to run away. I ran as fast as I could because I know that he will catch me. At least I got a head start. I ran until I arrived in Athens. I looked around and was happy that I was not followed.

I went to my apartment and was glad I hid the key under the mat. I went inside and started the shower. I took a shower and scrubbed my whole body, I put shampoo on my hair three times. When I was done I dried myself up and put on some clothes.

When I was about to go out, I could smell that someone was here, not just me. I knew who it was. I just have to face my fear. Why am I afraid?

I looked at myself in the mirror and was happy I was wearing a top with a very deep cleavage and booty shorts. I guess it was just a coincidence.

I walked out still bushing my hair trying to act normal. As I went out I could feel Edward’s happiness and love to me. “Can you please calm yourself down, it’s not everyday I will talk to you.”

Instead of hearing him say sorry he got off the bed and wrapped his arms around my waist. Good thing he can’t read my mind because I really missed him so much he just does not know. I still love him as I did before I left four years ago. He hugged me tighter, he chuckled, and said, “I love you too Bella, even though you left me four years ago.”

“I never stopped loving you,” I whispered. Next thing I know the best night that I had been hoping to happen happened.

We were laying down my bed that I would never sleep on. Edward was tracing my face trying to memorize it again.

“Edward, I am really, really sorry,” I said again. Every time he touches me the more vivid his memories were, and were added with his emotions with my other ability.

“Shh, you do not have to say sorry now at least you are here beside me. You never did tell me why you left?” he asked. I knew he was going to ask that. I waited for this moment to explain to him everything. As I was thinking I caught a glimpse in Edwards mind that he could also hear my mind. “Edward if you hear me kiss me anyway you want,” I thought. Edward was having second thoughts if he really wanted to spill his little secret. I stood up to go dress but was stopped by Edward’s arms around my waist. He twisted me around so we were face to face. Then, he kissed me, I still can’t get over that he kisses me differently now. I let go smiling trying to give him boundaries. I want to let him feel how it felt when I was human. “Nope, I won’t ever live like that again. I had been waiting for this day so come here,” he said. We kissed all day and never worry about time.

“You never did answer my question,” he asked after our nonstop kisses. “Because I was too distracted,” I thought. I was happy now that Edward can hear me and he won’t act all overprotective on me.

“Oh, I am still overprotective even thought your already a vampire,” he said out loud. He never thought that I could read his mind. “Edward, you do not have to say it out loud now because I can hear everything you are thinking since you were born, so why say it out loud if we can talk privately,” I thought. He smiled at me.

“So why did you leave?” he thought. Now I had to say this out loud. “I left because I wasn’t-,” before I could finish, we heard a loud crash in the front door. It sounded like someone broke down the door. The scent went all over the house, it was Nicholas. We hurried to dress up to meet Nicholas. We knew this was coming. The trouble was coming because of our reunion. I heard Edward growl as he heard Aro’s deal in my thoughts.

I also found out that Nicholas was Edward’s best friend and cousin when they were still human. But how did that happen? Everything was confusing.

Nicholas knocked down my door before I could open it. When I saw Nicholas I thought he would be in range, so I was ready to calm him down, but he was already calm. Edward and I were thinking about the same thing. He was smiling at us after staring at the door. Not the smile you will see in those movies that monster smile because they are ready to kill you but a ready smile. He laughed as he saw our confused face. I or Edward could read his mind his mind so we do not really know what he was thinking.

“Where is Sophia?” I asked. That was the first safe question that came into my mind and I was really worried about Sophia. Nicholas laughed again. It all happened too fast. First, I was holding Edward’s hand. Next thing I knew Nicholas was carrying me and we were running away. I tried to get off of him and get back to Edward, but his iron arms still beat my newborn strength. I do not know where he was taking me but I failed of even trying to get away.

We arrived in the forest, where there was a small house. He put me down on the bed and explained.

“Bella, I do not want you to be killed by the Volturi. So you have to stay here until they change their mind.” He also explained to me that he was a different vampire. He has the most powerful shield that anyone has ever seen. Aro wanted to keep him but he did not want to, so he had to agree with Aro about me and him. He did not want to do it. He told me that Sophia was in the other room with the door lock.

“He is going to find me,” I threatened. “He is stronger than you think.”

“But Bella, he won’t find us because there is no scent he could follow. Remember, you did not know that I was near until I broke down the door and let my scent out,” he explained.

I sat there for I do not know how long. I did not really care about hunting anymore. All I wanted was Edward. But the war is not done yet.

After 80 years

I finally went out of the room three weeks ago. I was so thirsty that I had to run out of the house and find the biggest bears.

When I went back to the house I was surprised that I saw a car and a luggage outside the house. Then Sophia went out and squealed, “We are going to Forks! Aren’t you so happy?”

“Yes, yes I am.”