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Instead of edward leaving bella three days after the accident... she left istead All she wanted was to be perfect...she didn't want to stand beside him looking like a fool She tricked edward but she was tricked by fate instead (wait is that Bella engaged?) who is she engaged to? will they end up together in the end??? Don't know...

DISCLAIMER: i made this stry but sadly i don't own any twilight characters this story will make your jaw drop...i wish!

6. Chapter 6

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“Shouldn’t we be using a plane to go to Forks?” I asked.

“Um, Bella we are already in Colorado, and I spent our plane tickets for our house in Forks. And I also want to drive,” Sophia answered. Colorado?! Wow, I never thought of that Sophia was back to her happy self again. She is always hyper now.

We drove to Forks in less than a day. We arrived in this house in Forks that I never knew existed. But everything was still green and wet. The house was all blue and had four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It did not really have any kitchen and toilets in the bathroom.

“Don’t you just love my design?” Sophia asked

“You did this? WOW. You really are good. When was this built?”

“Three weeks ago, me and Nicholas planned to go to Forks when you finally ran out of the house and went hunting,” Sophia answered

I went to my bedroom and was happy that I have a view to the mountains and a big door to the forest. I have a big bed that has black, white and red sheets and it was a California King Size bed. My wall was colored with black and red stripes. It was perfect.

“Bella, can you come down here? We have a surprise for you, actually for all of us,” Sophia called. I followed their scent and was led to the garage. I saw two Ferraris, one was red and the other was black but what caught my eye was a blue Volvo, it looked exactly like his but it was blue, a very dark blue.

“Surprise!” they shouted. Nicholas was now just my very nice brother and he did not ask for more, “And, we are going to school tomorrow,” Sophia continued. She was looking at my face for my reaction. She was expecting me to run away and hide again for 80 years but not this time. I smiled “But we are taking our own cars tomorrow,” and they sighed

I spent the whole night thinking, just thinking. “Bella! It’s time to go to school,” Sophia screamed. Then she showed me images on what to wear and what make up to put on. I sighed and dressed up. I was wearing a purple shirt that has a very deep cleavage; the only thing holding the two sides was a string tied together, a black mini skirt and a pair of purple 4 inch heels. Sophia just went overboard, but I do not really care. I got my keys from the island in the living room and ran to my car. Sophia was following me with her red Ferrari and so was Nicholas in his black Ferrari. I already knew the way so when I arrived in the parking lot I gasped as I saw a silver Volvo and the only parking space left was beside it. I gave up and parked beside it.

I went out of my car and was surprised that Sophia’s and Nicholas’ car was parked beside mine. “How?” I asked

“Nicolas did a really good job working out,” Sophia answered. I laughed and continued walking to the office, ignoring all the staring on the way. There was this one guy who was looking at me with his mouth open, and he was also drooling. Just to have fun I winked at him and he fainted! I heard Sophia and Nicholas laugh.

We arrived in the office and were greeted by a very sweet smell. I put on my shield and was surprised that I can’t smell anything. I walked to the lady in the front desk who was wearing a polka dot shirt.

“Um, hello we are the Lyons.” The lady looked up startled. It took her 5 seconds to restart her heart. Wasn’t there a bell on the door? She thought.

“The Lyons, welcome, your folders are over there,” she said pointing at the three folders. “And come back after class to give me back your slips.”

We walked out of the office with our folders. I was surprised by my classes;

English Mr. Livingston

Government Mr. Olivier

Trigonometry Ms. Hamilton

Spanish Ms. Ocampo


Biology 2 Mr. Branich

P.E. Coach Lawson

It was the same classes that I had 84 years ago. “Why do we have to go to high school even though we already finished college?” I asked. Because Bella, Sophia, and Nicholas Lyons didn’t, Sophia thought. I was the only one in junior classes while both of them are in senior classes.

I still had my shield up when I entered English. Mr. Livingston signed my sheet and told me to sit at the very end of the room. I figured out when I put my shield up I could not also hear any thoughts, any.

I turned around to my seat and saw….

Edward, it is really Edward. But why is he here? He is not supposed to be here. I was expecting him right, because of the silver Volvo beside my blue Volvo?

I got lost into those gold warm eyes. I found the empty seat that Mr. Livingston told me and it right beside him. What happened to the armchairs?

“Bella is there something wrong?” Mr. Livingston asked.

“No sir.” I walked to the table and sat down beside him. I layered more thickness in my shield as thick as I can. He can’t read my mind. He is not supposed to know what I did for the last 80 years.

The class was so slow. Mr. Livingston was telling us about an author named Nina Anderson who wrote a love story about a mortal who fell in love with a vampire. She wrote it 80 years ago and was now dead.

The class was finally finished. I gathered up all my things and walked swiftly out the door.

As I entered the next class, Government, I was hoping he won’t be in this class. The teacher wasn’t there yet so I sat down in the last seat at the back and waited. I was doodling on my notebook when I was surprised by a familiar voice, “Excuse me, you are on my seat.” I looked up and saw him. He was smiling like he saw what he had been looking for. Of course he had been looking for me.

“Sorry,” I mumbled knowing he would hear me. I walked to the front of the room waiting for the teacher. While I could sense Edward’s eyes boring on my back. My shield was still up and I have no choice but to put it up as long as I can.

The day passed until it was lunch. Every class was hell. I can’t concentrate because Edward was staring at me the whole time. And when it was time to go to the next class he followed me around like a puppy.

Lunch, It is going to be dreadful! As I entered the cafeteria I was surprised by hug. I looked down and saw Alice hugging me.

“Alice! Oh, I missed you so much!” The two of us were squealing so hard on the way to the table. I stopped when I caught a sight of him. I was ready to stand up but was stopped by Alice’s hand on my wrist. I looked down on the empty seat beside me and groaned. Where is Sophia when you need her?

I looked around the cafeteria and found Sophia and Nicholas sitting on a table for two. All you have to do Bella is smile and he would go away with frustration, I thought.

As I was expecting, he sat down at the empty seat beside me and suddenly took my hand. I looked back and forth from my hand to his face.

“Can you please keep your hands to yourself?” I hissed. I stood up and took both of my hands from Edward and Alice. I walked up to Nicholas and Sophia who was laughing on a private joke.

“Sophia, how was your classes?” I asked.

“Well, it was nice! How was yours?”

“Apparently, Edward was on my every class.”

“Speaking of Edward,” she pointed at him who was walking towards me.

“Bella, can we talk?” he asked. What should I say? No or yes?

He still loves me? I finally sighed and hugged him back. “I love you to Edward.” As I said those words he looked at me with pleading eyes. His face was only inches away from me, he was almost there until I let go. “What’s wrong love?” he asked. The name caught me off guard. I grimaced at my new nickname.

“I’m sorry Edward, even though I love you we can’t be together. I can’t let myself see you die because of me. I’m a curse. I have to follow everything Aro said or I will face consequences. Everyone I love will die, especially you. The Volturi will come and kill everybody. It was my entire fault. I do love you Edward but we are not meant together. We are not perfect for each other.” I flinched as I said the word that caused everything.

“Bella, can you please listen to me. I do not care about the Volturi. You do not have to follow Aro. I will never die but if I will die for you it will be the very last thing I will do. Can we just get back together? I missed you Bella. Alice begged the counselor to put you in my classes and I begged the teachers to let you sit with me. I am very sorry about that. All I wanted was just to be with you. I just want to fill the hole in my unbeating heart. Bella, I was broken hearted.” I tried to compose myself, trying not to give away my feelings. I took a deep unneeded breath and said the harshest words I could ever say. Well, I think it’s harsh but I do not know. “I’m sorry Edward, but I still need to follow Aro.” Then I ran. I do not like to see his face torn into pieces. I passed Edward’s Volvo and wasn’t planning to stop and wait for him to drive me back to school. I continued running until I arrived in the school parking lot. I went in my car and drove home.


Two weeks had passed, and everything is going smoothly. Edward and I hadn’t been talking. The day after we talked I begged all the teachers to let me sit far from Edward. Now, I am distracted anymore in my studies. Like, I need to know this stuff.

“We have to go shopping tomorrow!” Alice was planning that everyone, me, Sophia, Nicholas and the Cullens are going to the prom. The theme was masquerade. I just shrugged because dancing to me was now nothing. I actually take contemporary dance lessons.

No one knew that except Sophia and Alice. Rosalie is still trying to be my friend. But everything is going great. He tried talking to me but I warned him. I just tried to be a snob and it is fun!

He just thinks this is all a misunderstanding. He just does not know the whole story.

“Okay, because I need new shoes!” I love shopping now. I know it is impossible, but it is true. Alice’s face brightened. “Okay, I will bring my car at 10:00 tomorrow morning. I t will be all day. Dress nice and don’t forget to wear heels.” Alice kept on talking but I tuned her out.

Is this really all a misunderstanding? Do I really have to follow Aro? Do I want Edward to die? So many questions, no answer. If I go back to Edward he will die. If I follow Aro, I will be useless forever. Forever with Edward is what I need, not forever useless. But I do not want to hurt him. We can’t fight with the Volturi. Everyone will die. Everything will be my entire fault. Is that really the only choices I have? We can’t run away because Demetri will eventually find us.

I looked around trying to find Edward. He was on our seat. The seat we always sat when I was human. I grimaced when I found him out that he was alone, with his head down, and mourning. I listened and heard that he was crying, tearlessly. There was a lump on my throat and I can’t breath. I can’t believe it, this is my entire fault.

I looked away and tried to swallow the lump on my throat. I can’t see him like this. I have to make a choice, and fast. Do I have time left?

“Bella, it’s time to go.” Automatically I stood up and went to my next class.


I made this new website and was happy about it. I post everything I think about the day and my whole life story. The title is changed. It fits the story. I already have people looking at my site, random people.

I looked at all the comments and posted the new chapter until it was ten. I ran to my closet and found a very fitting shirt, a skirt, and ballet heels. If I was still human I will be dead right now with these shoes. I ran downstairs and found Sophia sitting on the couch, waiting for Alice. I sat beside her and waited patiently.

Finally, we heard the car down the street and the honk in front of our driveway. Sophia and walked out. I did not want to hurry, it’s just shopping! I finally arrived in the car with Sophia behind me. I opened the door and gasped on who was on the wheel. “What are you doing here?” I manage to choke out.