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Sunset, Sunrise

A Bella/Jasper fic Bella, Edward and Alice returns from Italy, but something's changed. Bella finds herself in a tricky situation: Her feelings towards Edward arent the same, and at the same time finds herself falling for one of the other Cullen boys. This amazing banner was made by JokesOnJane, and it is so beautiful!! Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO, this is for you:)

My first non-one shot fic ( if you can say that:P) Hope you'll like it. And, please, tell me what you think of my banner, made it myself, first time trying something like that:P

7. My best friend, the werewolf

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Jakes hands were trembling, his nose wrinkled. I didn't understand why he did that. Jasper smelled absolutely amazing to me.

Jasper pushed me slightly behind his back. His back was tense. I peeked around his arm to look at Jake.

"Bella, what's going on?" he asked again, this time glaring at Jasper as he said it. Not only was his body trembling with anger, so was his voice.

"Bella, who is this?" As Jasper spoke, Jakes hands stopped trembling. Thank goodness. If he phased and attacked Jasper I don't know what I would do. I remembered Jasper didn't know Jake. And he certainly didn't know Jake was a werewolf.

"Umm..." I said, I had no idea how to begin.

"I'm her best friend. Who are you?" Jake answered rudely, nodding towards Jasper.

I rolled my eyes. Only Jake would ask a question like that after seeing the two of us kiss.

"He's my boyfriend, Jake." I said, even though the word was a bit of an understatement.

Jake eyes widened at the word boyfriend.

"But you're dating Edward. Dammit Bella, you almost got yourself killed by going to Italy or wherever, to save him. And, by the way, you hadn't even told me you were back. And now you're telling me you dumped him for another bloodsucker?"

Jasper growled, not because of the bloodsucker thing, but because Jake was yelling at me, and he had also stepped closer to us.

"I'm sorry I didn't call you or anything, there has just been a lot going on." Another understatement.

"I can see that." He said, glaring at Jasper.

Jasper hissed. Something about Jake made him agitated.

"Bella, could you please explain who this boy is?" Jasper asked again.

Jakes eyes narrowed the boy part.

"Well, as he said, he's my best friend, or was, if he keeps acting like this." I said, throwing Jake a warning glance, and continued.

"And... He's also a..." Deep breath. "Werewolf."

Jasper hissed, and stepped back, dragging me with him. Jake just glared at me.

"He had the right to know, Jake." I said.

His hands had started to shake again. He noticed me looking at them, and closed his eyes, breathing in and out in a steady rhythm.

His hands stopped shaking, but when he opened his eyes again, it was Sams expression. I frowned. Even though it wasn't as comtrolled as Sams version of it, I still hated that look. But, of course, it also meant he was trying not to kill Jasper, that had to count for something.

"A werewolf?" Jasper asked, incredulously, like he thought he'd heard wrong. He probably wished he had.

"Yes, I'm a werewolf. You got a problem with that?" I could see Jake was loosing it: A large tremble shook his chest.

"Jake, please, calm down." I said, pleading. And he did.

I looked at Jasper. He smiled at me.

"Thank you." I mouthed. Jake saw it.

"Stop that! I know you're doing this to me." He yelled, staring murderously at Jasper.

Jasper didn't answer, but Jake looked like he was about to fall asleep right on the spot.

"Stop that." Jakes words were slurred. His eyelids were sagging.

"Jasper, it's alright." I said, putting my hand on his shoulder.

Jake blinked fast, looking like someone woke him up with a bucket of cold water.

"Bella told me about your ability. I didn't think it was that effective."

"Jake, is there anything else you want?" I was impatient to get this over with.

He took a deep breath. Even though it didn't look like he was finished he still answered:

"No, I guess not..." He said. Jasper took a step forward, urging Jake to leave.

Jake turned toward the forest.

"Jake, wait. I forgot to ask. If you didn't know if I was back, why did you come here?" I asked.

Jake looked at the ground, looking really uncomfortable.

I sighed. This would be a lot easier with Edward. At least he could have told me what Jake was thinking.

Wait a second. I knew what Jake was thinking. He only had one reason to come to the Cullens house, and that was...

"You came to check on me. You wanted to see if they had changed me, didn't you?" Jake didn't answer. Aha, I was right.

"Jake it's none of your business if they did!" I snapped at him.

"The hell it is!" He shouted back.

"Why Jake, why do you care?" And here I had been thinking he just wanted me to be happy.

Jakes whole body was trembling.

"Ask your boyfriend that." His voice was dripping with sarcasm. He turned for the woods and ran. Just before he was out of view, a large tremor shook his entire frame.

I turned to Jasper.

"What did he mean, ask you?" I said. He took my hands, and kissed them both.

"Bella, please don't be upset about what I'm going to tell you. Well find a way around it, if it's what you wish for."

He was starting to confuse me.

"I wasn't there when the treaty was made, but it was explained to me and Alice when we joined the family. You know of the treaty, right?"

"Yeah, the whole ‘you don't cross our land, we don't cross your land' thing right?"

"Yes. But that's only half of it."

"Yes, I know. You're not allowed to kill people, either." I said. I couldn't see where this was going.

"Not only are we not allowed to kill a human. We aren't allowed to bite them, either." He watched my face as he talked.

"But that means..." I started, frowning.

"That theoretically, we aren't allowed to change you." Jasper finished.

"What are we going to do, when the time comes?" Not that I was planning that would be a long time.

"We'll figure something out. All of us. Together. We aren't going to let a bunch of dogs stop you from becoming a part of our family." He smiled widely at the last part. So did I. I loved the idea of getting to spend eternity with Jasper.

I looked at my watch. I frowned again.

"I should get home soon." Jasper, feeling my annoyance, laughed.

"Can we make one more stop, before I take you home?" he said, hugging me close. I put my arms around him.

"Sure. Do I get to know where we'll be stopping?" I looked up at him.

"Not a chance." He stated, before swinging me unto his back, and then he started running. He ran in a straight line with the Cullens house. Before I knew it, he had stopped. I looked confused around. This didn't seem that important or anything. A few feet a head of us was a river, that's it. The only other things there were trees.

I was about to ask him why we had to stop here, but he cut my thoughts of.

"Bella, I need you to hold on tight, okay?" He said. I locked my arms and legs around so hard it would choke a regular human.

"Why do I need to..." I didn't finish my question. Suddenly we were flying. And not just running so fast it seemed like flying, no, we were really flying. It took me a second to realize Jasper had jumped over the river.

As sudden as our flight had started, it ended, and he was running again. We zigzagged through the trees, and I had to hide my head in his shoulder. I was deadly afraid he would hit a tree or something.

I didn't feel that he stopped. His run was to even for that. I only realized it when Jasper lifted me from his back and put me on the ground.

"Don't open your eyes yet." He whispered, as he spun me around so that facing the same way as him.

He put his hands on my shoulders.

"All right, open your eyes."

I did.

I gasped. The clearing was even more beautiful than Edwards. It was filled with wildflowers, and knee high grass at some parts. At the opposite end of where Jasper and I was standing was a small river. I suspected it was an offspring from the same river we had jumped over, just a couple of minutes ago.

The sound of the river was incredibly relaxing. I turned to face Jasper.

I threw my arms around him. He put his arms around me. It was the greatest feeling in the world. For the first time, it felt like he was mine, and only mine.

"I love you Jasper Whitlock Hale."

"I love you Isabella Marie Swan."

My heart skipped a beat because of his words.

He slowly bend down to kiss me. Too slowly. I stepped up on my toes and kissed him. He pulled me close against him, his hands around my waist. I threw my hands around his neck, pulling his face even closer. My hands wound through his hair. It was our best kiss yet, and I didn't want it to end. But thanks to my need for air, I had to pull away. Jasper wasn't having that.

While I was trying to catch my breath, Jasper bend his head down to my neck, inhaling. I froze for a second, and then he started kissing me again. Of course, that didn't really help the whole breathing thing. And before I knew it, I was on the ground. Jasper was sitting next to me, chuckling quietly to himself.

I opened my eyes, and quickly got up. Too quickly. In seconds I was laying on the ground again. Jasper looked concerned, but still amused, at me.

"Head rush." I said dismissively.

Jasper chuckled and lay on his back next to me.

We laid there just looking at each other. Jasper brushed his hand against my cheek.

"The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars, as daylight doth a lamp." He softly murmured, almost to low for me to hear. I recognized the line spoken by Romeo, and blushed.

"I wish I had a romantic answer to that, but I have no idea what to say." I said with a small laugh.

Jasper chuckled; he had done that a lot lately.

"Just hearing your voice is enough. Well, I think we should get you home, shouldn't we?" he got up.

I groaned. I didn't want to leave, but Charlie would probably worry if I wasn't home soon.