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Sunset, Sunrise

A Bella/Jasper fic Bella, Edward and Alice returns from Italy, but something's changed. Bella finds herself in a tricky situation: Her feelings towards Edward arent the same, and at the same time finds herself falling for one of the other Cullen boys. This amazing banner was made by JokesOnJane, and it is so beautiful!! Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO, this is for you:)

My first non-one shot fic ( if you can say that:P) Hope you'll like it. And, please, tell me what you think of my banner, made it myself, first time trying something like that:P

8. Fish, what fish? Oh, THAT fish...

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Luckily Charlie wasn't home when we returned. He'd been home for a couple of minutes while we were gone, though. He'd written a note:

Hey Bells.

Went to Billy's. Think there's some fish or something in the fridge.

Won't be too long.


A man of few words, indeed.

I was kind of glad he wasn't home. He didn't know I was with Jasper. Actually none of the humans I knew, knew about me and Jasper. And there was school tomorrow. Yikes.

I could imagine the fuss it would make. Maybe I should ditch, just tomorrow. But what good would that do. I couldn't stay away for ever.

I thought this over while I warmed the leftover fish from yesterday.

Charlie had been right, there was some left.

Ugh. Not only was Jasper and I together now. Alice and Edward were gone. That didn't really do any good at all.

I ate the fish without tasting it, with Jasper looking at me the whole time. We didn't talk: I was to busy thinking, he was busy watching me. And probably trying to guess what I was thinking.

As I washed my plate, Jasper surprised me by putting his arms around me. I hadn't heard him get up. I got so shocked that I dropped the plate into the sink. Fortunately it didn't break. His arms tightened around me, and he laughed at my reaction.

"Did I scare you?" he said, still trembling slightly with laughter.

"As if." I said, teasing him back. Two could play that game.

I turned in his arms, and put my arms around his neck.

"I know I scared you." He said, letting go of me with one hand to tap his temple.

I laughed, and he smiled at me.

"Sometimes that little ability of yours can be quite annoying."

He pulled me close against his chest. I tightened my arms around his neck. He lifted me up so that I was seated on the kitchen counter, right next to the sink. I pulled him close, our faces only inches apart. We stared into each other eyes for a long time. I was getting very impatient. Not that his eyes weren't beautiful, but I just wanted him to kiss me so bad. I saw something flash across his eyes; it looked like lust, the look made him look like a real vampire for a second. But as fast as the look had been there, it disappeared, and I didn't think about it after, because Jaspers lips were on mine, as I had wished seconds ago. My lips shaped themselves around his marble lips. The cool of his breath whooshed over my lips. I sighed. The cold felt so good.

His lips moved down my jaw and own to my neck. His arms moved from the middle of my back to the low part of my back. I pressed myself up against him, feeling his muscular chest under his shirt. He groaned against my skin. He moved his lips back to mine. We were interrupted by a loud sound from the door being shut. Jasper had me on the ground and was up the stairs in a second. He kissed me lightly on the forehead before he left.

"Bells, are you home?" Charlie called.

"In here, dad."

He entered the kitchen. I smiled lightly at him. He sat at the dinner table.

"So... Did you find the fish?" he said, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the whole starting-a-conversation thing.

"Yeah. It was good." I wasn't even sure what kind of fish it had been, and I could certainly not remember what it tasted like.

"Um... Good. So, did what did you do today?"

"Nothing too special. I went to the Cullens house, and I spent most of the day there." I said with a shrug. His face grew faintly red at the mention of the Cullens. He still wasn't that fond of me and Edward being together.

Of course, that wouldn't be a problem anymore. Still, he probably wouldn't be to keen on the idea of me being with Jasper. I couldn't be sure.

I took a deep breath. Maybe now was the time to tell him. After all, we had told the Cullens and Jacob in one day. Why not get it all over with today?

"Dad, there's something I want to tell you." I said, biting my bottom lip, a tiny bit of my brain remembering Jaspers lips on it a few minutes ago.

"What's wrong? Does it have something to do with that Cullen kid? Did he hurt you? Break up with you?" I could tell he would continue on and on, so I interrupted him.

"He didn't break up with me. I broke up with him. But that's not the most important thing."

"I thought you liked him." He said, crossing his arms, smiling slightly.

"I used to, but I kind of found someone else." I looked at him. Up until now he'd looked relieved. Not so much now. He looked more like he thought I had committed a crime. But it didn't look like he would say anything.

I heaved a huge sigh.

"I started dating Jasper Hale, about a week or so ago."

"Who? Oh, wait; doesn't he also live with Dr. and Mrs. Cullen? He has a twin, right?"

Yeah, a false twin, a false twin who hates my guts.

"Yes, that's him."

"Bella is that really a good idea? I know they aren't really related, but they still live together, and they think of each others as brothers."

I doubted Edward would even think of Jasper as a distant family friend at this point.

"Don't worry dad. We talked with Edward about it, and he's cool with it." I hoped he didn't call my bluff. Edward was far from ‘cool with it'. He was about to argue further but I stopped him.

"Dad, I'm really tired. Can't I just go to bed?" I walked past him, before he could object.

"Uhh, all right. Sleep tight, Bells."

I smiled at him, and continued up the stairs.

First of all, I went to the bathroom. I needed a hot shower, it had been a really long day, and I felt really tense.

After my shower I brushed my damp hair and my teeth. I put on the pyjamas I always used for times like this.

When I thought I looked some what decent, I walked into my room. Jasper was lying on my bed, his hands behind his head, his eyes closed. He opened one as I entered.

"Nice." He commented, and sat up.

I rolled my eyes, and sat down next to him.

"No, I'm serious. You look cute when your hair is wet."

I blushed, and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. He turned his head, so that I kissed his lips instead. I looked at him, and he gave me an impish grin I had to laugh at.

I yawned. The day had been really long. I laid down on the bed, and pulled the bed cover up around me. Jasper got down next to me and put one arm over me. I turned to him and rested my head on his chest. He put both of his arms around me. I closed my eyes, and fell asleep in Jaspers cold, strong arms.

"Bella, I love you and I want to be with you forever. I will never want anyone else than you. You are the most beautiful and important thing in my life and..."

"She's not yours to love Jasper. You don't deserve her. You tried to kill her, remember?" Edward stepped out from the shadows. His face was glaring at Jasper, who was holding me in his arms.

Edward took another step forward, and so did Jasper, positioning himself so that I was standing behind him.

Edward growled. It was a deep menacing sound that sent chills down my back.

I had never seen him that angry. Jasper hissed at him, crouching down. Edward did the same thing.

Edward took a step closer, sinking deeper into his crouch. I noticed his eyes were black. Not with thirst, but with hunger. Hunger for Jaspers dead.

Edward was starting to scare me.

Jasper growled, a warning growl cautioning Edward not to attack.

Even though I couldn't take my eyes of off Jasper and Edward, I still noticed where we were. It was the meadow Jasper had showed me earlier. But something seemed wrong. The meadow was darker, scarier somehow. I realized what was wrong. All of the flowers head were hanging, the grass wasn't nearly as green as it had been. I could feel a tear running down my cheek. Something had ruined our beautiful meadow, corrupted it. I wiped the tear away, and refocused on the two vampires in front of me, growling at each other. I tried to yank on Jaspers shoulder, tried to pull him away. To no good, of course. He was as solid as a rock, standing there in a low crouch.

"You don't deserve to be with her. If you kill me or not, you still wont deserve her. You never will!" Edward yelled. I gasped. Jasper had been thinking of killing Edward. I couldn't believe Jasper would do such a thing.

"Bella, I would never kill just because Edward's making me angry. I would only do it to protect you. I would do anything to protect you." He whispered. I felt a little reassured. But only a little bit.

I tried to get him to stop once again.

"Jasper please, stop this. Please, for me. I love you, and that's all that matters. Please, don't do this. Come with me, leave. Please" I pleaded, my eyes tearing up. I didn't want Jasper to get hurt. I didn't like the thought of Edward getting hurt either, but thinking of Jasper in pain, broke my heart, and I put one of my arms around my stomach, feeling like I couldn't breathe.

"Bella, you know I love you too, but I need to finish this." Jasper said.

That did it.

With a growl Edward lunged for Jaspers throat.