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*Aurora, Draco, Meadow and River*

What happens when Harry Potter meets Twilight? And what happens when the bad guy turns good? Nessie and the wolves are on the run from the Volturi. The Cullens and their new additions, Meadow and River, are trying to cope with Nessie's departure when Alice has a vision of Draco Malfoy becoming a vampire, along with a girl, Aurora. Will Nessie and the wolves return? Will Draco and Aurora ever return to England? Will the Volturi ever leave the Cullens alone?


1. New Additions

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The wolves and Nessie were gone. They had left about a month ago, running from the Volturi. Everyone was depressed and quiet. Except me. I really didn’t know Nessie because I’d only joined the Cullens for a week before they left. My mate, River, was also with me and the Cullens. I loved my vegetarian lifestyle; it was easier doing it with a group than with just me and River. River and I used to cheat sometimes. I shuddered. I’ve long forgotten how or who created me; all I remember is that I was being attacked. Jasper figured it was one of the southerners. I don’t believe it because River and I have as much self-control as Carlisle, and we hunted in the forests of north Canada.

“River,” I said. “Where are the others?” He shrugged. “In their rooms.” I rolled my eyes. “Go tell them they need to get out a little.” Then Alice showed up. “Meadow?” she asked. “Can we go walk? Along the beach? Billy Black said we could go any time we wanted.” I nodded. River showed up next to me. “Can I come?” he asked. I grinned. “Sure, River, if it’s okay with Alice,” I said. Alice nodded. “Okay,” River said. The three of us walked slowly down to First Beach at La Push. Alice sighed. “Poor Nessie,” she said. “I miss her so much.” River sat down on a rock. “It’s okay,” he said. “She’s with Jake.” Alice gazed out onto the ocean. “I miss Nessie.” I sighed. “You’ve made that point. It’s been that way for a month now.” River kissed me. “Meadow, I love you,” I loved him back. I really, truly, loved him.

Alice started staring blankly into space. I knew that look. It meant she was seeing something in our futures. “Wizard,” she said flatly. “What?” River asked. “What about a wizard?” Alice frowned. “And a witch.” River laughed. “Wow, Alice,” he said. “I didn’t know you pulled pranks.” I punched River. “Stop it, River, she’s serious.” She nodded. “The girl’s name is Aurora.” I sat down on the rock next to River. “And what’s the boy’s name?” She took a deep breath. “You won’t believe me,” she said. I shook my head. “I’ll believe you. I promise, Alice.” She shook her head. “No, Meadow, I’ll tell you when we get back to the house. So you can sit down on something that isn’t a rock.” I nodded. River frowned. “Just tell us.”


“Why not?”

“You won’t believe me.”

River pouted. “Oh, River, don’t be a baby!” I scolded. He laughed. “Sorry, Meadow,” he said. “Now let’s get home so Alice will tell us her secret.” The whole way home, Alice seemed to go slower. River got impatient. “Alice Cullen, I cannot believe you!” he snarled. “Just tell us who he is!” She shook her head. “NO!” she screeched. “We’re waiting until we get back HOME!” Suddenly, Edward popped out of the woods. “Alice,” he said. “Tell River and Meadow who our wizard guest is. Alice sat down on a stump. “No,” she said. Edward picked her up. “Tell them, Alice,” he said. She groaned. “Okay,” she growled. “Our coming visitors…” she said, “are named Aurora… and Draco.” River sat down on the stump next to Alice. “Draco?” he said, sounding as if in shock. “Draco who?” He flinched, as if he didn’t want to hear the answer. “Draco Malfoy.”

Aurora’s POV

Draco was practicing his spells again. He was so excited about flying ‘Muggle-style’ to America. I stared at myself in the mirror. “Draco,” I said. “Can we do something else?” He turned around. “I have to practice my spells, Aurora,” he said. “In the case we meet some American wizards.” I had dressed my best for the flight to America, and Draco hadn’t noticed. “Oh, Aurora,” he said. “You look positively wonderful.” That was more like it.

I had to do everything on the flight to Seattle. I was the one who had actually taken Muggle Studies at Hogwarts. The flight was silent; I kept hitting Draco on the hand every time he tried to take out his wand and charm something. When we got to Seattle, we flew by broomstick to a little town named Forks. It was where we were staying on our retreat. It was very rainy… “Draco,” I said when we landed. “Where are we staying?” He pointed at a little house. “La Push,” he said. “Twenty minutes from Forks. It’s quite a beautiful place. The forest and all…” I nodded. Great. We were staying in a rainy little community. What would we do for entertainment? “The police chief said there was a mysterious little family in La Push. I have a feeling they’re wizards.” I smiled. “That sounds great, Draco,” I said. A wizard family? Here? Sounded good to me…

“Draco,” I said once we were at the little house we were staying in. “When are we going to see that strange family?” He was staring at himself in the mirror. “In a few minutes, Aurora,” he said. “I have to look my best.” I sighed and sat down by the window. I stared out the window. I wanted to meet these people… according to what Draco had said they were very interesting. “Time to go,” Draco said. We walked out the door with our broomsticks. We got on and flew until we got to a road. I hopped off my broomstick.

I began to cross the road with Draco. There were no cars coming, as far as we could tell… then a car swerved around the corner. “Draco, watch out!” I screamed. “PROTEGO!” He yelled. There was a loud thud, and a half second later, something slammed into me and threw me to the ground. For all I knew my “Draco?” I said softly, my eyes closed. “Draco?” There was no response. “Draco? Draco?!?” I began to panic. I couldn’t move, Draco was silent… I was a pure-blood wizard stuck in America, left to die in the street… I started crying. “Draco?” I asked. “Draco, say something, please.” There was no response. “No, Draco, you can’t be dead,” I sobbed. “Please tell me you aren’t dead.” I stopped and let my world fade to black.

A couple minutes later someone picked me up. I didn’t say anything. I felt as I was put onto a metal table. Then things began cutting me all over my body. I screamed. Had someone brought me here to hurt me more? “Kill me!” I screamed as my whole body began to burn. “Please!” Someone began talking to me… they had a voice like velvet. “My name is Carlisle,” the voice said. “I need to tell you some things.” I screamed. The burning felt so terrible. “Listen to me,” Carlisle said. “Just listen.”

Carlisle told me some very unbelievable things. He told me that the terrible burning would stop. He told me what I was and what I had to do. And he told me this while I screamed. I didn’t hear some of it because I was either thinking about Draco or screaming about the pain. They told me that I was going to be very different when the burning stopped… my eyes, skin, everything. I frowned. “Should I believe that?!” I said between screams. “Yes,” Carlisle said. He had been mighty calm the whole time he was talking. He’d comforted me every time I screamed. I would have grinned, but my body hurt too much. My heart began to beat insanely fast. After what seemed like weeks, the burning climaxed and finally began to slow down. When it finally stopped, I shuddered. I decided to call for Draco, even though I though he was dead. The only thing I had left was hope… and immortality. I was the one thing I’d never considered I’d be. I was a vampire.