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Always Listen to Alice


Alice argues with Edward about leaving Bella the morning before he actually does.

One Shot

1. R&R&R

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“Oh! Edward you can’t do this.” Alice screamed.

“I don’t want to. But I want to save her!” Edward screamed back at Alice.

“You’re going to do everything but save her! You’re going to kill her!” Alice screamed as she tried to escape Jasper’s vice grip around her waist. “Let me go, Jasper!” She hollered at him.

“Alice, stop, you’ll just get you’re self hurt!” Jasper informed as he held Alice tightly so she couldn’t attack Edward.

“No, I won’t! I’ll be fine, but Edward won’t be!” Alice broke Jasper’s grip and leaped forward knocking Edward to the ground. “Edward, you can not do this.” She informed. Alice had Edward pinned under her with her knees on either side of his waist. Edward didn’t fight her because he didn’t want to hurt her.

“Bella deserves better than me. She deserves a normal life. She needs someone who can love her, hold her, make love to her, and give her children. I can’t do anything of that.” He breathed.

“She doesn’t even want children!” Alice boomed. “All she wants is you, Edward.” Alice wasn’t going to give up so easy on the matter. “I’ve seen what our leaving will do to her…” She trailed off.

“She’ll be find after a while. She’ll move on.” Edward insisted. “Alice get OFF of me!” Edward tried to throw her off but she held on to his shirt, causing it to rip. “Jasper - get your wife!”

Jasper, once again wrapped his arms around Alice and pulled her off of Edward. “Jasper, let go of me!” Alice squirmed in his arms.

“Edward you are going to break her heart, not to mention your own. Why would you want to put you both through so much pain?” Alice was clam now, and Jasper let go of her. She walked so that there were only a few feet between them. “She won’t move on. Neither will you.”

“In time…she will.” Edward whispered. Alice walked closer to him and pull her little hand over his heart.

“No one ever moves on after finding there true love.” She breathed.

“I’m not Bella’s true love.” Edward admitted. His face was pained. His eyes were dark and cold.

“Yes,” Alice breathed. “You don’t believe it - but you are.”

“NO!” Edward shouted and stalked out of the house.

Edward knew wasn’t good enough for Bella. He couldn’t give her what she deserved. But he wanted more than anything for Alice’s words to be true.

“You’re messing with fate, Edward. I love her too! Don’t do this!” Alice screamed from the front porch as Edward drove to down the drive way.

Edward couldn’t get Alice’s words out of his head. He wanted desperately for them to be true. And he knew he’d never move on after Bella. She was the one and only girl that will ever touch his heart.