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It Hurts

This is a story about a girl who falls victum to the Voltaire. It is my enty for the Its a Dark and Stormy Night Fanfic challange


1. Chapter 1

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“Welcome, welcome, to one and all,
Welcome, welcome to our hall.”

“Come in from the dark and stormy night outside,
Come in to wear its warm and dry,”

I looked outside as he said this. It was a dark and stormy night outside

“These ancient wall have with stood
The test of time and battle hardened men”

The man with hair as black as night and skin of shale said.

“This city has seen much bloodshed and many have perished here
And many in the future shall again.”

I was startled by this, what had made him say that.

“It has passed through the hands of many nations and not lost its splendor
It only grew more, splendid.”

"And at times our city has been host to the holiest of men.”

At this he smiles in a knowing way

“Please don’t feel unwelcome,
There are no strangers here.”

“Please come with me
So I may show you the center of our halls.”

When we reach the room a massive door agar we enter,
A massive room on the other side

A high arched ceiling high above

Windows thin a long half way up the wall.

Large thrones sat in the center their wood old with age.

The room is so beautiful, but something linger beneath

As if this is just a façade, to a darker purpose.

“One part of our cities history
Is more shadowed then most think,”

The giant doors swung shut echoing throughout the room.

“Legend says St, Marcus drove all the vampires out of this city.
So to this day the people of this city celebrate him.”

He pauses smiling again.

Shapes dart past black a quick almost unseen, causing the stale air to stir.

A few scream with fear as more shapes decent.

“We are still here.”

The man says a predatory smile on his face.

I watch as those around my fall with black clocked figures at their necks.

Red blood running from them
Limbs bet in strange positions.

Outside the thunder rumbled and the rain try to hide some of the screams.

I stand gripping at my necklace frozen with fear.

They don’t seem to notice me.

My hope was short lived.

The frenzy continued.

The air smelled of sickly sweet blood.

One knocked me off my feet pinning me to the ground.
Red eyes gleamed at me hungrily.

Sharp white teeth, blood running down the sides.

She told me what it felt like, having all the blood drained out of your body while you are still conscious. She said it hurts.

He lowers his mouth to my neck,
It is wet with blood,
A sharp pain white hot and burning.

I feel it .
The blood being drained,
Running from my body,
Into his mouth.

I can feel it and it hurts.

My body cries for oxygen so I breathe deeper but it doesn’t change.

I can’t help it I cry.

It hurts so much.

I feel like a fish without water
Flopping helplessly on the ground.

What did I do to deserve this?

I thought helplessly.


The investigation into the disappearance of American tourist Jennifer White remains unsolved.

Investigators had concluded that she was seen arriving at the airport in Florence, Italy but soon after failed to check in at the hotel she had reservations at.

Officials are baffled as to what could have happened and there are no new leads…