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Bella and Edward take a completely different path from the start. Bella's first day of school in Forks doesn't end at all well and things go downhill from there.

I wrote this quite a while ago and finaly got around to finishing it. I wanted to explore some alternatives but found myself coming around to the same conclusion every time. There are 4 Chapters in the finished story and I will get them posted as soon as they are approved.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella had intended to make it to the school office a bit more quickly but her locker had gotten stuck after gym and it had taken almost five minutes of jimmying to pry it open. She'd caught her index finger on the edge of the locker door in the process and managed to get a shallow cut that stung like crazy.

"I'll probably get tetanus." she grumbled to herself as she dug in her bag for a band aid. As accident prone as she was she usually carried a few somewhere in her things.

Her finger wasn't bleeding much, more of a paper cut than anything, still, it couldn't hurt to ask at the office for some first aid ointment and the band aid she hadn't been able to come up with herself. They would find out soon enough how often she got injured. She might as well get to know the school nurse early on.

Actually, she'd been pretty lucky today. Volleyball could have been worse and she hadn't broken anything. When she tripped in biology she had caught herself on a table rather than going down hard.

Biology... ugh, why did she have to even think about that? It probably could have been worse if she had seriously injured herself or someone else, but not by much.

She felt a flush rise in her cheeks as she thought about the hour of misery she had spent, sitting next to Edward Cullen. What had she done? It didn't make sense, the way he had acted, but she couldn't help blaming herself. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes as her finger continued to sting in rhythm with the beating of her heart.

She shook herself and tried to get a little control. The day was almost over and tomorrow would probably be just as bad, but she could make it through that too. She straightened her shoulders in preparation for what she hoped would be the last difficult encounter of the day. Turn in her papers, grab a band aid, get out fast. It was a plan.

The office door opened just as Bella reached for the handle and the cold wind gusted in from behind her, a chill edge against the back of her neck as her hair blew forward into her face only partially obscuring the face of Edward Cullen staring at her with a look that could only be described as horror or revulsion on his face.

Bella only had a moment to register his sharp intake of breath before the feeling of stark fear overpowered her and adrenaline shot ice through her veins. The cold inside was met by a wall of ice outside. Instantly everything was moving too fast. For a tiny portion of awareness, she thought she might have tripped and was falling but she wasn't moving down but more backwards and sideways. The world was a blur and the blur was green and brown. If she thought she was in an alien world before, this trumped that by leaps and bounds. She couldn't seem to catch her breath and the whirling motion had her stomach reeling when it all suddenly came to a crashing halt and she really was falling. She hit the ground on her back. There were trees all around her. There wasn't even time to register the idea that she had made it completely off the school campus and into the woods in less than a minute of time before a flash of bronze crossed her vision and something hard and cold struck the side of her neck. She jerked instinctively away from the sensation only to find that her body wouldn't or couldn't move. It felt like she had been encased completely in cold hard rock. Her vision was still spinning from the dizzying rush of just seconds before and her heart was beating wildly as her adrenaline surged and her body tried to kick into either fight or flight.

Bella's shocked mind put forth a tiny bubble of semi-rational thought; at least my finger doesn't hurt anymore...

And then everything hurt.

Bella was barely aware of a thunderous cacophony of noises all around her. Thunderous crashes, growling and shrieking. The restraint of cold stone against her body had been removed so fast it was like it had never been there. Her world narrowed down to a pinpoint focus, one long desperate inhale, as a sweet soprano voice nearby was raised in fury.

"Edward! Stop, stop it now! How could you!"

Bella screamed. She screamed until she didn't have breath for it anymore and the scream went on in silent open-mouthed agony.


The four of them had been on the way back to the house when Alice had gone blank as reality was eclipsed by a vision. Edward was about to lose control and they only had a brief time span in which to try and stop him. He had been so set against this course of action that Alice hadn't seen it coming until the snap decision was made.

Three of them were out of the car before it had even stopped moving at the side of the road. Emmett had been driving but he still got to Edward first.

It spoke volumes to Edward's mental state and break with reality that Emmett even got his hands on him. Growling and thrashing the two of them rolled away from the incapacitated form of Isabella Swan. Alice had been only an instant behind and was furiously trying to get Edward's attention and snap him back into himself.

Jasper skirted wide around Bella to hurl himself into the struggle to restrain Edward. As he struck the struggling pair of vampires, Edward went limp.

Emmett hissed "You'll thank me for this later, bro." and kept his grip, his arms wrapped firmly around Edward's arms and body, pinning him to the ground.

Jasper backed away, holding his breath and putting more distance between himself and the scent of blood coming from the writhing screaming form on the ground.

Alice stood a few feet away from them, pinching her nose while she spoke quickly into her cell phone. She was talking to Carlisle, telling him what happened and trying to avoid breathing more than was necessary for speech.

Rosalie approached Bella with a look of pity on her face and dropped down within arms reach to sadly stroke Bella's long dark hair. She said nothing and kept her face slightly averted, like her siblings, she wasn't breathing.

Edward heaved a tortured sigh, "What have I done?"

Alice turned abruptly, "Edward, did anyone see you take her?"

Edward shook his head mutely.

"Jasper, please, go with Emmett, take Edward back to the house. Rose will be okay to wait with Bella until Carlisle gets here in a few minutes." Alice glanced at Rose to assure herself of what she already knew. Rosalie nodded, her face was pinched and her eyes were sad. "I've got some cars to move and then I'll be back to the house."

Four vampires left the clearing as quickly as they had entered it, leaving the sad tableau of Rosalie with her hand still stroking Bella's hair. Rosalie's eyes gazed skyward and the picture was one of supplication and benediction.

A few minutes later Carlisle strode into the clearing and gracefully bent to examine Bella's writhing form. He shook his head and lifted her gently from the ground into his arms. Despite his care, her screaming and thrashing intensified as if he had stabbed her repeatedly instead of cradling her to his chest like an infant. Carlisle turned and disappeared in a blur. Rosalie followed quickly in his wake.