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"Forever Leah!"

RENESMEE DOES NOT EXIST! This story is about a date Jacob has with Leah. In Jacob's point of view... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

DISCLAIMER: we don't have any making in twilight :( we would like to take this oppurtunity to say a big thank you to Victoria, who kindly got us hung up on this site! and a big thank you to those who are reviewing now!!! you know who you are! hope you enjoy!!! PLEASE REVIEW!!! We have had over 150 readers with only 5 reviews! :(

1. the stunner by the window

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“Jacob, come on. Leah is waiting for you!” Seth called up to his bedroom.

I was getting ready to go on my third date with Seth’s big sister, Leah Clearwater. I jogged downstairs to meet Seth, sitting on the bottom step, rocking.

“You can’t do anything... y’know... with her or i will kill you.” He said while looking at the floor. He shuddered as he thought about the thoughts he was conjuring up in his little innocent mind. I laughed as i ruffled his raven black locks and walking towards the living room door,

“i will try and not let anything slip while i am on patrol.” I just laughed as Seth shuddered more.

“AH, but don’t do anything and you won’t have to worry about letting it slip!” he desperately said.

“Yeah, ok kid. Your sister in here?” I asked while pointing to the living room door; Seth nodded.

As i entered the living room, i saw a beautiful woman, almost like an angel standing at the back window, with the most beautiful smile, painted on her face. She looked beautiful.

She had a small summer, white dress on with white gladiator sandals on her feet. She had no makeup on, but the lightest dab of lip gloss on her petite lips. Her hair was slightly curling at the end, which hung down just on her hips. As the sun caught her hair, it let off a beautiful glow that stood out like a halo.

“Seth?” I called back out the door, Seth was on the step, with his head resting on the palms of his hand, and he looked at me with a worried look on his face.

“What?” he answered.

“Where is your sister, because she isn’t in here, but there is a stunner standing at the window.” I said, seductively. I knew this would possibly tip Seth further to banning me from the house and his sister.

“Please, please, please don’t do this to me.” He whined. I just laughed.

I returned to the living room, “Leah? Is that really you?”

The woman standing at the window spoke for the first time.

“Of course it is, you dumbass.” She replied as she playfully slapped me on the arm.

She leant up as I leant down and met in the middle for the kiss, she was waiting for. We moved with synchronisation until we had to break for air. I had my arms around her waist as hers were resting on my chest. She was a good head and shoulders smaller than i was.

“Are you ready? I asked while still holding her. She nodded her head but made no effort in moving from there anytime soon. I looked down at her, as she rested her head against me. She then asked the most bizarre question,

“Jacob? What cologne do you use?” the sweetest thing was she was asking it as a general question.

“Em? Roger & Gallet Extra-Vielle Cologne. Why?” i was a tad confused to why she really cared.

“Because it makes you smell irresistible. I just wanted to know.” She replied while looking up at me, with a tint of red colouring her cheeks.

“Oh, Ok. Do you want to go now?” i asked her. She nodded.

I was taking her to a pub in Seattle (her idea and choice.) then we were going back to mine. We walked out the living room and passed Seth sitting on the stairs, (he had taken to sitting there a lot since his father died a year ago.)

He was reading some car magazine. As Leah and i exited he raised his head and smiled.

Leah subconsciously put her arm around my waist, as did I. She looked at Seth, and then said,

“See you in the morning! Baby bro!” as Seth moaned, Leah and i laughed as we walked out to my black Ducati. Leah burst out laughing. I turned and looked at her as i mounted the bike.

“What? Are you not getting on?” i asked her. She made the obvious gesture to her dress. I completely forgot we were on a date, since whenever i pick Leah up, usually IT is to go around to Sam’s for pack meetings.

“Let’s take my car instead.” She said turning on her heel and walking towards her red 2005 red ford Mustang.

“Shotgun i can drive!” i called out as she made her way to the driver’s side.

“Oh my god! You and Seth both are so fussy about driving! Fine!” she said as she turned to walk to the passenger side.