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"Forever Leah!"

RENESMEE DOES NOT EXIST! This story is about a date Jacob has with Leah. In Jacob's point of view... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

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2. The drive to the pub.

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As we drove to Seattle, i fiddled with the radio, nothing good was on until i turned to the oldies channel and the song ‘lover boy’ from the film dirty dancing came on. We sang aloud. We both laughed as many of the old songs from when we were little played and we replayed the memories.

Leah began with, when it was a summer on the beach and the five of us were thrown together; Rach and Bex, me and Seth and Her. We were playing with the sand, building castles, burying one another. She remembered watching Seth and i play around in the water and wishing she could do the same but instead she sat with Bex and Rach, sunbathing.

“I didn’t even like sunbathing! I only did it so that i was at least like Bex. She got the amazing tan!” she said, with a smile on her face. I held her hand as i continued to watch the road. “Well, i always thought you did. You were always beautiful,” she smiled with awe in her eyes. “You took a good tan didn’t you?” she asked me cocking her head to the side, watching me and waiting for an answer.

“Well? I guess you could say i did, but i just went a lot darker. Whereas Bex and Rach went a golden brown.” I explained, thinking about all the holidays we went on and the times mom always plastered me in suntan lotion- even if i didn’t need it.

“Yeah, i am also like that. I go like burnt toast.” We both laughed at the thought of her going like toast.

“What is your most prominent memory?” she asked me. I really had not thought of the main one, i have many and most involve her, but i do not think she will want to know that i was like a stalker as a kid.

“Well, first day of school. With Seth and you watched and laughed at us walking into the elementary school. Seth and i clung together. Do you remember when Seth and i had no money for tuck; you gave us some. That was the day i really liked you and could trust you.” I laughed at the memory, but Leah just sat there in a daydream, watching out the front window.

“Leah? Are you ok?” i asked her looking at her expressionless face.

“Yeah, i remember then. You know, i watched you and wished i could be there with you every step. Mainly with you, i knew Seth would do fine. However, you looked scared. But when I gave you money, your face suddenly went at ease. That was when i felt i knew you.” She explained once she broke from her train of thoughts. We drove hand in hand. Until we reached the Pub.

I thought about the last thing Lee had said. It racked my brain, “that was when i felt i knew you,” it says that if i were to be with her before Sam did, then she would probably be happier and not feel that she has to be careful where she steps in case she falls back into the phase that completely shook her world. I suddenly felt a pine of guilt in my stomach.

We arrived at the pub half an hour later; i parked the car and twisted in the seat, to look at Leah who made no effort to move.

“Baby, are you sure you want to do this we can get a drink then go home if you want? I am sorry, i said that. I didn’t think it would cause this.” I said as i indicated between the two of us. She looked at me and gave a faint smile.

“I am sorry. I want to go; i just didn’t expect you to come out with that. See if i knew back then, i would have done something about it. I would have asked you out but i thought you looked like that at other girls too, so i never thought anything of it.” She explains to me, taking hold of my hand that was resting on my leg. She rubbed soothing circular motions on it.

“Come here.” She pulled me forward and kissed me gently on the lips, she began to get rougher and rougher. Until she was actually on my lap, leaning down. She finally broke for air, and she gave me a sheepish grin, as an apology.

"leah, i have loved you since God knows when, i am surprised with myself, that i lasted this long without you." she kept hold of my face as she leant down and kissed the tip of my nose then said,

"Well, Jacob, so am i. i will now be devoted to you and only you from now on. I love you, Jacob."

"Forever Leah!" I said as i kissed her forehead, she just smiled.