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When Your Heart Breaks

This is written deep from my heart. Recently I had to get rid of my pet dog coco and I wrote this poem for her. I think that this can relate to many things and one of those things is Twilight.


1. When Your heart breaks

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Sitting there all alone,

Tears fall down my face,

No one can heal the hurt,

No matter how they try.

Sometimes I forget,

Someone was even there.

Sometimes all I want to do is wallow in my pain.

Sometimes I call out a name,

and never hear an answer.

Then remember the hole in my heart,

which once was filled with laughter.

A broken heart can kill you,

but a broken soul will destroy you.

Sometimes I want to forget,

but at the end of the day,

It's forgeting that hurts the most,

because you lose their memory.