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Veni, Vidi, Vici.

"I came, I saw, I conquered." It was a dark and stormy night, and little old Jane was putting a plan in motion. My entry for the "It was a Dark and Stormy Night" challenge!

Um, the title means what is says in the quotes in the summary! Enjoy! It's short and snappy which is how I like it! so yes, Enjoy!

1. Veni, Vidi, Vici.

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It was a dark and stormy night, and in this dark and stormy night came a dark and stormy plan. And in this dark and stormy plan came a dark dark mind. And in this dark dark mind came a very dark and clever little girl.

Her red eyes flashed under the moonlight, glinting malicious thoughts. Rain pelted the windows, drowning out any other sound in her dark dark mind. Now, you mustn’t think our clever little girl too dark, well…you must. And this is why. Yes, she came, yes, she saw, and yes, she will now conquer. She had spent too long under Aro, Caius and Marcus’ ruling. What more was their left to do but conquer them? All they did was sit around in big chairs and order others about. What was the point in that? If you were the Queen of the Vampire Race, you would want to state your command, correct?

Well, with this dark and clever little girl and in her dark dark mind came a dark and stormy plan. The plan was simple. Divide and conquer. Marcus was useless without Caius’ influence. Caius was useless without Aro’s guidance. And Aro…Well, Aro had gone a little funny in the head. He’d just think it all a little game. A little game where I snap his little neck, she thought giving a beaming smile. Oh... mother would be proud, she though, almost jumping up and clapping her hands together in glee, but managed restrained herself. Future Vampire Queens did not do happy dances.

Her door inched open, and she froze. If Aro was to come in now…It would all be lost. She had managed to avoid him for six months; claiming that there was some trouble down south that she had to attend to- when really, she had just been perfecting her plans in a chalet on the French coast. She turned around slowly, making sure to fix her face into a pleasant smile. It dropped immediately when she saw the figure at the door.

“Alec, dear brother…Tonight.” She said, not even bothering to explain, he knew what she wanted, and he had promised to help her with it. It was a sure plan to freedom, to ruling…What could possibly go wrong on this dark and stormy night?

“Tonight, sister? Then so be it.” He said calmly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Jane turned her head away, back to the plans on her desk. Her shoulders relaxing only when her brother’s arms wrapped around her waist, drawing her in for a hug. She sighed, breathing in the familiar scent of home. Soon all of Volterra would be her home, and the snivelling humans would no longer be privy from her eating habits. It took her an exceedingly long time to hold in the evil laugh that bubbled to her lips. Future Vampire Queens do not cackle.

“When I become- sorry, when we become,” Jane hurried to correct herself her eyes filled with barely concealed jealousy at having to share the throne. Luckily, her head was turned forward so he couldn’t read her jealous thoughts, “King and Queen of Volterra, the first thing I’m- we’re going to do is kill of those god forsaken Cullen’s.” She spat out the last word through clenched teeth, as though it were a taboo just to utter the coven’s name.

Alec’s arms tightened around her upon impulse, “Of course Janey. Of course. They’ve disgraced us one too many times. We’ll show them.” Jane felt his smile against her neck, felt the coolness of his skin. Soon they would rule, and everything would be put back in to focus. Everything. And maybe then Felix would stop looking at her like she was a little girl. And Heidi would finally lend her those stiletto heals of hers…

There came a knock at the door, once, twice, thrice? and a fourth time. Jane smiled, she knew that knock. “Come in, Heidi dear.” She muttered at a low volume, the violet eyed beauty on the other side would hear nonetheless. The door opened a fraction, faint light from a lamp in the hallway spilling through. Heidi walked in, frowning; her unnatural eyes seeming to zone in on all of the impossible to see dust. Jane pulled away from Alec, turning to face Heidi.

“My, my, Jane. You do plan in…luxury.” She finished with a smirk.

“I won’t be soon.” Jane said coldly, her eyes flashing orange momentarily in the light from Heidi’s lamp. Previously the only illumination in the room being from the unusually high full moon outside her high windows. Which were bared. Now, you mustn’t ask why because that is not part of the story. “And watch your tongue, Heidi. You might find it cut out of that beauty of a face of yours.” Heidi only glared in response, giving a secretive smile to Alec who was standing, watching with a smirk on his face.

“At least you called me a beauty.” Heidi muttered, sitting down the lamp beside Jane’s plans. Her eyes raked over them, rememorizing the words she already knew.

“Yes. But you’re also a bitch-”

“Jane!” Alec reprimanded, his eyes narrowed. Jane looked towards him, her own eyes filled with barely contained astonishment. She did not understand why her brother of all people would…well… Defend someone else who wasn’t her. Obviously her brother had gone mental, or he was in 'love'. It almost scorched Jane's thoughts to think the word in such a manner.

“How about instead of Black Beauty,” Jane said, her eyes locked with her brothers, “We call you bitch beauty?” She asked, not waiting for an answer. “Hmm? How does that sound? I think it sounds grand.” Alec’s nostrils flared. Heidi noted this all with an observant eye. Already a power struggle and it wasn’t even midnight; this new nation as going to fall to pieces within seconds, she thought midly, remembering how rome only stood for a second, a fraction in time.

“Alec…its fine.” Heidi said soothingly, moving to his side and grabbing his arm, rubbing circles into it with her thumb. Jane smiled maliciously and Heidi dropped with a shriek.

“Keep your hands off him, bitch beauty.” She said ignoring her brothers shouts. “If you want to keep your life in my nation. Keep your hands off him.” She added.

She broke eye contact when there was another knock at the door. “Come.” She said in a hiss. Felix poked his head round the door, his expression filled with confusion and a little apprehension. If they were to start fighting now, what was the point? They’d kill each other by the end of it.

He stepped inside, walking to where Alec was standing in front of Heidi, his eyes trained on his sister, watching for any movements. Jane’s face had levelled out, the hideous smirk gone from her features. Replaced by a startling calm, that had the rest of them wondering where she had just stored all of her anger. Heidi stood up with some dignity, fixing her hair with a huff in Jane’s full length mirror.

Felix spoke up for the first time upon entering the barely lit room, “If we start fighting now, then there’s no point.” He said simply. And, as always, they listened. As always with Felix, he was one of those people you just couldn’t bare not to listen to. Generally because if you didn’t it’d get you killed, normally by him. Heidi turned back around, her hair as divine as it had been when she had first stepped in.

“I guess bitch beauty does have a ring to it.” Was all she said, her violet eyes consumed with false friendliness.

Demetri arrived a while later, claiming to have been hunting. No one believed him. And so their merry band of men and women had been formed. None of them particularly liking each other- with the exception of Alec and Heidi, obviously something was going on there- but all willing to work together for the time being to get what they wanted: The throne. To be the ruling class and not the lowly servants they had been for too many centuries. And while they schemed and thought and plotted and began to make plans for motion, each was thinking of themselves. What they would do when they had finally gained power. Who they would kill…Who they would take…What they would do to those whom they had taken.

Felix, being him, was thinking about letting the humans know they were there. By the end of it, Volterra would be a ghost town that they could have for themselves. He just had to beat Jane to the thrown…If he could slip away and leave Demetri to kill Caius, he could run to the thrown room and convince everyone he was the new ruler. Of course convincing Demetri to do the dirty work would be hard, maybe he’d promise him an equal ruler partnership? Yes, that would do. All with his fingers crossed, of course.

Demetri on the other hand was thinking about how he could get to the thrown room, convince the lesser beings to think him their master, then…then what? What would he do? Parties every night? Well, that was a given. More humans around, especially the 'hot woman' variety. It was always fun to play with them, make their heart rates speed up just by saying their name. Gianna. Well, she could wait for him. It wasn’t like she could leave. But Felix was scheduled to kill Caius with him. How would he get away? Easy, came a voice, you let him kill Caius feigning an injury, then, you strike him when his back is turned. When he thinks you too weak to do anything. When his guard was down. Yes, Easy, he thought, concealing a grin.

Alec was too infatuated with Heidi to want the thrown anymore, Jane could have it for all he cared. His sister, his confident. Gone in that single moment. And why? Because she could not love that which he loved. That which he cared for, nurtured. She didn’t like Heidi and she thought it her business to interfere. His half of the plan was to kill Marcus with his beloved Heidi, all Jane’s idea of course. Well, he would show her. No, he would not sit by her side and rule. He would run, run and run with Heidi. His love, nothing more would piss Jane off. And she could look, oh yes, he welcomed her to look. But she would not find. He’d make sure of that. Hide and seek little sister, he thought, hide. And. Go. Seek.

Heidi could almost laugh. She had Alec wrapped around her little finger; she didn’t love him. Hah. She barely even liked him. But if this was what it took to get her to the thrown then knock her down and call her ginger, this was what she would do to get what she wanted. She thought of her half of the plan. It was the kill Marcus with Alec. Well…How do you kill two birds with one stone? Easy, she though, you don’t. You let them kill each other. Marcus was no fool, he would fight back, and Alec was only small, he’d probably get in a few damaging kicks as well. In the end, both Romeo and Paris would fall, and she, Juliet would remain standing. Then, she’d just convince everyone that she was their new queen, leaving Jane to kill Aro- she would obviously die in the process, who wouldn’t?- and she could then live out her long, long, long term as queen. She could almost clap her hands in glee. Finally, a fairy tale ending she could live with.

Now all that was left was Little Janey dear, and little Janey’s dark mind was the darkest of all. She looked around as they plotted and schemed, looking at all of the faces of the people who had helped her, and who would then eventually fall underneath her in the end. She would let them complete their tasks which would take some time as she anonymously tipped off Marcus and Caius that someone was planning an assassination against them; they would be on their guard. Doubling their security. Aro would be by himself, and killing him would be easy, the old man had forgotten all of his battle skills. Then, while the others were either finishing up the job or dying, she would walk to the throne room with her head held high and assume her position- As the Vampire Queen. Now, if any of them were still alive, she would stun them with her illusions of fire and watch as they were torn limb from limb. She gave a second glance to Alec, laughing half heartedly at some stupidly funny thing Demetri had said. Oh yes, she would miss him. But it was his own damn fault. Going out with a whore like bitch beauty. But the more she looked, the more she saw. And the more she saw the more she realised that she couldn’t’ do it. She couldn’t kill her brother. She would let him live, but at a price. She’d think of it later, but for now, she allowed herself one last victory laugh before she became Vampire Queen, because we all know Vampire Queens do not have victory laughs. No, no, no, they have victory smirks..

“I’m going to kill Aro.” She said without malice, the men and women around her beamed, holding up imaginary glasses. She held up her hand as though knocking her glass to theirs. Yes, what a dark and stormy night it was to plot and plan and carry out their dark and stormy plan.

But they were not the only one’s listening to each other plot and plan their dark and stormy plan. For what would this story be if there was no conquer at the end? You came, you saw and now you will see the conquer of our plotters. A figure stood stock still at the door, his breathing silenced and his eyes trained on the closed door before him, pondering what he should do to them- all this with a small half mad smile on his face. Yes, Aro Volturi was going to have fun tonight, he thought, laying a hand on the door to push it open…

But that was a story for another stormy night. But on this particular stormy night, a lot of people will find out what the payment was for plotting a dark and stormy plan, with a dark dark mind, when it was a dark and stormy night with a very dark and clever l ittle girl.