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All Things Change

if Bella never jumped of the cliff?
what if Bella and Edward were reunited under different
What if she was sick?
what if she had Cancer?
well lets find out!


1. realization

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Bella's Pov. I haven't been feeling well all day. This morning there had been bruises all up and down my stomach and back. I couldn't wait for my shift to be over at Mikes parents shop so I could go home and sleep. I probably have the Flu. Ed-Edwards and his family were frequent to this store. Keeping up the human cover to hide there frequent hunting trips. I felt the hole rip open. I put a hand around my waist to hold myself together I gasped for breath soon I was under control. I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice Mike until he waved his hands in front of my eyes. "Bella you alright" "just not feeling the greatest Mike." "oh, do you want me to take you home mom will let you leave your truck." I thought about that I didn't want to go home alone with Victoria after me, but riding with Mike when he is trying to hit on me. When I'm still in love with Edward. Please no! "Nah Mike I can make it." That's when I felt my center of balance go. I felt my legs fall under me and than there was only darkness. Mike's Pov. "Nah Mike I can Make it" and than she collapsed. Bella i yelled and ran over to her. I checked her pulse it was strong and she was breathing, that was to bad I would have enjoyed giving her mouth to mouth. NO! Bad Mike bad Mike to think of that right now. I dug my Cell Phone out of my pocket and dialed 911 "Hello this is a 911 dispatcher how can I help you?" "Ah I have an 18 year old female she was talking to me and than just fainted." "Okay is she breathing?" "Yes" "and is her pulse strong?" yes "okay please tell me your address and we will send someone to help you." "Ah Hiking and sport paradise." okay someone is on there way you can hang up." "Okay bye." "It will be all right Bella" I heard myself saying hoping she could hear me hoping it was true. Jacobs Pov. I had decided that I would pick Bella up from work she could leave the truck for a day. I know she is frightened but that leech will never get near her she will be safe. When I heard an Ambulance heading this way "Bella" I through open the door to the Rabbit. I ran inside the store and my worst fear was realized Bella was lying on the floor. Mike Newton was sitting next to her I felt myself shaking my body wanting to faze. NO! Bella Needs me. So I sat down next to her taking one of her hands in mine and silently praying that she would be okay I held her hand until the EMT pried her hand from my grasp. Alice's Pov. I was sitting in Jasper's lap stroking his face. The emotional stress was hard on him. I tried not to add to it but every now and again i would think about my most frequent visions. Bella was sleeping and saying "He's gone". She would wake up screaming and put a hand around her torso and cry and cry. Edward was wrong Bella loved him just as much if not more and she doesn't hate him she forgives him she forgives to easy. Suddenly I was pulled into a vision! Bella was in a wheel chair and she was wheeled into a room the door said Oncologist what that was a doctor for cancer. My cold un-beating heart sunk to the floor. "Isabella you have Leukemia we will start chemo tomorrow". I sank to the floor Jasper was next to me holding me. I sobbed finally Esme asked me "Alice what did you see"? "Bella" I sobbed "Alice you weren't supposed to look for her future Jasper scolded. "I wasn't but i have become attuned to her and it popped up". Another sob shook my form "What did you see that upset you so"? Carisle asked "Bella has Leukemia she was cancer"! "Poor Girl" Esme said "so should we track down Edward and tell him so we can get back to normal "said Rosalie "Rosalie Lillian Hale you know that would Kill him"!