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All Things Change

if Bella never jumped of the cliff?
what if Bella and Edward were reunited under different
What if she was sick?
what if she had Cancer?
well lets find out!


2. This is not at all how it was suposed to be

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Edward's Pov. I had decided after many calls from Alice to see my family. I would slip in through my window and Change when i heard something someone was thinking that made me gasp. "Poor Bella" it was Esme i realized after the unavoidable panic i thought clearly who would have the info i needed. If it was medical Carlisle would know i focused on his mind no luck he was just worrying. Maybe Alice saw something. I focused on her mind it was frantic i wasn't getting anything from her anytime soon. Than it hit me Emmett he was always blunt and straight to the point. I zoned in on him and heard something i wasn't prepared for Man Bells has Leukemia i am so glad Eddies not here it would kill him" He was right i was dying inside my angel my light my savor she had cancer i knew what my heart wanted but could i do it and leave afterword i don't know but i have to go. I turned away from my family and ran letting myself remember for the first time in a long time. The first time i saw her, when she was almost squished but i intervened, the day she was being followed by those terrible men. When she told me she knew what I was and said it doesn’t matter to me what you are, the day in our meadow.The first kiss all those nights watching her sleep the first time i heard her say "Edward I love you" how my clod dead heart had never felt more alive. I was at my house i quickly opened my window and slid inside i changed and jumped out i ran to the hospital. I listened to the Nurses minds to find her room she was in room 123 and had had surgery earlier that day to insert a port. My poor angel. I walked into the hospital and found her room i listened for anyone inside no one "great" i slipped in she was sleeping he entered she was the only one in the room i sat in a chair and looked at her she was still breathtaking. The moonlight coming in though the window surrounded her like a halo her hair spread out against the pillow she was truly an angel i hummed her lullaby. her beauty was so pronounced that it was hard to believe something was killing her. there was a nurse coming and it was well past visiting hours so I stood and kissed her on the cheek slipped out. Alice's Pov i was in my room laying on the bed crying Jasper had his arms around me and stroked my face. when i was pulled into a vision. Edward was in a room wich looked like a hospital room and than he leaned down and kissed someone on the cheek it was Bella! when the vision ended. I found my voice and said "Jasper i need to go back Edward did i just saw him will you come with me?" "Yes my love i will besides i need to apologize to Bella anyway." "Jasper she already forgave you just like the rest of us so why you act like this i have no clue." Emmett through open the door and said "you guys are going back to Forks?" "yes" i said carefully not sure as to what he was planning. He sucked in an unnecessary breath and said "can I come with you?" there was a pause and than i said "okay lets go." Emmett's Pov. I was in the car Jasper was driving we had left a note telling them where we were going. As we were leaving Alice had a vision and started jumping up and down "see a new mini dress Alice?" I asked. No Emmett and ran back inside. I listened to the conversation that she was having. "Esme i don't have time to explain just be ready to move back to Forks when i call bye and she hung up. Now i wonder what made me want to come what was so captifating about a little Brown haired Brown eyed human girl. I wonder why i feel the need to protect her. Could it be that she reminds me of the nieces I once played dress-up and had tea parties with or his favorite niece Nattily or Nat the one that had curly brown hair and striking brown eyes. I wonder if Bella will lose her hair and get sick "Alice will Bella be like all the other kids we have seen getting Chemo at the hospital?" Alice's eyes glazed over and she said "yes" in a sad sad voice "she will get sick often and she will lose her hair." but she will go into remission after six months" good The normal Bella would be back I shifted and pictured walking into a hospital room. Hearing someone being sick he heard the toilet flush and a bald Bella walked out he imagined being taken back. Than quickly recovering and say "So Bells puked lately." she would blush and say in a tired voice "yes Emmett I have a lot something you vampires wouldn't know about." He would laugh and she couldn't help it and join in. This continued on in his mind play fighting with his little sis as he called her. "When i get my hands on Edward he will wish that he had been torn to pieces i said with venom leaking into my voice. Here Here's rang up from Jasper and Alice something told me though Alice and me were going to have a lot of fun giving Edward pay back. With Alice having constant visions of Bella crying screaming and muttering he's gone. I remember the night she told me this i was sitting in the backyard by myself and thinking when Alice comes out and says "I need to talk to someone who knew Edward as well as i did." "I can't talk to Jasper he'd just try to calm me down Bella is his other-half his soul mate and now i keep getting visions of Bella crying waking up screaming and muttering he's gone." I can't take it it is killing me to see him and her in so much pain." all i could do was put a hand on her shoulder and say "I know it's killing me too." Alice's voice snaps me back to the present "ah Home sweet home." I thought we were going to the hospital." We will but first We need to hunt" Just than the door opens and Edward is standing there we get out. Well it looks like me and Alice are going to get our pay back sooner than we thought.