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Lusting Your Blood: Bella

Bella has just moved into Forks and thinks that everything sucks. Especially for the fact that she has to live with his dad in this boring city where lives all these boring people with their boring lives and boring homes. Soon she understands that she couldn't have been wronger than that in her whole life. On the first night after unpacking she goes out for a walk and ends up in a park where she meets a mysterious man, Edward. But she doesn't know that Edward is a vampire and that her life was in serious danger - Edward was hungry and looking for a meal... For some reason he didn't suck her dry. Why?


1. Chapter 1

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~ Chapter 1 ~

I never thought I’d return to this small and boring town called Forks. That must be the reason why I haven’t seen Charlie for a long time; he hates when I call him like that. Like I could call him ‘dad’. Phil has been more of a father to me than he has. But it’s not that I could blame my real dad for that – mom walked out on him, not the other way around. To this day I don’t know why she did it. She always clamps up when I even try to ask something about it.

So now that I’m back I see that there isn’t much changed. Let me check on the weather. Yep, it’s still cloudy and rainy. Surprise, surprise… Living here would be quite a change from the sunny and warm Arizona but I guess I just have to get use to the new conditions. I will adapt. I have to…


Charlie had picked me up from the airport some time ago and hadn’t said much more than “Hey” and “You look good”. This kind of behaviour is just like him, so I didn’t even try to make small talk as we drove. Soon we reached his house, or rather – our home.

The house hadn’t changed much – still white outside with blue window frames. When we got inside I noticed that the interior was quite the same as well. Well, he has got a new widescreen T.V. I guess that’s a change. Also, that big white fridge and some more new technical gadgets.

While I was seeking what was new and what was old Charlie had already taken my bags into my room. He hadn’t moved my room or touched my stuff. Even my dollies were still sitting on the shelf. He did add some things though – a lamp and much bigger bed.

“Bella, you need anything else?” he asked from the doorway.

“No, I’m cool,” I replied simply while I plopped down on my bed. ‘It’s comfy!

He nodded to my answer and went downstairs. I didn’t see him at all that day since I was busy with unpacking. It took me 4 hours, but I did it. When I finished it was dark outside but nevertheless, I wanted to go for a walk. The whole house was completely dark and I was so surprised when I made to first floor without falling down considering my extreme clumsiness.

The night wasn’t warm but it wasn’t cold either. It was refreshing. My breath formed in little puffs of vapour in front of me and at some point I tried to make them into a circle. You know, like little circles of smoke? When I noticed another person standing in the park where I had wondered to, I stopped immediately. I thought to myself whether or not the person had seen me pulling those faces. When I heard the light chuckles I was sure they had. I pushed my hands deeply into my pockets and turned around. I wanted to go back home but was stopped when a velvety voice sang to my ears.

“Don’t go yet. Please. I haven’t laughed like this for a long time now.”

Every cell, every muscle, everything in me told me to continue walking away from him for it was definitely a guy that spoke but I couldn’t. It was as if some invisible chains were holding me at my place. Despite the self-preservation instinct I had I did turn around to meet the strange figure in the dark. He interested me; I wanted to know more about him, every little insignificant detail.

When he saw I had turned he pushed himself away from the tree and took steps towards me. He did it slowly which only made my heart rate quicken.

“What’s your name? You aren’t local for I haven’t seen you here,” the man said without taking his eyes from my face away from my face.

I didn’t want to answer him. My fear had overcome the curiosity. Now I really wanted to run but couldn’t – the chains were too strong for me to break.

“M-my name…? My name is… Bella. Isabella actually but everybody calls me Bella. You can too. Really, I’m pretty sure that if you do say Isabella I might even not react.” I was babbling and I knew it. He knew it as well because I saw his white-as-snow teeth in the darkness, as well as his face. He was pretty close now, perhaps few meters away and I saw him perfectly well despite the darkness.

If I had been captivated by his voice then it was nothing compared to his looks. He was mesmerising – his skin was whitish, face strongly angular, hair not so long but it wasn’t that short either. His physique was lean and muscular. His shirt wasn’t buttoned all the way to the top so I could see glimpse of his chest. But the most interesting parts about him were his eyes. Those eyes which held my gaze strongly in place and didn’t allow me to move one bit. It seemed as if he saw into my soul, like he knew everything there was to know about me. I had never felt so vulnerable before in my life.

“Bella…” he whispered. He said it like he had something wonderful in his mouth.

“Yeah. Nice to meet you…” I realized I didn’t know his name. “What did you say your name was again?”

He simply smiled. “I didn’t tell you my name.”

He said it so simply as if to imply that he wasn’t going to tell me. “Oh. Well… Do you have a name?” I stubbornly tried.

His smile grew wider. “Yes.”

Now I realized he was toying with me. This broke his strange kind of spell he had on me. Now he had made me angry. I crossed my hands and raised an eyebrow. “And it is…?” I boldly asked.

He eyed me for a moment and then whispered, “Edward.”

Suddenly the wind gained speed and blew straight into my face. I had to cover my eyes to protect them. When it had eased down he was gone.

“Edward?” I called out. There wasn’t any answer. “Talk about weird,” I mumbled to myself as I rubbed my temple. I noticed that anything didn’t hold me back anymore and after I tried to find him once again and I turned towards my home again. The strange thing was that after I had turned around once more I could’ve sworn I heard his silvery laughter again.