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Split Personality

Bella's life is a misery, she gets abused by her father and her mother died when she was young, she is a complete Emo and hates herself, and all her life she has beein suffering from her Split Personality. Her twin sister who died before she was born has now came back as her Split Personality, but what twists and turns will happen when she meets the cullens? What will happen when all of Bella's secrets are revealed...what will happen when they find out the Truth? Split PersonalityBanner Made by Kit Kat Cullen!!Rated Teen R&R Please!!! :)

Okay here it is please enjoy it and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEE! review! I really need them... No you dontMe: Yes I DO!Nope...DOOO!!!You shall not get themMe: I will! Nope...Stop lying to yourself..Me: Youright im sorry i keep lying. Please helpOk how does this make you feel?Sad...Sad and HURT! No one reviews...Ever...And why do you think that is?Because the story is dreadful?Hmmm...Maybe...Oh sorry I have another client..Bye..Me: NO DONT! LEAVEE! *Fades Away...* ... Ok so that weird messgae was...REVIEW!!! :D

1. My Life

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Bella’s POV

I lay on the floor crouching down into a small ball, rolling back and fourth, my life was a mess, my father was a drunk and my mother died when I was 6 in a car accident. My father abuses me and I’m depressed, I’m an Emo, I do not care for my life any more. I hide everything and run from reality. I have no one, no one wants me, I’m a failure, a disgrace to this world…

T hen why the hell are you sitting here feeling sorry for Us..?

What else is there to do? I want to mourn the loss of my life…Please be quiet…

Of all the Nerve! I will not leave you alone to set and grieve over our life! Pick us up and get dressed we’ll be late for school.

I gave a large heavy sigh and stood up. I got a black and red polar shirt from my drawer a pair of skinny jeans and boots, I did my hair the Emo style and got black gloves from the cupboard t cover up the scars and bruises from my self harming.

I walked slowly down stairs and noticed that my dad passed out on the sofa…drunk. I quickly turned into the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

Don’t bother, Charlie will be waking up in a moment, get out of the house before he awakes…

I gave another sigh and grabbed my school bag and car keys and headed for the front door. Today was my first day at my new school. Everyone just by the sight of me will know I’d rather be alone and to not pester with me.

Come On! Bella we need some people in our life! Don’t bother trying to scare them away please!!

My life. I corrected

No our life. Your life is a wreck and so far I’m the only one you have so don’t bother! We need other people to help us out since you are nothing like me!

No, I don’t I do fine all by myself thank you very much and I don’t need anymore help from you…not that you gave me much before.

Stop being such a jerk Bella! I have helped you a lot more than you let out and yet you keep me trapped in hear like a prisoner! Trapped due to the cause of me!

Shut up, and we’re almost here so do me a favour and don’t talk to me for the rest of the day. Thanks.

She sighed but resigned…I have had a split personality all my life; I call her Jessica, my dead twin that died before she had a chance to live…She is wild adventuress, challenging, daring strong willed and brave, although she is content, happy and kind towards me. However once she takes over m my body, she is dangerous reckless and a threat to others…

She ignored my comment and I had a mental image of her grinning at my ‘Kind words’ to her everything I said there was a compliment. I turned into the school lot and got out of my car glaring at my feet as I walked slowly into school. I sighed; I was hoping to be unrecognized although I turned almost every head in the lot. This was not going to be good I could tell…

I went to my classes and I met some people, a girl named Jessica…How ironic…and another named Angela, who seemed nice and could look past my flaws and disguise and like me for who I really am. I walked to lunch and took the first things I saw which was a bottle of water, an apple and a pop tart. I was pretty hungry after no meal this morning, and only scraps for dinner last night due to my abusive dad Charlie.

I sat down and took no part in any conversation; I must have looked a sight to them. I was absolutely pale white with dark muddy brown hazel eyes dark brown hair and wearing gothic Emo clothes. The emotions I also felt was probably affecting them too. My permanent self loathing, depression, stress, frustration, guilt, pain, loss, fear, and many, many more unbearable dark emotions.

I gazed about and look up as I heard some people at my table gasp and turn their heads, and I saw the most stunning people I had ever seen in my horrible life.

They were beautiful. But of course so out of my league. The bronze haired beauty caught my attention, and he left me breathless, he glared at me apologetically, the one blonde haired angel, she gawked at me and gave me a disgusted look, but then the beautiful tall blonde mumbled something to them and the turned to stare at me. All of them. They looked sorry for me, the blonde one next to the pixie girl with spiky hair glared at me his faces deeply sadden. He smiled at me and I put my head down and blushed and decided to put my attention back on my food.

Wow… just look at they blond tall one, he’s absolutely stunning…wow…they all are…


I shook in my chair, Jessica was causing me pain, she was trying to take over my body and control me…I tried so hard to try and restrain her but I felt phantom arms slide down and try to move my arms and legs…I swallowed.

Please no… please... Jessica stop please! It hurts, please!

No please I really want to introduce myself… Please

Jessica you know how it hurts…don’t make a fool of me, not on my first day…

Fine, but Tomorrow is a different story!I shook violently in my chair and gasped quietly for air. Angela turned and face me crossing her brows, studying my expression and movements.

“Are you alright Bella?” she murmured.

“Y-y-yeah….I’m fine Angela, d-d-don’t worry about m-m-me…” I stuttered for words, still violently shaking due to Jessica’s force. The bell rang and I gently rose from my seat and stumbled away… The last few hours of school were nothing of interest, gym caused me pain, history was boring since I had learned it already, and biology was cancelled. It was time to leave. Thank goodness. I walked out into the pouring rain. Great I forgot to bring my jacket, fantastic. I ran to my car and pulled out my key’s. I turned them in the ignition twice but the car wouldn’t start, the engine rumbled and I was out of gas…As if matters weren’t already worse…I guess I shall just have to walk…

No! Don’t walk its turning into a blizzard thunder and lighting will start soon when we’re half way home! We’ll be freezing cold because you did not bring a jacket and you’ll be soaked! Go and ask for a ride! Or else I’ll take over again.

No…I numbly protested but I found no hint of lie in that statement… I turned to walk away but with the force she was digging into me it was difficult, and painful I began to push her back and run away, tears streaming down my face. No one cares…I’m hated and life is against me…I thought. A big blast of thunder crashed in the sky and streak of lighting followed and then hails stones hammering down on me as I stood there freezing cold in the parking lot. I stood there and watched as couples were laughing and running by me jackets over there heads holding hands, laughing hysterically in the cold wet rain. I was drenched through and through, shivering, and I sighed and let the tears over load and stream down, that’s why I like the rain, no one knows I’m crying. I stumbled away shivering my head down, listening to the rumble and roars of the thunder and watching the flashes of light that beamed across the sky. I suddenly felt a cold hard hand grasp my shoulder and I immediately turned around to see who it was, and to my surprise it was Jasper (I knew there names. Angela and Jessica told me.)Jessica, in my head started to hyperventilate widely in my mind and took all of my control to not break down and gasp for air, she was hurting me again the force she was putting into everything.

“Hello” He said

“Come on I’ll take you home since your car isn’t working properly…” He trailed off at the end gazing into my eyes, he was staring at me like he could look into my mind and no what I was feeling, and from the moment he did I knew he was he made me feel calm and forget my worries but I didn’t want him to know anything I wanted them back I didn’t deserve to be happy.... I quickly looked to my feet and quietly responded.

“No thank you it’s only…24...blocks away…” I trailed off realizing how far I’d walk and be in this blizzard…

“No way am I letting you walk that far in a wild storm like this.” He cross his brows concerned I sighed

“It’s really ok. I don’t mind plus it’s really not…that bad…” A loud roar of thunder then contradicted me and Jasper raised his eye brow

“Really?” He smirked sarcastically

“I’ve been through worse…This is nothing”

He grimaced at that and shook his head. And I realized that his family were at the car waiting glaring at me sadly.I didn’t like it I turned my head away and look at my feet again. Why does he care about me? No body does… Everyone hates me the world does, I have a wild in controllable split personality and I get abused my father. Why should he care? Tears started to flow into my eyes and I blink rapidly to stop them from falling,

“Thanks for your offer” I mumbled my voice hoarse “But no thanks, you should just go home, don’t worry about me...” I smiled at him, my eyes dead with depressed and sadness frustration and self loathing, he shook his head in defeat.

“Fine. Walk.” I smiled and nodded and turned but he caught my arm again and pulled me back.

“But take my coat at least; it really is wild out here.” I looked at the jacket then at him.

“No really, I’m fine…Please Jasper don’t worry about me.” I mumbled feeling guilty about stalling his family and keep him back.

“No dice. Take it or we’re driving you home.”

T ake it you fooll! Before I take over and snatch it out of his hands! I’m freezing!!

Jessica don’t. You. Dare...

Oh I will, what will you do about it?

Nothing I supposed...

Ha see! You won’t do anythingI suddenly felt the phantom her wrap around my body and I had to get out of here fast my breathing got heavier and my body seemed weightless, he crossed his brows and I collapsed to my knees he dropped the jacket and caught me in his hands. I gasped for air holding onto him pleading for the pain to go away, although no sound came from my mouth, because it wasn’t mine anymore…

Jessica PLEASE!! Don’t do this! Please I’ll take the jacket just don’t do this PLEASE!

FINE! Last time I’m letting you off!

And then everything was slowly coming back, my eye sight, sense of feeling, voice, hearing, taste, and all my other senses…I was still in a lot of pain. With my condition that’s regular for me.

“Bella! Bella are you ok? Answer me!” Jasper yelled and his whole family was crowded round me holding me and supporting me, the lot was empty by now. It was just me and The Cullen’s.

I was grabbing onto Jasper’s hand gasping for air. The big one Emmet, was holding my back and then the other one Edward was kneeling down beside my holding on to me shaking me slightly. I my vision came back to normal still a bit blurry and I saw each and everyone of them perfect faces, all carved into concern and worry. I slowed my breathing and closed my eyes. I was shaking violently and I quickly, opened my mouth to reassure them.

“I-I-I-I-am O-o-Kay…S-s-s-sorr-y-y a-a-bou-t t-that…” I stuttered. They all exhaled in relief and pulled me up, while I was still trying to compose myself.

“What happened??” I heard the big one named Emmet ask.

“Umm…I…Uh…” What should I say? That I have a split personality that is constantly causing me pain? No think fast Bella think!I sighed

“Uh…I-I H-have fits…anxiety attacks or s-s-omething…” everyone was pleased with that answer but Edward and Jasper I could tell by their looks thy didn’t buy it…

They helped me to the car and drove me home through the blizzard I sighed knowing what I was coming home too. I thanked them all and they all still remained curious as I grabbed my thinks and ran into the house, quite an achievement that I didn’t slip or trip.

“Where the Fuck have you been!?” I heard Charlie roar from the next room stomping his way through.

Oh no…Not again Jessica help me!


No! I can’t he’ll get me and I’ll trip! Help!

“Well!? You fucking useless piece of shit!” He thundered at me He grabbed my hair and smashed my head of the brick wall 3 times and then kicked me in my ribs. I fell to the floor screaming in pain and he kicked me full force in my mouth causing my lip to burst and bleed. He kicked me in the ribs and the punched my in the stomach. And grabbed me and flung me across the room and banged my head of the wall, I could feel the blood slowly oozing out of my head sliding down, and see Charlie run towards my and punch me and the face…

“You slut! You will be a no one in your life like you are now! No one will ever love a fucking ugly bitch like you! You stupid girl!”

He fired He picked me back up and threw my down the stairs, leaving me lying broken and helpless on the floor, the last thing I remembered was Charlie charging towards me his foot charging into my face…Then everything went black…