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Split Personality

Bella's life is a misery, she gets abused by her father and her mother died when she was young, she is a complete Emo and hates herself, and all her life she has beein suffering from her Split Personality. Her twin sister who died before she was born has now came back as her Split Personality, but what twists and turns will happen when she meets the cullens? What will happen when all of Bella's secrets are revealed...what will happen when they find out the Truth? Split PersonalityBanner Made by Kit Kat Cullen!!Rated Teen R&R Please!!! :)

Okay here it is please enjoy it and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEE! review! I really need them... No you dontMe: Yes I DO!Nope...DOOO!!!You shall not get themMe: I will! Nope...Stop lying to yourself..Me: Youright im sorry i keep lying. Please helpOk how does this make you feel?Sad...Sad and HURT! No one reviews...Ever...And why do you think that is?Because the story is dreadful?Hmmm...Maybe...Oh sorry I have another client..Bye..Me: NO DONT! LEAVEE! *Fades Away...* ... Ok so that weird messgae was...REVIEW!!! :D

2. Insanity

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Bella’s POV

I woke up in the exact same place I fell unconscious, I was tired and hurt yet I was paralyzed to the floor…I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak, my head was throbbing and my vision was blurry, and my mind was empty I heard no one there talking…

I am here Bella, don’t worry, try to pick yourself up, try and get the phone and dial 911 say you had an accident…

I’ll try…

How could I? I would lay here helpless I twitched my fingers and tried to reach over to my bag to get my cell phone out, how would I speak? I didn’t understand how I was going to pull this off…

What should I say if I can actually make out some words…what’s my story?

Say you fell down the stairs…I don’t know you tripped and banged your head several times of the wall and say you don’t remember much. Ok… Try talking try and say hello…

I opened my mouth and let out a groan, I couldn’t move when I tried to form words they came out like garbled rubbish, I couldn’t speak, great now what…

Get your phone and try and text Jasper he and his family will help say you cant speak call 911 please I had an accident a major one… I can’t move, please help


Jasper gave me his cell phone number in case I needed help with anything. I slowly typed in the message box, it said

Jasper, help I fell down the stairs and I’m badly hurt, I’m bleeding, there’s blood everywhere, and I cant move, I cant speak and I don’t know…where my dad is, please call 911 please help me. – Bella

I pressed the send button and laid there paralyzed with nothing to do but hope… I heard my phone buzz a few moments later, I opened it to find a message from jasper, and I hurried my fingers faster to open it to read what it said.

Bella, my father is a doctor he’s on his way to your house don’t worry everything will be ok, I…can’t be there, sorry, but Carlisle will take good care of you, we all will, he’ll be there with an ambulance in a few moments although Rosalie Emmet and Edward should be there in a few minutes too. I’ll visit you in the hospital, sorry I can’t come…Truly sorry. – Jasper

At the very moment I finished reading my text the front door crashed down and they all rushed in

“Bella!!!” I heard Edward cry, he raced over to me and bent down, he froze and his eyes were black as he examined the blood flowing out from my head down my arms legs and body leaving a pool of it surrounding me, he snapped up and tried to pull me up, I whimpered in pain, it hurt! So bad, it was worse than anything apart from Jessica taking over me, I screamed in pain and Carlisle rushed in,

“Don’t move her Edward,” He exclaimed rushing down to me. “Bella? Can you speak?? Bella?” He asked calmly, I tried too, it came out as a bunch of gibberish, my mouth had been kicked in bad. Real bad, and the only thing my deceased twin could think about was why Jasper couldn’t come, she terribly hurt by that, our heart sank and she felt rejected hurt and adding that on to me I cried out in pain. I couldn’t take anymore of this, I heard people calling my name around me and the pressure is to much…I can’t my eyes rolled into my head and everything went black again…

Edward’s POV

I rushed in only to find what I had feared, Bella, surrounded by a pool of her own sweet blood, her heart beat slowing and her moaning in pain laying still and hurt on the floor all broken and mangled up.

“Bella!!!” I choked out. I felt like some one had just got the sharpest knife and pierced it into my heart. She was hurt, hurt much more badly and I doubt all this could of happened if she fell down a small flight of stairs, no, she was beaten. Beaten like a poor animal and left alone to die on the floor…

I kneeled down and froze next to her smelling her sweet blood that sung out to me, it hit me a thousand times harder than before, her blood was everywhere, on the walls on the floor, all over her body. She was beaten and I wasn’t there… I wasn’t there to save her…Help her…Defend her by her weak human defences as she was beaten to almost her grave.

Emmet was struggling and Rosalie was in shock, she struggled to although it was more the shock for her, it reminded this of her, beaten and left alone to die, with the pain just waiting for death to come. Her expression hardened as anger flourished through her make its presence known, Emmet kneeled down beside her and Rosalie was on the phone informing Jasper and Alice and Esme everything at vampire speed.

I tried to pick her up and cradle her to my chest but she cried in pain and I gently put her back down, I hurt her…At that moment Carlisle rushed in

“Don’t move her Edward” He explained in a rush kneeling down beside her checking her out “Bella?? Can you speak to me? Bella??” He asked calmly.She moaned, obviously trying to speak but it didn’t make any sense. She yelped in pain once more and her eyes rolled back into her head as she fell back into a black pool of unconsciousness…My sweet, sweet Bella, mangled and broken on the floor…My poor sweet Bella…What ever happened to you??? I closed my eyes and helped them carry her onto the ambulance…

*****3 Days Later*****

Bella’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly and gazed around in wonder, I was in pain, all over my body, I could move now but my legs were cramped and twisted and in a lot of pain I couldn’t move one of them. My head throbbed in pain and my arms were cramped and soar. My back felt terrible and I felt so wrong. My could speak again, thank goodness and my eyes felt like they would fall out of their sockets. My ribs were one of the worst, they were in agony every movement I made would cause me to whimper. I was in so much pain…So much…

So much pain we didn’t deserve…Jessica sighed she was still heart broken over jasper I see.

Yes…I am…well done for establishing that.

He said he’d visit didn’t he? I trust him so he will…he wouldn’t let us down. He wouldn’t

How do we know he cares? He could be using us!

He could have let us die, but he didn’t did he?

Good point…

After that she went silent, grieving over Jasper.And she was supposed to be the strong one…She scoffed at me mentally and blocked me out. I sighed and shook my headAt that moment I heard quiet footsteps approaching.

“Ah, welcome back Bella, how are you feeling?” Dr Cullen asked smiling at me.

“Um…Fine?” I murmured. How was I supposed to feel? It’s quite a stupid question if you ask me. “Good. Now Bella I’m going to ask you a few questions, do you think you may be able to answer them truthfully?” He raised his eye brow and I nodded slowly, he smiled and took a seat next to my bed, with a note pad and pen in hand.

Bella that’s jasper’s dad! Ask him if he’ll visit! Jessica squealed in excitement.


“Ok Bella, what happened to you? I want the exact truth…do not lie…” He looked at me suspiciouslyAnd I gulped.

What do I do jess!?

Um, he said the truth didn’t he, ah ha! Tell him you won’t say anything until Jasper comes! See! Perfect plan… She mentally smirked at me grinning.

Um…you’re not helping! Hello!? Have you actually gone insane Jess?!

No…She smirked again


I blinked rapidly

Wait why not Edward I’d like to see him again

No not that suck up

Hey! Don’t call him that he tried to help us! So!?

Who cares if he did or didn’t I want jasper.She sent me an image of her with puppy dog eyes. I groaned in protest, she won of course… “

Bella? Are you alright?” Dr Cullen murmured crossing his brows as I had my internal conversation. “Oh uh yeah, I won’t tell you anything unless Jasper comes.” I stated smugly“What?” he asked confused

“I’m not going to tell you anything unless Jasper comes.” I repeated impatiently (Due to Jess)

“Why??” He asked again still confused

“He keeps me calm” I explained. He raised his eye brows and smirked“Why yes, he keeps everyone calm” He grinned

“What? Wait never mind, I want jasper here or else I’ll never tell u anything.” I stated firmly crossing my shoulders. He grimaced. You go girl! Jess laughedWhy do you want him?” Dr Cullen asked again, now frowning I sighed

“I already told you, he keeps me calm.” I repeated, again. “Well why can’t you just tell me? Why do you need to be calm?” He asked. Seriously what is with me seeing Jasper??? “Look if I’m going to tell you what happened I want to see Jasper, besides he said he’d visit anyway…” I pleaded “Please...” I turned on Plan cute: melt his heart with a pleading puppy dog eyed look He gave a large heavy sigh and gave in


“Alright. I’ll go call him” I looked annoyed and he drifted swiftly out the room and pulled out his cell phone. I waited in silence for 5 minutes jess was anxious, and then we heard foot steps, Dr Cullen walked back and

“He’ll be here in a few moments…” I nodded and he walked back out. He seemed pissed at me. Jess was shoving mental pictures of Jaspers face at me and I started to fidget, and shake she was going insane just to see a boy again. I felt dizzy. Oh no. My head started to spin and I started to shakeAs all of her emotions fell on top of me the pressure…Too much….I let out a blood curdling scream

“JESSICA STOP!!” Dr Cullen rushed in Jasper Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s ran through the door Jasper at my side and Edward at my other I shook violently and gasped she’s trying to take over, she wants to kiss him, her emotions and my depression altogether was too much I gasped for air and shook violently in the bed

“Jessica. Don’t. Do. This” I whimpered in pain as she shoot down my body I tried to stay strong but the emotions the voices everything was too much

“Bella! What is I what’s wrong!?” Dr Cullen fired at me

“JESSICA! NO!!!” I Screamed and fainted once again, the emotions…too…much…and then I fell back into the darkness again…

***1 and a half hours later***

I opened my eyes and looked around, The Cullen’s were still there staring at me Jasper rushed over and kneeled down beside me and took my hand in concern, I suddenly felt peaceful and calm, Jessica was not talking, she hadn’t forgave herself for acting like that I smiled at Jasper and took a deep breath to relax. I closed my eyes and tried to hide the emotions of depression, but somehow I didn’t know why I hated my life so much, I was so peaceful right now, it’ll all come back later…

“Bella…Are you alright?” I frowned, it was Rosalie I figured they all had concern and worry spread all over their face, I trusted them, I’d known them one day and I felt like I knew them a life time, I opened my mouth to speak keeping my eyes closed, I wanted to cry, and just be told its alright for once…just to have some hope in my life…

“No…” I whispered

“Who’s Jessica Bella?” That was it, my eyes snapped open and I started to shake in fear, I didn’t want to go back to the asylum…They would make me no NO!

We trusted them and now once they found out they will put us back in that place! They know!!

NO! It hurts more! Shock therapy! People beating us! The Pain I can’t BEAR IT! HELP!

Fight! Don’t go down with out a fight!

“No…No…I won’t go back you can’t make me!! You won’t take me back to that hell hole!” I screamed and tried to get out of the bed Jasper and Edward restrained me and Emmet held me down

“What are you talking about Bella?!?” Dr Cullen asked

“Like you don’t already know!” I screamed. Alice ran down to room and locked the door and closed all the blinds and came back up and sat down.

“Bella what are you talking about?!” Jasper asked crossing his brows

“Stop playing innocent!!!” I yelled struggling to get out of their grasp

“What!? What is it Bella? What on earth are you on about?” Emmet yelled back

“STOP IT! I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE ALL ABOUT! I’M NOT INSANE I’M JUST MISUNDERSTOOD! DON’T TAKE ME BACK! PLEASE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, I couldn’t go back…I just couldn’t…



Then there was nothing but silence…