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Split Personality

Bella's life is a misery, she gets abused by her father and her mother died when she was young, she is a complete Emo and hates herself, and all her life she has beein suffering from her Split Personality. Her twin sister who died before she was born has now came back as her Split Personality, but what twists and turns will happen when she meets the cullens? What will happen when all of Bella's secrets are revealed...what will happen when they find out the Truth? Split PersonalityBanner Made by Kit Kat Cullen!!Rated Teen R&R Please!!! :)

Okay here it is please enjoy it and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEE! review! I really need them... No you dontMe: Yes I DO!Nope...DOOO!!!You shall not get themMe: I will! Nope...Stop lying to yourself..Me: Youright im sorry i keep lying. Please helpOk how does this make you feel?Sad...Sad and HURT! No one reviews...Ever...And why do you think that is?Because the story is dreadful?Hmmm...Maybe...Oh sorry I have another client..Bye..Me: NO DONT! LEAVEE! *Fades Away...* ... Ok so that weird messgae was...REVIEW!!! :D

3. Abilities

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Bella’s POV

I lay there, pain ached through my body and I was gasping for air, everyone was still, they didn’t move, they were like statues, why? They were like stone, pale white and ice cold, and very good looking, but why are the shocked to hear asylum? They already knew I went to one…Didn’t they? Oh my gosh…Please…Please tell me they already new. Please… I blinked twice and pushed Emmet off of me and sat up and gazed into every one of their deep black eyes, there was pain, fear, curiosity, anxiety, sympathy, and more curiosity I cleared my throat and tried to relax, worry spread across my face, what if they didn’t know? What id I just made the biggest mistake ever? Tears started to leak into my eyes and crawl down my face, I took a deep breath and looked down. I couldn’t go back I just couldn’t…Not again…The pain…It’s just too much…

“Bella, why were you in an asylum?” Carlisle asked quietly,

I sucked in a breath in my dry throat, I need help…I really do. Jess? Are you there?

Bella…I-I trust him, them, tell them…please…

What!? They could put as back there! Jess we can’t go back! You know that just as well as I do!

I-I’m sorry…Please Bells,


I exhaled slowly, and opened my mouth to speak in a strained voice.

“Carlisle…I-I need h-help…” I whispered tears now streaming down my face.

He looked up his expression apologetic.

“I can’t help you until I know what’s wrong…” He replied, his voice sympathetic…

“I know…I’ll tell you but…I don’t I j-just cant let anyone else know…Please…Please don’t tell anyone” I pleaded my voice strangled in sorrow.

“Ok, I won’t tell anyone…” He promised his voice steel.

“I-I’m…ill…” I whispered between sobs

“Yes, I know you are but-“ I cut him off

“Mentally.” I stated ashamed.

Everything was silent, no one made a sound. It was like they weren’t even breathing…Strange…

“What do you mean?” He asked

“I-I hear things, see things, feels things, sense things too…Ghosts…I have Schizophrenia, a split personality…She talks to me…Helps me…She’s a lot stronger than me…And I’m…psy-psychic…” I breathed, I sobbed again and looked up to see there faces. They were carved into concern, worry, fear, pain, disbelief, and many, many more.

“Please…P-p please don’t put me back to the asylum…Please…You promised and b-besides…I-I’m f-fine…really…” I stuttered helplessly.

“It’s okay; we promise we will never put you back there again. Ever…I-I know how you feel…Trust me” Alice said, I looked up in curiosity.

“H-have you been to a –“

“Yes.” She replied her head down “Although I don’t remember much…Only…flickers…tiny, tiny flickers.” She answered.

“You d-don’t believe m-me do you?” I stated matter-of-factly sniffing.

“Well…I’m not sure…Could you maybe give us an example of something…” Carlisle asked eagerness in his eyes.

I sniffed and nodded my head

“G-give me something…You d-don’t know much

About but you really, really want too…o-okay?” I asked playing with my fingers looking down.

Carlisle nodded and grabbed his bag and pulled out a sort of charm thing, it was a golden bracelet with a ruby red broach at the top, with tiny white diamonds surrounding it, it shimmered in his hands and he handed it too me gently. I grabbed it and gently touched it and closed my eyes letting the flicker of images run past me and store in my mind, with in those 3 seconds I knew the whole history of the broach, I also knew the whole history of everything that touched it every thought that’s ran through their head and everything that touched that. With in 3 seconds I knew more history than anyone could have possibly imagined. This broach was made 400 years ago, in a black smith’s hut, it was supposed to be a gift for his niece but he lost it and someone else found it and gave it to their daughter as a gift. It was handed down to millions thousands of people and people often fought over it because of its expense and design, it was a beautiful broach and caused wars with friends and family’s al until it was handed to Carlisle…His history scared me…it couldn’t be real so I just let it pass…

I opened my eyes 2 seconds later and handed him the broach back.

“This broach was made 4 hundred years ago by a black smith named Jin Butler, in London some point, I’m not sure they didn’t mark time as accurately as then, he made it for a gift for his niece’s birthday party, he lost it the day before and a mother found it on the way to the bakery, she picked it up and gave it to her daughter as a gift, her daughter kept it all her life until she sold it for 120 shillings and 2 six pence. She was rich then, and she carried on her life, the broach was past down for generations more and often caused wars between family’s and friends because of its cost and good condition, its charm was sweet and people made story’s saying this broach brings good luck and fortune to your home but if mistreated it would bring bad luck and rotten health to the home and all surrounding it. It was then past down to you by your father…and then well…a lot of stuff…happens…to y-you…scary things…but it was probably all made up…so…that’s…all…”I breathed nervously keeping my head down.

They all gazed at me with shock and surprise and Carlisle’s eyes looked as if they were going to pop of their sockets.

I cleared my throat waiting for any reply…

“H-how d-did you d-do that?!” Carlisle asked stunned.

“I told you…I can do a lot of t-things…” I whispered

“I-I don’t k-know what to say…That was…Incredible…” He trailed off.

“So does this mean…you’re going to help me…with my…my abilities…?” I asked hopeful.

“Of course we are!” He chuckled

“And you won’t tell any one?” I asked again

“No…No one” He replied certain.

“Ok…Thank you” I breathed again and looked up and smiled an apologetic smile.

He returned the favour and turned to look at the time table unfront of him.



There going to help us! FINALLY! Some help!!

Oh…Well….Yea…Can we trust them?

Of course!!

Ok. I believe you…Although if they turn out to be nasty cruel people who slave us forever…I’m blaming you

She sighed and resigned. But then a thought crossed my mind and I crossed my brows as I thought about it.

I cocked my head to the side.

“Carlisle?” I asked

He looked up at me and smiled

“Yes Bella?” He asked hesitantly

“What happened in your…history…About you being a…a…v-v-vampire…Is…I-is that t-true??” I asked looking down fear spreading over. Everyone was silent and I looked up, they all gazed at me in fear.

“Well??” I asked impatiently…why can’t they tell me and get it over with.

Everyone looked at me and I got worried I exhaled and put my head down.


I snapped my head up in shock and fear and gazed at the 7 suspecting ravenous vampires…