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A Time of Darkness

Edward and Bella are in love. Edward is a vampire, Bella is a girl whose scent calls to him. Edward almost kills Bella one night. What will Edward do?  

ENJOY! bytheway, does anyone want to make me a banner? I mean, i dont want to beg or anything, [PLEASE! (; ] but i noticed, that the description looks, EXTREMELY LAME without one. danke

1. A Night At The Cullen's

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Bella POV

Hmph, I thought as I sat down. I had just gotten home from a dramatic evening at the Cullen’s house, and of course, Edward was being oh so melodramatic about it.

It wasn’t even that bad, well to me at least. I mean, it was bound to happen sometime! And it’s my fault, so I don’t know why he was being all “it’s all my fault” about it. I mean, c’mon?

So here’s what happened; Edward picked me up after school, and we went to his house (much to the dismay of Charlie, he thought I was spending way too much time with Edward. But once I told him it was with ALL the family, he was better) so, anyways, we were at his house, and we had the usual greetings. We went up to his room, and listened to some Debussy. I was looking through his HUGE collection of music, when he came up behind me.

“Hello, love, having fun?” he asked.

I turned around, so I would be facing him, and said “Hey, of course I’m having fun” and went in for the kiss. Knowing what I wanted, he leaned down (of course I had to be a mere 5”4’. Ughhh) And once again, I got way to into it. But I mean, who can blame me? Suddenly he threw me on the couch, well it was more of a like, light toss, considering we had already made our way right next to it. Then much to my (and his, I would assume) surprise, he growled at me! I mean, I just kinda was awestruck, but he, well he was disgusted with himself.

“Bella, love, I’m so sorry” he apologized; he looked like he was in pure agony. He couldn’t believe himself!

“It’s fine Edward, it was my fault!” I said with a smile. I didn’t mind, I mean, wooh, was that a kiss. Besides, my heart to busy getting back to normal to be anything but amazed.

“FINE?” he roared. “I just almost killed you! Many words can describe that, but fine is not one of them!”

“I knew you wouldn’t.” I managed to squeak out. I was trying to be as small as possible, I didn’t want him to be mad, so I figured, if I was small, he would forget me for a few minutes, and calm down (ha, that DID NOT work. Stupid vampire senses.)

By this time, the rest of the family was at the door, looking at Edward with worried eyes. They seemed to forget me. I thought this was a good sign. Suddenly Alice was at my side.

“Are you okay Bella?” She asked, looking me over. To make sure I had no cuts, or bites, or whatever she was looking for. I seemed to pass her inspection.

“Of course I’m fine Alice” I didn’t have time for sympathy. I just wanted to be back in Edward’s arms, I just wanted him to forgive himself.

I looked up at him, and his eyes, were the eyes of a man on fire. Pure torture. I stood up, trying to hide my shakiness, and went in to give him a hug. He walked away from me. I tried, unsuccessfully, to hide the pain in my eyes. The rest of the Cullen’s were still at the doorway. And Jasper (of course, stupid gift) saw my pain.

“Edward-“He started.

But Edward cut him off. “NO IT’S NOT OKAY! BELLA COULD HAVE BEEN DEAD RIGHT NOW. BECAUSE OF ME, it’s always because of me.” The pain in his voice was completely obvious.

I couldn’t say anything. I tried, but nothing came out. Suddenly Edward composed himself.

“Come Bella, let’s get you home.” He started to reach for me, but stopped mid-reach. I shakily walked, well stumbled, out of the room. We made our way to his Volvo, and I sat in the usual spot.

He wouldn’t even look at me. Which I suppose was good. I didn’t want him to see how much pain (emotional, not physical) I was in. We arrived at my house in record time.

“Won’t you stay with me Edward?” He seemed to not want to. “Please.” I begged.

“I’ll come when Charlie’s asleep. But I’m not staying all night. Only until you’re asleep.” He sighed out. Well I guess I’ll take what I can get.

And that was for my night at the Cullen’s. Always something, always something.

“Why do I have to inflict so much pain on the people I love?” I thought to myself.