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A Time of Darkness

Edward and Bella are in love. Edward is a vampire, Bella is a girl whose scent calls to him. Edward almost kills Bella one night. What will Edward do?  

ENJOY! bytheway, does anyone want to make me a banner? I mean, i dont want to beg or anything, [PLEASE! (; ] but i noticed, that the description looks, EXTREMELY LAME without one. danke

3. Trig Class

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Edwards POV

Today is the day. I picked up Bella from her house like normal. She bounced out of the house, but despite her happy demeanor, I could see a hint of something else below the mask. Worry? That’s what it seemed like, but what would she be worried about? Did she suspect what I was going to do today? I quickly ruled this out. She would have no way of knowing.

She hopped in the car, still managing to keep up her happy outside (which was surprising, considering Bella was a horrible actress). She looked at me, and I could instantly tell, that she knew something was wrong. It was odd, as if we’d switched places, she was the one wearing the mask (a good one at least) and I was the one whose emotions showed perfectly on their face.

“What’s wrong?” She asked warily. I had the feeling she was fighting an internal battle. Half of her wanted to know terribly what was wrong with me, half of her was dreading the answer.

“Nothing” I said, trying to make my eyes big and earnest as Alice had her way of doing. I knew I couldn’t quite do it the same. But, I could manage it well enough. I knew right away she could see right through me though. Jeesh, I must be losing my touch.

Bella’s POV

I looked into those big, beautiful, butterscotch eyes. I would have believed him in two seconds. That is, if I didn’t know him better. I was getting better at reading him. I mean, I couldn’t always tell when he was sparing my feelings (or keeping details from me, which annoyed me to no end), but I was able to hold my own.

A sudden pain hit me, I missed my Edward: the happy, optimistic Edward, the Edward that I had when no one was trying to kill me. This made me sad. He noticed, I quickly put back on my happy mask. I was going to be as happy as possible today. Maybe it would remind him why he loved me, maybe it would make him happy. This, was why I kept on my happy face.

We were at school suddenly. Which surprised me, did we get here faster than normal? Hmm, while I was contemplating this Edward came over and helped me out of the car. He was very careful about touching me, like when we first met. Edward and I made our way to English class and took our seats beside each other.

Then Edward did something I would have never expected him to do; he called Mike over and invited him to sit in front of me. Then, even MORE to my surprise, he started up a conversation with him, as if they’d been friends their whole life. Mike seemed even more puzzled than I, but he talked to Edward just the same. I ignored them, not saying that I still wasn’t perplexed at Edward’s intentions, but I was in no mood for puzzlement. I had to figure out what was wrong with Edward. I couldn’t figure it out, so I decided to listen to Mike and Edward’s conversation.

I heard the end of what Edward was saying “--. Oh and by the way Mike, I have to leave in after lunch so can you take care of Bella for me? At least until the end of the day, I’ll pick her up after school.”

“NO!” I said, a little (well a lot) louder than I meant to. Everyone in class turned to look at me, including Edward with a slightly amused, slightly annoyed face, and Mike, with his face in a twist of confusion and hurt.

Crap, I thought, which problem to fix first. Then I heard, “Is there a problem Miss Swan?” I looked in the general direction that it was coming from. It was the teacher, Mr. Varner.

“Um, no Mr. Varner. I was just” think fast Bella, think fast “sad that this problem is so…easy to figure out?” I said it as a question. The whole class now had slightly amused and slightly confused faces on now. They were laughing at the dilemma I was in, and wondering what I actually yelled about.

“Well then Miss Swan, you won’t mind enlightening us at what the answer to the problem is. Since is so, easy for you.” He said, with slight smugness.

I had been embarrassed enough already, I didn’t want to get this answer wrong. I had to think of something to do. I knew that scheming wasn’t like me, but I wasn’t myself today. AHA! I got it! I could only pray it worked.

“OW! OW!” I screamed as I fell out of my chair. “MY ARM! OW! I THINK IT’S BROKEN!” I tried to twist my face into pain, which wasn’t hard, since I had actually hurt my arm in my brilliant plan. Edward was trying to decide whether I was faking it, and decided it was, but went along with my plan.

“Bella, Bella are you okay?!?!?” He said with false worry.

Mr. Varner was suddenly by my side. “Miss Swan! Are you okay! Do you need to go to the nurse?” He asked, with REAL worry. I managed a weak nod. The whole class was suppressing laughter. They had caught on with my plan. The teacher turned to look, well glare, at them and then asked Edward to accompany to the nurse. I was extremely surprised he fell for it.

As we were walking, well Edward was walking, I was being towed, by Mike; Edward said in a low voice to Mike, “Remember to take care of Bella.” Mike answered through a slight nod.

We were outside the building before Edward addressed me. “Why did you do that? I was worried” he said with slight anger in his voice.

“And you said I couldn’t act!” I stated, totally ignoring him.

He answered me with a scoff. I didn’t care; at least he was holding me. Speaking of which, why was he still holding me? I wasn’t actually hurt. Suddenly he twisted me so I was facing him. And he kissed me; he kissed me with more passion than he ever had before. But there was something wrong with the kiss. Something behind the layer of passion, this kiss was hungry. As if he’d never see me again. After the most amazing moments of my life, he pulled away. He had pain in his eyes, which confused me, but I ignored that fact.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” I answered. With a smile on my face, that I didn’t actually have to fake.

Then suddenly, Edward froze. He stiffened at my side.

“What Edward?” I asked, slightly panicked. This was a bad stiffen, as if something was coming for me, or for us.

Then, I saw it.