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A Time of Darkness

Edward and Bella are in love. Edward is a vampire, Bella is a girl whose scent calls to him. Edward almost kills Bella one night. What will Edward do?  

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4. Saturday Nights All Right for Fighting

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Edward’s POV

I’m coming Edward, I already called the rest of our family. I heard Alice think. She was by my side in a flash. I gave her a pointed look. They don’t mean any harm. Yet. She thought, obviously thinking of what happened last time this happened.

Bella’s POV

Then I saw it, four beautiful beings, with the catlike walk that reminded me of Victoria and James so much. This instantly sent a pang of fear through my body. I decided that I needn’t worry right now, I should assess the danger.

There was a female long black hair, and blue eyes? Wait, was I seeing right? I decided I would ask Alice later. She was about my height, maybe a little taller, also around my age. She was beautiful, near Rosalie’s beauty. She looked scared. She looked like a new vampire. I don’t know how I could tell, but some instinct told me so. There was another girl there, who was older, in her mid-twenties. She had a beautiful strawberry blonde hair in Shirley temple curls. But despite her sweet cover, she had harsh eyes, and her mouth was set in a frown. This took away from all her beauty; she would have been above and beyond Rosalie’s beauty. Another was a young boy; well at least that was what he looked like at first glance. But then if you really looked he was too mature in his face. He was maybe 19 or 20. He was defiantly gorgeous. He had blonde hair, and was small, with child-like features, and kind eyes. This confused me, what were the bonds of these vampires? I couldn’t figure it out so I looked at the last face. I instantly regretted it. This was the scariest looking creature I had ever seen. It was a man, with muscles that were big, but not nearly the size of Emmett’s, but enough to make you cringe away. He had harsh features and a permanent scowl on his face. He had plain brown hair that was cut short. I had to fight the urge to run away.

I turned to look at Edward, surprised to see the rest of the Cullen’s surrounding us.

Edwards POV

What did they want? I looked around in all of their heads. It seemed to me that the woman with the strawberry blonde hair and the older man was the most dangerous. The other two, didn’t want to be here, and were planning on making a run for it as soon as possible. None of them seemed to have a strong connection between them.

The big, brawny one took the lead. I decided to concentrate on his thoughts. What?! Why does she have seven vampires protecting her? And what’s with the gold eyes? Maybe they aren’t protecting her; maybe they are claiming their territory. Maybe she smells just as delicious to them as she does to me. I suddenly realized what they wanted; Bella. Then two peoples’ thoughts hit me.

She’s beautiful thought the blonde haired boy. I was in the middle of a growl, when the newborn vampire’s thoughts cut me off. Bella; the name suits her well, she is defiantly beautiful. She has a pure, kind soul. I like her.

This confused me; she was quite in control for a newbie. I decided that those two didn’t pose a threat, and went back to listening to the leader.

He suddenly talked “Hi, I’m Jason, this is Mikealah” pointing to the red headed one. “And Katherine” pointing to the newbie, or black haired one, “And this is Nick” he pointed to the child-like one.

Carlisle walked to the front, “Hello, I’m Carlisle; this is Rosalie and Emmett, Jasper and Esme, Alice, and Bella and Edward. Shall we take this meeting somewhere, less conspicuous? We are quite near humans now, and don’t want to call attention to ourselves.” He said calmly, already walking into the woods. Let’s take them to the field, Edward.

I was hesitant; I wanted to take Bella home, or somewhere safer than this. Alice seemed to suspect this, No Edward that will just make this worse. Let’s see if we can handle this peacefully. You running away will just be worse. I knew she was right. So I put Bella on my back and ran to the clearing with the others. Once we all arrived Carlisle again stepped forward to speak, but Jason cut him off.

“Why do you protect the girl?” he asked roughly. He wanted Bella like no other, and he was sure he was going to get her. But he would try to solve it peacefully first.

“She is ours” growled Emmett. Jason looked smug; I decided to figure out why.

They’ll never beat us. They may have more in numbers, but we have talent. With Mikealah’s fighting expertise, Nicks hypnotics, and Katherine’s sensitive-ness, we’re unbeatable. He thought smugly.

We mean the girl no harm I suddenly heard, and looked around to see who it was. I saw Katherine looking at me, when she saw I recognized her, she thought, Nick and I we won’t hurt the girl, or your family.

How did she know my gift? I thought with confusion. What was the ability of this girl? Sensitive, I’ve heard it before, but where?! Then I remembered, sensitive’s are few and far between. They can sense people’s emotions, and gifts, and abilities, and relations, and such, and feed off of them. Basically, when they meet someone, they can use their gift. So now, that she’s near my family, she can mind read, see the future, control emotions, and has brute strength. Dangerous.

She nodded, given she could read my thoughts. But I honestly mean no harm, one, that is an amazing girl, I can tell from seeing into her, two, Jason and Mikealah only use Nick and I. We have no respect for them, and your family is kind. I look into each of you, and my heart warms.

This Nick, he’s with you? Mate? I asked her. No, no, he is only my brother. She answered. I shot her a questioning look, black hair=her, blonde hair=him. He was my best friend when we were human, he was changed first, a year and a half ago, and I was changed a mere six months ago. We were best friends before. His family took care of me when my parents died. But now that we are both vamps, we consider each other brother and sister. She explained. In one minute, Nick will hypnotize Jason and Mikealah into letting us go. Then we leave in peace. You and your family stay safe, and I wish you the best. By the way, Mikealah’s talent is fighting and fleeing. Watch for her.

Goodbye, and I, and the rest of my family I’m sure, wish the same for both of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I nodded.

Bella’s POV

I saw Edward and Katherine’s conversation, well, I think it was through their mind? They didn’t say anything out loud. But it was kinda like when Alice and Edward had a conversation through their head. This surprised me. What was going on?

Then I saw something that surprised me more. Nick spoke to Jason and Mikealah looking them straight in the eye and walked off, that was a teensy bit of the surprise. The biggest park was that when Emmett and Jasper went to stop them; Edward stopped his brothers.

Edward spoke softly and swiftly, and I had to concentrate REALLY hard to listen to what he was saying. “Let them go, they mean no harm, they have no connection with Jason and Mikealah. Jason only uses them.” When they all gave him questioning looks he said, “Katherine is a sensitive, and Nick is a hypnotist.” All of them looked shocked. Except me, what was a sensitive? Edward, guessing my confusion, explained her abilities to me. Now, I understood their gasp.

Edward’s POV

“Would you be so kind as to give us the girl?” asked Jason suddenly in a sweetly menacing voice. She’s mine in only a few more minutes, he kept thinking to himself. It was all I could do, to not attack him on the spot.

“She’s staying with us” I said coldly. I, and the rest of my family for that matter, were glaring at them.

I don’t see why he’s so obsessed with the girl. What’s so special about her? The thought was pure jealousy, and it came from Mikealah. So only Jason was compelled, but it seemed like Mikealah would fight with him.

“I didn’t want it to come to this, but I guess it will have to…..I hope we don’t kill any of you” Jason growled.

“Esme take Bella away from here…AND HURRY!” quipped Carlisle. Suddenly Esme was by my side and had Bella in her arms. Bella was scared stiff, and Esme was worried. But they were gone. And the fight began.

I didn’t know how they thought they could take us, six against one. But, they were confidant. I could tell their plans; Mikealah would take on me, Jasper and Carlisle. We seemed like smart fighters, and given her “talent” it seemed like a smart plan to them. And Jason would take on Alice, Rosalie, and Emmett. I whispered this quickly to my family, and we crouched down.

Suddenly Jason lunged at Emmett, and only a split second later Mikealah at me. Then all of us were fighting. I must say, Mikealah, defiantly has a talent for fighting, its second nature to her. Whilst Jasper was holding her off (he was also an very good fighter) I looked at how the other fight was progressing. Jason was getting, pummeled. So I decided to call Rosalie over to help us. She came at the same instant that Mikealah attacked me. We were all holding our own. No one was down, yet.

Bella’s POV

We were out of the clearing, but the growls and rips were in hearing range. I clung to Esme, I was worried. About everyone. It was my fault, AGAIN. I was sobbing into Esme’s loving arms.

“Esme, what if something happens to one of them?! I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.” I cried.

“Bella, Bella, we’ll be fine! Don’t worry. And we would all do it for you, never forget, we love you. You are already a part of our family.” Esme said calmly. I didn’t see how she could do it, but then again, vampires were great at hiding their worry. As were mom’s. That’s a double whammy.

That was when we heard the worst sound imaginable. It was a cry of pain, and hatred in one. It could only mean one thing, that someone was hurt.

Esme was on her feet in an instant. We looked at eachother and had a silent conversation. We HAD to get to the clearing. She picked me up with ease, and we ran. Faster than we had when getting out of the clearing.

We were there in about a minute, and what I saw broke my heart. My knees gave out and I was soon crumpled on the ground sobbing my heart out.