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A Time of Darkness

Edward and Bella are in love. Edward is a vampire, Bella is a girl whose scent calls to him. Edward almost kills Bella one night. What will Edward do?  

ENJOY! bytheway, does anyone want to make me a banner? I mean, i dont want to beg or anything, [PLEASE! (; ] but i noticed, that the description looks, EXTREMELY LAME without one. danke

5. You Got A Friend In Me

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Bella’s POV

Jasper was there laying, broken and crumpled on the ground. And it was ALL my fault. Oh, I just couldn’t take this. How did I always cause pain on those I loved? And I realized it, right then and there; I loved all the Cullen’s. Emmett, and his sense of humor, Esme and her love, Carlisle in his acceptance, Rosalie in her vanity, Jasper in his problems, Alice and her love of shopping, and Edward and his, well everything.

I ran over to where Jasper was laying and sat down beside him.

“Oh Jasper, I’m so sorry, this is all my fault, please, please forgive me. I’m so unbelievably sorry.” I cried out.

He grinned at me (which just made me wince. I felt so bad) “We’ll call this even for me almost killing you” Then he frowned, “Well, I guess, you can almost kill me one more time, since I did it twice.” I laughed, despite of myself.

Carlisle came up to us suddenly saying that he had to be taken back to the house. Edward tried to get me to go home, but I refused. I would stay by Jasper the whole time. He deserved it. While we were walking to the house I decided to ask Jasper what happened, but when I looked at him, I could tell he was clearly in pain, so I turned to Edward.

“What exactly happened there?” I asked hesitantly.

“Well, it was unexpected, the woman was a very good fighter, and that’s an understatement. But basically, we were split up, right? Jasper, Carlisle, and I against Mikealah; Rose, Emmett, and Alice against Jason. Well Mikealah suddenly went for Alice, but right as she landed she turned and attacked Jasper. He was hurt pretty bad, as you can see. And this just made Alice go crazy. Those snarls you heard? Yea, that was Alice” He laughed at the thought. “But in the end, she, alone I might add, finished off Mikealah by herself. And Jason got away.” He said the last part with a growl.

“Oh” was my extremely coherent response. So that stupid vampire was still after me? Ugh.

“But we think that we scared Jason off. He growled something about ‘worthless human not worth this’.” He laughed lightly. Well, I guess it’s better than being dinner for a vampire, right?

We suddenly arrived that the house, much to my surprise. Wow, I’d made it here in record time.

Jasper was taken to be treated by Carlisle, I wanted to go with him, but Carlisle told me it wouldn’t take that long. I waited impatiently on the couch.

Emmett seemed to find this funny “Waiting on your new boyfriend?” He asked while I shot him a dirty look. “Oh it’s fine, I won’t tell old Eddie boy, I promise.” He was laughing hysterically by this point, I swear, so immature.

Of course Edward could hear everything, and came in, glaring at Emmett.”I’d be quiet or I will conveniently tell Esme about your incident yesterday.” This made him shut up real quick. But Esme with her vampire hearing heard it all.

“Emmett, did you break another one of my vases?” She asked looking around, frowning. “DID YOU BREAK MY FAVORITE VASE?!” she asked, now frantic. Emmett shot Edward a deathly glare, but Edward was laughing too hard by this point.

“Mom, I’M SORRY! I didn’t mean too! I swear!” He whined.

“You bet you’re sorry!” She said sternly, “cause guess whose gluing it back together?!”

“It’s in little tiny pieces though!” Emmett said, looking scared.

“I’m not seeing your point” Esme said, glaring (lovingly of course) at Emmett. Emmett grumbled something about Edward being a ‘stupid stick with a mouth too big for his body’ and went to get the glue. I was laughing myself at this point.

Suddenly Jasper and Carlisle came out, Carlisle carrying Jasper of course. This nearly sent me in a fit of hysterics. Jasper being all tall and leonine was being carried like he and Carlisle were just married. He looked extremely uncomfortable. I controlled myself to listen.

“He has a couple broken ribs, his knee is broken, and he has multiple cuts and bruises across his entire body” Carlisle began, “Unfortunately, vampires heal only slightly faster than humans, and not enough to make a significant difference, but he will heal naturally, so no surgery or casts will be needed”

This sent me into a major flashback. His injuries were so similar to mine that I got back in Phoenix, it was amazing. And odd. Jasper seemed to think the same thing.

“Wow, Bella, when you want revenge, you really go for it. Basically the same injuries you have. How’d ya manage that?” said Jasper with his southern drawl. I giggled.

Carlisle began to take Jasper upstairs. I started to get up and follow, but Edward stopped me. I looked at him confused.

“Are you okay?” He asked, scanning me over. He seemed pleased with the results. But he also was looking me with something else…like it was the last look for a while. “I’m going to go on an extended hunting trip. I need to think” he said, after a pause.

“Oooookay, when are you getting back?” I said panic edging in my voice. The way he said it, it just didn’t sound right. Like he was going more for the thinking and less for the hunting.

“Only for a few days, four maybe. Will you be fine until then? Will you stay safe?” He asked, slightly worried. He knew me so well.

“I’ll be fine, im probably going to stay here most of the time. What’s safer than a house of vampires? Wait, which vampires are going to stay here?” I asked kind of scared. If it was Rosalie, I wasn’t sure how to handle it. She glared at me every chance she got.

“Carlisle, Emmett, and Jasper are staying.” He answered simply, a wave of relief rushed through me.

Almost as if on cue, Alice called out “Edward come on!” He smiled that crooked smile that I loved so much, but something was wrong with it. As if it was forced.

“Coming Alice” He called out. “Bye Bells” He said, stroking my cheek, again as if it would be for the last time. This made me panic, what was going on?

I was musing this when I walked into Jaspers room, he was all alone. He grinned when I walked in. The grin slowly faded, “What’s making you panicked” he asked.

“Um, nothing, just worried about you getting better” I quickly lied, the silently cursed my inability to lie.

“Uh huh, well one: I’m going to be fine very soon. Two: I know you’re lying. So what’s REALLY bothering you?” he asked, seeming amused.

To tell, or not to tell? That was the question of the day. I finally decided I owed it to him. So I told him, I told him about Edwards thinking about right and wrong, and his need to think today, and about our kiss before the fight, where it felt like it was the last kiss ever, and about how every touch seems like goodbye. He just listened intently; worry etching his way onto his features. When I finally finished, he put on a face of comfort.

“I’m sure it’s nothing. Edward’s just moody, always has been.” He said, but something about the way his words rang with sincerity, made me not believe him. But I decided to drop it and muttered about how you never get a straight answer in this house. I knew he could hear me, but I didn’t care. And of course, he could hear me, and my muttering made him laugh.

We began speaking, for hours actually. About everything, I realized how trustworthy Jasper was, and fun to talk to. We talked about everything, and we shared a common ground – despise for shopping. He said that he felt like the family was wasting their money on him. He didn’t need the stuff – except for the fast car (figures). And I felt the same way. I found out that Jasper and I were more alike that I had ever thought possible, and that I really enjoyed speaking to him. He told me that he could block his thoughts from Edward easier than anyone else. “I just think about my years in the south” he told me. “Edward never suspects I’m hiding anything from him, because I’m thinking about my past. Works like a charm.” He said whilst winking at me.

Suddenly I thought of something. “Jasper! Why isn’t Alice staying here with you?!” I asked in confusion. They were married, he was hurt. Shouldn’t she be here with him?

“Because she already saw that I would be getting better. Don’t worry – she is defiantly worried about me, but she’s proud of killing Mikealah, so she’s not too bad.” He said laughing; obviously remembering Alice and all her fierceness. I saw how much love he had for her, and it made me all warm and tingly inside.

I stayed with him every day, all day, and we never ran out of things to talk about. I called Charlie to tell him that I was staying with Alice, and that all the boys were out on a shopping trip. Emmett stayed with us regularly, and it was fun. We laughed all the time, and when I fell asleep, it was always in Jasper or Emmett’s arms. They were the big brother’s I’d never had. They made me forget all my worries about Edward. Emmett was the one I went too when I needed some fun-time, and Jasper when I needed someone to talk too.

One time Carlisle came in and claimed he needed to check up on Jasper. His polite way of saying “Get out Bella and Emmett, my patient needs patient time” so Emmett and I went downstairs. He asked me if I wanted anything to eat, I thought for a minute, was I hungry? I decided so, and this made Emmett glow. Oh no I thought, what was he planning?

He all but dragged me to the kitchen and whispered “Okay, I have a plan.” I tried hard to suppress a groan; Emmett’s plans were always over the top. “But first let me call Alice so not to warn anyone.” He did so, and I waited anxiously, what could he be planning for us? He snapped the phone shut, “Done and done.” He said smugly. “Alright, I’m taking you too Vegas!” He said, obviously overjoyed. “But we’re going alone! No one but me, you, and the sparkling lights of Vegas!” I was doomed, but agreed to go, mostly because I knew there was no way of getting out of this.

He told Carlisle that we were going Go-Karting. Which, wasn’t exactly a lie, we probably would, just far away. As soon as we told Carlisle, we were out the door. Emmett was just about bursting with excitement as we climbed into the jeep. We were flying down the road in no time. I fell asleep for who knows how long. But we were already inside the city limits.

Emmett checked us into a hotel and whispered – “Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”



Edward’s POV

Alice was keeping something from me. I could tell, ever since she got a call from Emmett, she’s found the sudden urge to remember a song by those wretched Jonas Brothers. They were a sorry excuse for a band. I decided I would find out when we got home; which, much to my luck, was in about 30 seconds.

I walked into the door only to find that I could only hear two heads. Jasper was thinking about something, well what was the thinking about stupid kids, didn’t think enough to bring me along. I didn’t even want to know what he was thinking about. And Carlisle was reading a book on medicine. I also couldn’t smell Bella. Then something clicked, kids, and bring me along, and the call to Alice. Where are Bella and Emmett.

“Carlisle.” I asked, trying to control my anger, “where are Emmett and Bella.” I’m sorry Edward, he said they were going Go-Karting…..yesterday.

“They’re in VEGAS! And they went without me! I still haven’t been. The shopping would be fabulous.” Alice said enthusiastically.

VEGAS! The though exploded in my mind. Why are they in Vegas?!

“I feel the same way Edward. And they didn’t even think to take me. If they don’t come home soon, I’m going there myself!” yelled Jasper. Carlisle shot him a warning glance, he was still healing. I decided I would go there myself.

“Not without me you don’t!” Called down Alice. “I’m coming too, you guys need a good motherly figure there” said Esme.

So we ran into the Mercedes and sped down the hallway to Vegas.

When I got there, I was dismayed at what I saw.