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Breaking Hearts.

Bella and Edward are getting married, but when an unexpected, univited guest shows up at the wedding, what will happen? Will it be enough to break Bella and Edward apart? Or can true love really conquer all?


1. Chapter 1

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Edward and I walked through the big wooden front door. Suddenly, the house felt so huge. I felt like a tiny ant inching across the floor. I looked at Edward. He kissed my hair and then gave me a thumbs up. "Charlie is in a good mood" he whispered "At least he is now."

"DAD" I yelled. Edward made a big deal about crossing his fingers.

"Good luck" he said and gave me a small push towards Charlie's chair.

"Dad can I, we, talk to you?" I said nervously as butterflies began to fly in stomach.

"Sure, what Bells?" He said as he was glaring at Edward.

"Hello Charlie" Edward said with such a big smile it looked like if he smiled any bigger his face would fall off. I giggled almost silently. Charlie growled. I groaned.

"Dad, please don't get mad, we have to tell you something." I said.

"Fine" he growled and continued to give Edward a death stare.

"Dad," I said my voice cracking. "Edward and I are going to get married." I mumbled barely audible under my breath.

"What?" Charlie said, breaking his eyes from Edward. I built my confidence into an unpentitraitible brick wall. "Edward and I are getting married!" I said a little too loudly.

"YOU ARE WHAT?!?!?!" Charlie screamed in rage.

"We are getting married" I said trying to keep my cool but being quite unsuccessful.

"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as you live under my roof you will follow my rules, and one of my rules is you are not marrying...HIM." Charlie said the last word scathingly and looked at Edward with the if-you-come-any-closer-to-my-daughter-I-will-shoot-you look. I heard Charlie stand up. Edward began to snarl, not playfully like he does with me, but like when he found out about James. Charlie quickly sat back down.

"Edward, hush." I whispered just loud enough so Edward could hear.

I took a deep breath. "Fine, Dad." I said calmly. "Goodbye Edward." I said.

"Goodbye love" He said and winked. "See you in a minute." He whispered and slithered towards the door. I made a big deal about starting to pout and ran up stairs. I slid into my room and silently latched the door. Edward was already lying on my bed, smiling up at me. Suddenly, his expression changed from smiling to the same death stare that Charlie had just given him minutes before. "They're coming." He said quickly as if our lives depended the speed of his voice.

"I know you planning to move out tomorrow but we have to go, NOW! The Volturi are coming. We have about three hours until they arrive, by which time we will have Charlie somewhere and Carlisle, Esme, Roslie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, you and I somewhere far, far, far away from Forks, from Washington infact. I am going to alert the others including the dog who will be taking care of Charlie. I will be back soon, pack the first things your hands touch. I will come under your window when I am back. Watch for me, then come to the car and make sure Charlie doesn't follow you. Love, I'm so sorry, but trust me, I know what I am doing." He kissed my hair, and jumped out my open window.