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Breaking Hearts.

Bella and Edward are getting married, but when an unexpected, univited guest shows up at the wedding, what will happen? Will it be enough to break Bella and Edward apart? Or can true love really conquer all?


10. Chapter 10

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That night I walked into Alice's bedroom. I saw her sitting at a desk in the corner. I walked over to see what she was doing.

"Alice, not again, you know how well this worked the first time!" I joked in a sarcastic tone.

She pouted with a face that almost looked like she was serious, then laughed and went back to planning mine and Edward's wedding.

I walked to Edward's bedroom, and he turned to me abruptly from his C.D. player. He looked at me, and then popped a disc into the stereo. Claire De Lune began playing very softly. He grabbed my hand and started twirling me around the room

"I'm still a klutz you know." I said to him as we spun and spun around. I feel over his couch and ended dragging him down with me, proving my point further. He laughed, kissed my fore-head, and hauled me back up to my feet

"Yes," He replied, "But you're my klutz." He pulled me closer.

The song ended too quickly. He stopped dancing and saw my sadness. As the next song started I walked over to look out his window. Our tree was still there.

"I bet I can beat you to the top" I whisper tauntingly into his ear.

"Hmmmm...you can try." He said gloating just a bit.

"One two three GO!!!" He yelled leaping over my head and landing on a branch halfway up the tree.

"Cheater!" I yelled after him in response, jumping quickly, trying to catch up. I, at least, was defiantly right about, I was still a klutz. I caught the toe of the high-heeled death contraption boots that Alice had put upon me by force on the leg of the couch in Edward's room and fell back. I hit my head on a door. It was the door to a room I had never noticed before.

I opened the door. It was a dark, small closet that smelled of rust. I flipped on a light switch and found it was empty. Then, looking closer, I saw a small box in the corner of one shelf. I picked it up and knew immediately what it was. My engagement ring, the one Edward had bought for me, the one I had refused to wear. Edward had kept it all this time. I opened the tiny box and slipped the ring on to my finger. It was still to ostentatious for me, but I wore it anyway.

As I closed the door, Edward jumped back into the room form outside.

"You know, you're not much of a competition, I've already been to the top and back and you haven't even started, and another thing y..." He stopped abruptly as his eyes flashed to the ring on my finger. "You're wearing the ring I bought you." He mumbled, stunned.

"Yeah, well," I said, turning back on the music and pulling him close to me. "You kept it all this time, so I think I have to." We both looked up and our eyes met. Everything was as it should be.


We danced for so long that we completely lost track of time. The music stopped eventually, but we didn't care. For now, it was our life. We ditched school for days. We had both already been through high school at least once before.

He lifted me up by my hips and pressed his lips to mine. Since we didn't have to breathe, we stayed like that for hours, possibly days.

We parted as the window was broken open.