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Breaking Hearts.

Bella and Edward are getting married, but when an unexpected, univited guest shows up at the wedding, what will happen? Will it be enough to break Bella and Edward apart? Or can true love really conquer all?


11. Chapter 11

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"You know Bella," Aro said tauntingly, "You should have known that if you ran away, Jane and myself would have come after you and your little boyfriend."

Edward jumped in front of me, snarling.

"Awww, that's so cute," Jane giggled, as Edward fell writhing to the floor. "Your precious little Edward should know better than to get in our way."

"Stop it!" I screamed "Please, stop it!" I ran to try and help Edward, but Aro grabbed me before I could.

"It looks like you have a choice to make," Aro spat at me. "Come back to Volterra with us, or watch your weak little boyfriend die."

I looked at Edward, his eyes were pleading. I knew what he wanted, but if they killed him, I knew that that Jane and Aro would just take me anyway. I had an idea, but it was a long shot.

"Let him go, I will come with you, I promise." I screeched.

Jane turned to me and Edward stopped writhing. His eyes rolled back into his head, he was going to die, because if he couldn't fight back, he was as good as dead now.

"Edward!" I screamed, dropping to the floor. Jane grabbed me by the back of my shirt and lifted me off the floor, turning her back to Edward as I began to sob with non-existent tears.

"Oh don't cry," Jane said to me acting as though I was a whining two year old. "I can take you out of your misery, but I don't think I will. We are going to kill

"Oh such a pity," She said, drawing out my pain a little longer. "If only you would have made your choice a little soon..." She stopped as Edward leaped on her, tearing her limbs apart. Aro ran to try to stop Edward, but I got to him before he could. Emmett and Jasper came crashing through Edward's bedroom door at that moment.


Before long, the smell of fire filled the entire Cullen home. Edward and I watched our only worries fade into smoke on the horizon. As the long, snaky, billowing, plumes rose to the sky, we knew there was that there was no longer anything that could come between us. We had forever.

And that was exactly how we wanted it.


"I now pronounce you man and wife."

The best word I could hear. They were something that I had waited over 50 years for, risked my life running away, killed innocent humans, killed even a few vampires, and worked as a slave in Volterra. Even despite the fact that what had happened in the last 5 decades was probably enough to break up any normal couple, Edward and I were anything but normal, what in the world was normal about two vampires; those words were worth the wait. It was worth the wait to have Edward by my side, forever.

As people left the wedding, the sun came out and began to shine, and for the first time in a long time, I saw Edward sparkle again. And it just so happens, that this time, I sparkle too.