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Breaking Hearts.

Bella and Edward are getting married, but when an unexpected, univited guest shows up at the wedding, what will happen? Will it be enough to break Bella and Edward apart? Or can true love really conquer all?


5. Chapter 5

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On August 12 we had the rehearsal dinner. My last few moments with Edward flew by in a blur. This was the first time we had parted for more than a few hours since he had left me.

Our wedding was to be outside in a church near the city limits. Then, following that would be the reception in the dining area of a very fancy hotel. I saw the set up. Alice had REALLY out done herself.

There were beautiful blood red roses in vases scattered in vases all over the dining room. The tables were neatly arranged in a floral pattern, depending on the color of the roses on the table. The dining room was HUGE! There was enough seating to accommodate 900 people! All of the guests were given a rose when they walked in the door, the color of the rose they were given corresponded to the color of the roses on the table they were to sit at. The word amazing couldn't even begin to cover the amount of work Alice must have put into this wedding.

Edward and I said our goodbyes before we split. Since I couldn't go home with Charlie, Alice and I were going to stay in a hotel while Edward went home with the others. Alice and I were going to watch some movies as what I gues could have been called a bachelorette party, and I use the term loosely.

The next morning awoke the happiest I'd been since I had left Charlie's. I WAS GETTING MARRIED TODAY! Alice was having a vision when I woke up, I could tell. I ran to her. "Alice, what's wrong" I asked knowing that it was bad because she either couldn't talk, or chose not to. She wrote one single word on a piece of paper that shattered my entire world. Wedding.


The next thing I knew, Jasper and Carlisle had burst through the open window. Jasper was the first to speak. "Edward said there was something wrong with Alice." He exclaimed walking across the room as my eyes started to tear. "What happened to her?" Jasper asked in a tone as if he had asked the question several times already, which he probably had. I looked at Alice. She was now laying in a ball on the floor next to the bed. Jasper was at her side, trying to talk to calm her.

"I don't know," I replied quickly. "I don't think she can talk. All I know is it has something to do with the wedding." I said quietly, heartbroken. I showed Carlisle the hotel pad of paper.

Then Carlisle said something I will remember forever. "There could be a few, complications.

He couldn't have been more wrong.


The next thing I knew, I was walking down the aisle. Since Charlie had refused to come to the wedding, Carlisle offered to walk me down the aisle. Before we walked out he said, "It's alright Bella, if anything goes wrong, Emmett and Jasper are on alert to take care of it." As if comforting me would stop me from hyperventilating. I met Edward at the other end of the church. He squeezed my hand and we proceeded up to Emmett, who was doing the service. As he spoke, I was only aware of Edward next to me. He smelled heavenly. Just like he had that first night when he had saved me from the tall, dark haired man in Port Angeles.

"Does anyone object? Speak now or forever hold your peace. I looked at Jacob. He sat silently, obviously uncomfortable, but he was still smiling at me. I smiled back and turned to see a commotion at the front of the church.

"I do." Jane yelled.